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Mixed Month Set#9

Cartoon#216 Jun 07, 2000 - Remember the lesson of responsibility for Maxi in cartoon#203?
Cartoon#215 Jun 06, 2000 - Well, I couldn't do this story without showing at least one of Hero's techniques.
Cartoon#214 Jun 05, 2000 - I'm sure I put a lesson here somewhere.
Cartoon#213 Jun 04, 2000 - It goes both ways too.
Cartoon#212 Jun 03, 2000 - Even disadvantages may become advantages.
Cartoon#211 Jun 02, 2000 - Hero is so cute isn't he?
Cartoon#210 Jun 01, 2000 - I was aiming for dramatic strip but...
Cartoon#209 May 31, 2000 - For the sake of telling, hover boards have a limited degree of altitude.
Cartoon#208 May 30, 2000 - I really love Saturdays with nothing to do all day.
Cartoon#207 May 29, 2000 - I'm learning alot now about twisting stuff.
Cartoon#206 May 28, 2000 - I love Saturdays.
Cartoon#205 May 27, 2000 - The plot just got started.
Cartoon#204 May 26, 2000 - Admit it! You people did something like this during your child hood...
Cartoon#203 May 25, 2000 - I don't know what it is but that black ball of flame is Principal Zelshiki.
Cartoon#202 May 24, 2000 - Where is Maxi anyway?
Cartoon#201 May 23, 2000 - Hooray for the spicey chipmunk! Yeah!
Cartoon#200 May 22, 2000 - This is the first time my story went longer than a day.
Cartoon#199 May 21, 2000 - What dumb luck...
Cartoon#198 May 20, 2000 - Maxi using her head? Ixiah being a team player?
Cartoon#197 May 19, 2000 - Guess what's gonna happen next...
Cartoon#196 May 18, 2000 - Who loves the sand box?
Cartoon#195 May 17, 2000 - My folks used to take me to a park with the same fence as these at sunset to ride my trike.
Cartoon#194 May 16, 2000 - I only use the age for cuteness.
Cartoon#193 May 15, 2000 - Ever walked into a wrong class room in the middle of their class?
Cartoon#192 May 09, 2000 - It sort of caught me off guard cause I wanted it to be a FOX cartoon since this is when I started FOX. It's unprepared and along with my pre-mature space graphics for a potential FZ space adventure.
Cartoon#191 May 08, 2000 - Considering the current rules, Fox has made a cameo.
Cartoon#190 May 07, 2000 - Is this excuse original? BTW that's their advisor Mrs. Pegasia.
Cartoon#189 May 06, 2000 - Remember that glue? It's pretty much like that for them every school day.
Cartoon#188 May 05, 2000 - I haven't used the setting of a beautiful morning in a long time now.
Cartoon#187 May 04, 2000 - I guess it's easy to see who's in focus in this story.
Cartoon#186 May 03, 2000 - Ask a stupid question.
Cartoon#185 May 02, 2000 - Don't you just love kids who has absolutely no sense of danger?