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Mixed Month Set#8

Cartoon#184 May 01, 2000 - It ends now. My real intention was never really to bad mouth the many... but to praise the few.
Cartoon#183 Apr 30, 2000 - It is always good to see the big picture but it is also good to see the little things that make them.
Cartoon#182 Apr 29, 2000 - This is the first and last time...
Cartoon#181 Apr 28, 2000 - How ironic that the rational creatures are judged as inferior compared to the irrational creatures.
Cartoon#180 Apr 27, 2000 - The fate of this planet lies in the hands of six year olds. This is not to imply thoughts but to make people think. Your perception of the issue is of your own formulation so DON'T GET MAD.
Cartoon#179 Apr 26, 2000 - No punchlines. A continuing story. All will be revealed in time.