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Mixed Month Set#6

Cartoon#147 Mar 25, 2000 - Jack has been added to my personal inventory of characters. Meaning he'll show up again like Roader, Pommel, Mane and Axs plus others I have not shown yet. See cartoon#'s 144, 44 and 34.
Cartoon#146 Mar 24, 2000 - Hero's not gonna live this story's past events down anytime soon. See cartoon#'s 132, 133, 135 and 136 for major key plot strips.
Cartoon#145 Mar 23, 2000 - See past cartoons people. Story 6 closes to an end but this is not it's end yet.
Cartoon#144 Mar 22, 2000 - See cartoon#134. Obviously, Ixiah has his own reasons. And now you know why he also arrived almost at the same time as Rex, Maegan and Blue in Metal Wood Valley in story 5 even if he has the advantage of mobility.
Cartoon#143 Mar 21, 2000 - I use a Cyrix M II in my pc because my friends who use Pentium II get alot of problems with their computer. I guess I'm just assuming. Anyway see cartoon#131 to clarify this strip.
Cartoon#142 Mar 20, 2000 - Ok, so I may not have gotten this correctly but I haven't seen Lost In Space for a while.
Cartoon#141 Mar 19, 2000 - Yes, I did forget to make a strip where Fox was supposed to tell Hero what to do when the robot was lured out of the cave.
Cartoon#140 Mar 18, 2000 - Hero's still outside the cave remember? He still holds the last move in Fox's little plan. And yes the robot did change color, berserk mode thing.
Cartoon#139 Mar 16, 2000 - Maxi shows off one of her sword techniques. Well, prematurely. It's alot more effective if the sun was at her back. As for Hero outside the cave, he's backup for how to defeat Jack.
Cartoon#138 Mar 14, 2000 - Of course you know when I mean best friend I meant Hero.
Cartoon#137 Mar 12, 2000 - It looks like Fox, Maxi and Hero are going to have to face a powerful adversary. To top it all, their enemy is highly unstable. And I have no idea how Fox can sneak up on people like that.
Cartoon#136 Mar 11, 2000 - Looks like Maxi figured it out on why Hero's computer, that robot, thinks he's "Jack" from the "Titanic" and calls her "Rose"... Rose?
Cartoon#135 Mar 09, 2000 - Ok, it's my ego talking but yeah, I liked the movie but the ending sucks. See cartoon#133 to know whats with the robot.
Cartoon#134 Mar 07, 2000 - Woah! A flying fox! New comers go to the "Cast" page. Old comers see cartoon#97. It's no coincidence, story 5 and 6 happend at the same time, just in different places.
Cartoon#133 Mar 05, 2000 - Ooooh! Who'd knew Hero writes fan-fiction on his computer? Hero and Fox follow at top speed the robot that abducted Maxi. With Hero's stamina and vitality, he can run real fast at a long period of time.
Cartoon#132 Mar 04, 2000 - Fighting giant robots, evil wizards and everything in between makes this predicament a walk through the park.
Cartoon#131 Mar 02, 2000 - See cartoon#128 about Hero's pc.
Cartoon#130 Feb 29, 2000 - Ahh, a leap year. Anyway, this is the last cartoon they'll be on the rent-a-transdimensional ship. Home is their next stop.
Cartoon#129 Feb 27, 2000 - They're still on the transdimensional ship on their way back home from Earth.
Cartoon#128 Feb 26, 2000 - Sorry to spoil it but it is predictable.
Cartoon#127 Feb 24, 2000 - I'm ending it here so that I don't insult anybody who likes Saddam Husein. The story isn't going to end yet. Fox, Max and Hero still have to go home and here's where the adventure starts.
Cartoon#126 Feb 22, 2000 - Ever wondered how many times Saddam Hussein cameoed in WB cartoons?
Cartoon#125 Feb 20, 2000 - Oops, slipped on the sci-fi thing. Wait till I finish the field trip on Earth first. :) Oh yeah, that ship is for rent.
Cartoon#124 Feb 19, 2000 - The reason why I avoid using Maxi and Hero together is they've got enough potential power to obliterate an army.
Cartoon#123 Feb 17, 2000 - Did I mention story 6 is back logged by story 5?
Cartoon#122 Feb 15, 2000 - Been to Hong Kong lately? Air pollution'll kill ya.
Cartoon#121 Feb 13, 2000 - Happy Valentine's Day! Tomorrow that is... I haven't entirely explored Maxi and Hero but perhaps another time. I still have alot of cartoons that are time dependent.
Cartoon#120 Feb 12, 2000 - Lets face it, it makes sense.
Cartoon#119 Feb 10, 2000 - Don't ask...
Cartoon#118 Feb 08, 2000 - Am I conservative or what?
Cartoon#117 Feb 06, 2000 - No comment. Too close to home.
Cartoon#116 Feb 03, 2000 - It's a little back logged but my Pinochet saga is a little too good to pass up.