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Mixed Month Set#5

Cartoon#115 Feb 01, 2000 - Well story 5 comes to an end. And I always end a story with a hanging potential plot. Fox, Max and Hero have not met Ixiah yet. I'm sure they will soon but right now those three are on Earth for story 6. Oh and about that cartoonist thing, I don't think I'll be using that very often.
Cartoon#114 Jan 31, 2000 - Don't misunderstand, Ixiah is still the villain despite of his actions in this story. He's got a life too y'know and he has a sense of honor.
Cartoon#113 Jan 30, 2000 - Finally everything is clear. I hope. Refer to cartoon#s 94, 97, 108, 109 for what Ixiah is talking about and 112 on why Rex fainted. :)
Cartoon#112 Jan 29, 2000 - This just adds confusion to Ixiah's motivation. Oh and yes. he is alot more skillful than any of the first six characters. Anyway, Rex's dad attempts to protect a believed to be newly evolved creature.
Cartoon#111 Jan 28, 2000 - Rex and his friends chase Ixiah to the end of the corridor and... Incarnates aren't REAL creatures. They are made from magic alone. Summoned by wizards long ago but were unused so they became rouges with no purpose of exsistance. Or did they?...
Cartoon#110 Jan 27, 2000 - Fountain thing? Check out cartoon#91, you'll see.
Cartoon#109 Jan 24, 2000 - I cannot confirm this but isn't sci-fi cool?
Cartoon#108 Jan 23, 2000 - Remember that atmospheric ionization bomb on cartoon#93? Well...
Cartoon#107 Jan 22, 2000 - Rex, Maegan and Blue were on their way to meet Rex's dad but they were violently confronted by Ixiah. Why?... Oh and I guess by this time the RPG pattern is alot more obvious.
Cartoon#106 Jan 21, 2000 - FZ VS FZ?... We shall see...
Cartoon#105 Jan 20, 2000 - Finally they made it.Our heroes, along with their guide, view the sun set between two mountains behind the more obvious bio-mechanoid structures of Metal Wood Valley.
Cartoon#104 Jan 19, 2000 - Yes, Blue is the only one on the team capable of healing skills. It looks like they're getting close to Metal Wood Valley.
Cartoon#103 Jan 18, 2000 - Think about it, it sounds proper at the situation but is logically incorrect. Anyway, nobody gives a hoot. It looks like those logic classes I attended every MWF has finally taken it's toll.
Cartoon#102 Jan 17, 2000 - I think they're still lost... and so am I since I'm not quite sure where I got this picture so I was unable to ask permission upon using it.
Cartoon#101 Jan 16, 2000 - Uh-oh, it looks like our little band of adventurers are a little lost and the mystic incarnate creatures are getting closer. You can't blame Blue since she did use her path finding skills in the air.
Cartoon#100 Jan 15, 2000 - My 100th strip! I never thought I'd get this far. I hope it pleases you. :) Rex, Meg and Blue fights on to get through Spiked Skull Forest to reach Metal Wood Valley where Rex's dad awaits them.
Cartoon#99 Jan 14, 2000 - Remember when Blue said she did a scouting report on the safest path to Metal Wood Valley? Well now you know why she got an F. See cartoon#94.
Cartoon#98 Jan 13, 2000 - Rex's party makes use of what they can find for their tough journey. Bikit flowers for Kitami's magic and healing leaves if they get injured but I don't think any of them'll get hurt. Oh and sorry about the bordering, my ruler slipped.
Cartoon#97 Jan 12, 2000 - Hmmm, Doug seems determined to be Kat's tenant. But what could be Ixiah's concern in Metal Wood Valley? Could it have something to do with Rex's dad? And most importantly, why the crap can't I control Kat and Doug?
Cartoon#96 Jan 11, 2000 - Rex and his fellow adventurers rush to his father's aid. They better be careful cause spiked skull forest is filled with wild animals.
Cartoon#95 Jan 10, 2000 - Go fig...
Cartoon#94 Jan 09, 2000
Cartoon#93 Jan 08, 2000 - I don't know if electro-magnetism would actually ionize air but...
Cartoon#92 Jan 07, 2000 - If anyone knows his email address, please tell me so that I may tell him how much I liked his animation directing style.
Cartoon#91 Jan 06, 2000 - Ixiah makes his, uhhh..., Debut.
Cartoon#90 Jan 05, 2000 - I guess that spotlight thing really worked. I never knew Rex was such a...
Cartoon#89 Jan 04, 2000 - I started using computers in high school but now they start out in gradeschool. Don't ya just love advancements?
Cartoon#88 Jan 03, 2000 - Triple A, Anthropomorphic Adventurers Academy. That's where Fox and the others study.
Cartoon#87 Jan 02, 2000 - Just stay with me. This is FZ's 5th story.
Cartoon#86 Jan 01, 2000 - Yes this is still FZ. Just play along, you'll see.