Fuzzy Things - F
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Presenting a demo of "Fuzzy Things - F", my second flash game. Its a two player fighting game staring my first eight characters thats inspired by a lot of fighting games I've played in the past. Virtua Fighter, X-Men CotA, something that most people don't know about like Psychic Force and even the classic NES game everyone knows about called Urban Champion to mention a few.

As much as I wanted to release a playable version, this is just the AI. Fox and Meg are both still missing two unique moves each. The AI is still unable to initiate air combos or make use of the game's "cancelling" mechanics to chain combos and do stun breaks. Theres still no background and thats just a test stage.

A few technicalities; dashing causes invulnerability and cancels block stun which is great for catching your opponent wide open from behind if they over extend their attacks. Characters are invulnerable during "spin fall" but immediately become vulnerable when "downed". Attacking is based on animation so strategies for "telegraphing" and "feinting" are available. I want the gameplay to be that of a real 2D fighter with real systems like teching, counters and guard breaks and not a brawler like SSBM. I also plan to implement some RPG elements into the game because the environment and the characters will have an RPG-ish theme to them.

Its a very underdeveloped version despite being a year old. Sadly, because of my unfortunate lifestyle, I never have enough time to work on this little labor of love. It took me many days of sleeping only 3-4 hours a day just to get this much material ready. Most of it is still on paper and with each passing day, I feel like I am running out of time.

I hope the day does not come when I realize I missed the opportunity to fully develope a skill like this. If I wait too long, I'll miss the opportunity and I'll never get that lost time back.