In Memory of my Friend
In Memory of my Friend
Inu 1997-2011

Fourteen years ago, a small puppy came into my life and became a part of my family.
I named him Inu because he's an inu.
He never learned any tricks but he had a talent for expressing kindness.
When I hugged him, he rubed his face on my body like a cat.
When I scratched his chest and stopped, he grabbed my hand with a paw.
He liked it when he's given a bath but hates it when his head is washed first.
Whenever I went to school or work, he gave me a sad look.
But at the end of the day, when I come home, he's always there to greet me happily.
Then one night, he went to sleep. The following morning, he never woke up.

For the past few weeks, Inu had been feeling sick so we took him to the vet.
The vet said it was normal because he was such an old dog.
I work in Manila and I come home to Lipa on Teusday before I go back to work on Thursday.
I expected one day, I'd come home and he won't be there anymore.
This week, I decided to come home early on Monday and skip one day of work.
My friend passed away on the following day.
I was lucky because if I hadn't done so, he would have passed away while I was in a far away place.
But my step father said, it was the other way around.
The reason I got the chance to be by my friend during his last day was because he waited for me.
He waited for me to come home to see me one last time before letting go and moving on.

He'll never greet me again with a wagging tail whenever I come home from work.
I'll never be able to feel his soft furry face in my hand again.
If I had something I wanted off my chest, he won't be there anymore to listen to me.
He was my pet but I'll miss him as my friend.
The pain will one day go away but my memories of him will be with me forever.
I will never forget you, Inu.

Inu's Cocoon