Use arrow keys to move.
Avoid the bombs and collect the food.
Survive as long as you can and try to beat the high score.

F-Runner is what I could call a filler game. I coded it in a couple of hours and then skinned it with recycled graphics from my old game. Its not as complicated as my first one and is designed to be a no brainer. Because of these reasons, I'll understand if you don't like it.

I made this game to learn about a couple of things I didn't get the opportunity to learn about with my first game. An online score board provided by Mochimedia is one of them. So far, I've received some reports that sending scores while in this customized GUI causes occasional timeouts from mochi's server. If ever I use mochi again, I won't customize it or will try to use a different high score board service. Most likely Gamesafe's.

Another thing is ad revenue from Mochimedia. My first game runs on CPMstar ads and I want to compare it to the ad rev I can get from Mochimedia. Besides, I wasn't sure Mochi would allow their score board on my game if I used the ad network of another company like CPMstar. Still too early and data won't mean anything for at least after 5 to 6 more months. I also gain access to Mochi distribution. Can't use that with CPMstar ads.

The use of Escrow was another thing I learned. Apparently, you can't transfer funds from Escrow to Paypal unless you live in the US. I'm glad I found out about that now rather than later with a major flash transaction. The guys at FGL were nice enough to sort that out.

Speaking of Escrow, please visit the game's sponsor Playgames Arcade. I discovered the smaller flash portals aren't as corporate minded as their bigger counterparts. My last sponsor was great but they were absolutely strict about many things regarding the game.

So feel free to enjoy it or feel free not to. :) Anything I learn will be useful for my future flash game projects.