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Mixed Month Undated Set#4

Cartoon#85 - Furry criticism, gotta love it.
Cartoon#84 - Let us end this foolishness and get along with our lives.
Cartoon#83 - Ahhh, 5 to 6 year olders. The age of wonderment and misinformation.
Cartoon#82 - You know... That show on cbs.
Cartoon#80 - FZ has very little to give you this Christmas except this humble song. But you've given FZ so much already by telling them they have a place in your hearts. Happy Holidays!
Cartoon#79 - Refer to cartoon#69 cause it sounds real confusing right now.
Cartoon#78 - Let's wrap it up.
Cartoon#77 - It's true isn't it?.
Cartoon#76 - It's easy to see Fox's sickness.
Cartoon#75 - Let's put some clarity on why Fox was brought here.
Cartoon#74 - I guess the title gives away the parody.
Cartoon#73 - I may have overdone Faze as well.
Cartoon#72 - You show a little bit of kindness and people think your weird.
Cartoon#71 - You can't lose a ninja.
Cartoon#70 - Gasp! A secret character!
Cartoon#69 - Uh-oh, FX tech terms! Kita = First name of Fox's Dad, Doom slash = Maxine's sword technique that rips time and space, Maxine = Maxi's mom.
Cartoon#68 - So how else would you react if you knew your mother wasn't gonna make it for Christmas?
Cartoon#67 - This is the first time I've ever changed Fox's hair style.
Cartoon#66 - Fox gets the ball rolling for this story.