If anything my comics has taught me, its that patience pays off. Here are some screen shots of the Fuzzy Things flash game I've been working on. I wish I could put an actual SWF test game file but the game is still too incomplete and its already a megabyte big. The programing is already in a copy and paste state and general graphics and sound are present. Based on how the game plays, its the stage designs thats really hard right now.

screen 1

As you can tell, its a side scrolling platformer inspired from some of my most favorite side scrolling games I loved when I was a kid. Theres a lot of them. I did not know what to use so I tried to cram as many of them as I can.

screen 2

Heres Ix using his Dash Vortex on an Omnibot. Its not exactly like stepping on a Gumba but its the only way Ix can attack making him one of the only three characters that can fight enemies.

screen 3

Heres Ix using his Dash Down Force ability to run down a wall. This is the first stage I designed specifically to challenge Ix's Down Force ability. The only way to finish this stage is to run up or down walls or on cielings. Either that or fly.

screen 4

Ace with Elwood using their Charge Shot Attack on an Omnibot. She is one of the three attacker characters. The best attacker capable of dealing damage from a safe distance to any of 8 available aimable directions. Other than a standard jump ability, she has no other ability that helps her negotiate stage obstacles so that makes her the slowest character.

screen 5

Q is the game's most mobile playable character because of his ability to fly and swim. He has no ability to attack but he can share his mobility because he can Air Lift other characters to platforms they wouldn't normally be able to reach on their own. Because of his mobility, stage challenges for him would have to be different than simply jumping on platforms.

screen 6

Bleet has a lot of support abilities to compensate for his lack of an attack. One of his three support abilities is the Energy Barrier which can be used to block enemy movement and negate enemy attacks. Any other character that stands inside his shield is protected from most hazzards from enemies or the stage itself.

screen 7

Mahr takes on two Omnibots at the same time using her Slide Attack while in Wild Drive Mode. She is one of the three characters that has attacking power. Though her attacks are close ranged making the initial attack riskier, they can cause launch and stun effects to enemies which can render them helpless as they're set up for a juggle.

Enemy The game won't be finished for a while but I want to let you know how it looks like so far. Originally it was inspired by games like Tiny Toons, Sonic and Rockman, but a big twist came into the mix when I played Lost Vikings. You play three out of five characters at a time, switching between them and using their unique abilities to help each other solve the stage. A wall blocking your way? Have Mahr break it down. She can't reach it? Have Bleet make Energy Platforms for her to step on to get there. The stage design will either break or make the game so I have to be patient.