Fuzzy Things Test Game Side Scrolling Platform Thing

Controls: A key is Jump. Arrow keys are for Moving. S key should be special ability but its not coded yet.

Something that I've been messing around with for the past few weeks. It would be a complete waste to not try and learn something about action script while messing around with flash. Its not a serious game yet. More like an interactive animation thingy. But then all forms of video games are like some sort of interactive animation thingy. So its cool. Its something that I might play with in the future. Hopefully after I manage to finish fz1000 some day. That'll be embarassing... :)

I didn't build the whole thing from the ground up. I'm not a programer. But there are a lot of tutorials out there that are very helpful. The tutorial that I mainly used came from Emanuele Feronato's Blog. Its a tutorial on how to make a Line Rider Flash game or something similar. All the coding is there. Took me weeks to figure it out so I can make it do stuff for me. I thought it was a good idea to use Line Rider because its coding could make your little guy travel on any surface; flat, slope or bumpy. Mostly because of the graphics I might use. I could draw all of the graphics by hand and need not worry about stuff being too imperfectly shaped. The coding will do the work for me without limiting me to what I draw.

Thats not Ix's official sprite. Thats just some old picture of him I found in my archive and cut for animation. It was never designed to be used that way, thus its very limited. So I couldn't make a screeching or landing animation for it. I'll draw new sprite clusters when I do take on designing Fuzzy Thing's flash game for real. I don't think you'll notice but theres a part on the stage thats composed of numerous repating images clustered together to form a platform and one which is composed of a single big image pasted there as a whole. I'm not sure if its supposed to work that way but the cluster of images causes frame rate slow down when they enter the screen. But I think it results in a smaller swf file size cuz it recycles the same bitmap repeatedly. Not the same with the 1 big whole image which scrolls better but would most likely make a bigger swf file size in the end. Don't know much about this yet so I'll need to experiment some more. That test stage by the way reminds me of the "Milk Man Conspiracy" stage on Psychonauts. Didn't plan it that way. I did the test stage's graphics in 15 minutes and it ended up looking like that.

I don't think I'll have problems with the sound effects though. Theres always lots of them for download everywhere. I can even use my game emulators to record sound effects from old snes and genesis games. Like I did with that "jump" sound effect. Thats not Sonic's jump, by the way. Thats Tails jumping sound cuz Tails is better than Sonic.

I already have a bunch of ideas circling around here and there. Right now I'm just noting them down for when the day comes. Imagine with the stuff I can play with in this thing. Its gonna be fun...