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Cartoon Set#38

Opening Remarks: After #35, I discovered that its actually pretty fun if you let the characters write the story themselves. You put them in a situation and then you let their personality "react" to that situation and thus the story tells itself. With #36 and #37, I decided to try something different. Something stupid. I then realized stupid things aren't really fun to do.

It becomes even more intense for me when a reader points me to a past cartoon page that they consider their favorite. It makes me feel like I slip in quality over the seasons all the time. In #38, I plan to stick real close to basics but I won't forget to use the lessons I've recently leraned. Its also a ghost story. Wooo.

I originally made its story for a flash game I intended to do a long time ago. It was suppose to be a choose your own adventure comic where the reader made choices for the characters and it influenced the flow and outcome of the story. Flash is perfect for it because people won't be able to cheat it by changing the urls of the htmls on the browser's address bar. But because of the amount of work in making that game, I've decided not to go through with it for now. And, yeah, thats why the first page has a lot of talk about karma.

Cartoon#1041 Apr 28, 2008 - Gah, so many words. It hurts to read.
Cartoon#1042 May 05, 2008 - The bunny queen?
Cartoon#1043 May 12, 2008 - The reason why the living room is on the 2nd floor is because...
Cartoon#1044 May 19, 2008 - Bunny rage!
Cartoon#1045 May 26, 2008 - Do you think she's making it up?
Cartoon#1046 Jun 02, 2008 - I contracted a severe case of cooties when I was young. It almost killed me.
Cartoon#1047 Jun 09, 2008 - What good is an ego for anyway? Sometimes I wish I could just turn it on or off with a switch.
Cartoon#1048 Jun 16, 2008 - She's always doing good just like any typical 12 year old girl would.
Cartoon#1049 Jun 22, 2008 - Its an opportunity to explain some stuff about Bikits.
Cartoon#1050 Jun 30, 2008 - I forgot my ruler for this sessions.
Cartoon#1051 Jul 07, 2008 - This was originally the first part of the story where the reader could make a decision to influence its outcome.
Cartoon#1052 Jul 14, 2008 - Its a defense mechanism.
Cartoon#1053 Jul 21, 2008 - I've been eating too many garlic chips.
Cartoon#1054 Jul 28, 2008 - When you're young, all you need is a cardboard box and your imagination to have fun. Life is too long.
Cartoon#1055 Aug 04, 2008 - Oo. Tension.
Cartoon#1056 Aug 18, 2008 - Always with a story to tell.
Cartoon#1057 Aug 25, 2008 - The power of two!
Cartoon#1058 Sep 01, 2008 - Thats Rex's grandfather. His last appearance was a few years back.
Cartoon#1059 Sep 08, 2008 - Kita.
Cartoon#1060 Sep 15, 2008 - Who wants to be special when you can be part of a team, eh?
Cartoon#1061 Sep 22, 2008 - A time window... Like on that show about a family of... four teenage ninja turtles.
Cartoon#1062 Oct 06, 2008 - Ayakashi carrot.
Cartoon#1063 Oct 13, 2008 - Is that a Star Trek thing? Dunno. Who's a better captain, Kirk or Picard?
Cartoon#1064 Oct 20, 2008 - Has it been mentioned? That familliar's name is Tricky.
Cartoon#1065 Oct 27, 2008 - Car trouble.
Cartoon#1066 Nov 03, 2008 - Yes. Feelings make me puke too.
Cartoon#1067 Nov 10, 2008 - Feelings are for girls!
Cartoon#1068 Nov 17, 2008 - Demonic posession and a flying house.
Cartoon#1069 Nov 24, 2008 - Its always like that game.
Cartoon#1070 Dec 01, 2008 - Its always like that-... oh.
Cartoon#1071 Dec 08, 2008 - The other side.
Cartoon#1072 Dec 19, 2008 - Corporate friendliness.
Cartoon#1073 Dec 26, 2008 - Should I show the future?
Cartoon#1074 Jan 02, 2009 - The old year ended already? Freaky...
Cartoon#1075 Jan 09, 2009 - Story told in a future tense.
Cartoon#1076 Jan 16, 2009 - The smells like game.
Cartoon#1077 Jan 23, 2009 - He used to live on his own personal planet.
Cartoon#1078 Jan 30, 2009 - Bubble.
Cartoon#1079 Feb 06, 2009 - I forgot to put something on the blue guy.
Cartoon#1080 Feb 20, 2009 - Maegan returns.
Cartoon#1081 Feb 27, 2009 - Like Fox would say; Feelings are for girls.
Cartoon#1082 Mar 06, 2009 - Ah, summer time. Memmories come flooding back.
Cartoon#1083 Mar 13, 2009 - Evil duckling on a Friday the 13th.
Cartoon#1084 Mar 20, 2009 - Fox's prized yellow bean bag-like chair.
Cartoon#1085 Mar 27, 2009 - Long trips are longer than short trips.
Cartoon#1086 Apr 03, 2009 - That gem might be useful in the flash game.

Ending Remarks: Not my best story, I know. I didn't even get the chance to do all thos "Never Ending Story" parodies I had planned. Well, while this comic set was in the making, a bunch of stuff happened in my life. Changes that can't be avoided. They distracted me a lot. Anyway, life goes on. :) Theres always the next story.