Uptown Girl

A fanfic done by matn90

Disclaimer: I do not own Fuzzy Things by Jonathan Sario! Nor do I own Billy Joel’s song

While this isn’t my first time writing a fanfic, it is my first fanfic that’s for a web comic. I do have Jonathan’s permission to write this by the way, so nobody can sue me HA! I thought of this idea when I saw fic “Admirer’s Secret” (A very good fic) on the Stuff page not to long ago. Then a few minutes later I heard this song and I got the idea of writing this.

This fic is rated PG, which means very little cursing.

Anyway, the fic features Fox and the others all at the age of 14, so they are freshmen in High school about now while Ixiah and the others are all Seniors, but the older gang won’t be shown in this fic.

Romance: Mono x Shiva (main one) Hero x Maxi, Fox x Maegan

I hope everyone enjoys it. I only wish I made the start of the fic a bit more creative. Also, it’s long, around 12,000 to 13,000 words long. So get a snack while you read this.


(Morning, about 6:20 AM)

It was another morning in Russetville.

Normally you would think a teenager would sleep this early.

All but one did.

Mono didn’t know why, but he liked to get up in the mornings a bit early. It gave him time to eat with his family, check to see if he had everything for school, and maybe even work on his drawings if he had the time.

So this time, like all the other times before, he got up. Mono was wearing regular plain grey sweatpants with a white T-shirt covering his chest. He gave a small yawn before getting up. He quickly got up and walked over to the bathroom to wash up. He had his own bathroom in his room so he quickly walked over to the sink and washed his face.

After he dried his hair he looked at himself in the mirror.

He had changed over the past few years, he was currently 5’7 and was even starting to grow his crest on his head, but he still wore his hat in public since he felt more secure with it.

After a quick shower, along with some dry clothes, he headed down to the table for breakfast.

When he arrived he had his school uniform on, which featured simple brown jeans and a white buttoned short sleeve shirt, and saw his mom making breakfast.

“Morning sweetie.” She said as she placed some eggs and toast on a plate and handed them to Mono.

Mono said thanks and sat down to eat.

“By the way, Grandma sent a postcard from her vacation, turns out she broke her leg while snowboarding on the mountains.” Mono’s mom said while she got her coffee.

Mono almost choked on his egg, “Grandma doesn’t snowboard!”

His mom rolled his eyes, “Wish that was true.”

Mono quickly finished his breakfast and found out he had enough time to run upstairs and finish his latest comic strip.

He ran over to his desk, picked up his pencil, and got to work.

Most of his comics were action like heroes in a sci-fi like world, but if there was one thing in common about all of them it’s that they featured all his friends in them.

When he was a kid, Mono was quiet, and still is, who’s only friend was a star he found named Jao. Then when he met everyone in the park 8 years ago, he found real friends.

He had 7 in all.

First was Fox Kitsunei, who moved from a space colony with his dad and older brother to Russetville the same day he met everyone else. Fox was a bit cynical, but eventually he got over it and became a great friend with everyone.

Next was Maegan Arthur, who was Fox’s best friend and worst enemy in a way. No matter how many time’s he kept telling her to stop, she always tried to get him to go out with her. It annoyed Fox to no end. Although, a few people thought he liked her in the same way she did, but he just didn’t want to admit it.

Next was Hero Umaki, who was one of the most honest and loyal friends Mono ever knew. While he was friends with everyone, Maxi Rush was his best friend as they knew each other since they were infants. Other then that, he was a kind guy with a big appetite.

Speaking of Maxi Rush, she was a strange person. At first you would mistake her for a boy, but she was a girl really. She was a great athlete, but had a habit of getting into trouble many times while getting everyone else in trouble too. But besides that she was a good friend, even if she had a weird way of showing it.

The next one was Rex Wizard, who was a genius. Rex had an IQ that was bigger then normal and could invent amazing things. But of course this made him get picked on by others because of his brain. He doesn’t mind it so much, but the one thing he couldn’t stand was Mono’s next friend.

Mono had never seen anyone more….interesting….then Blue Cranberry. Nobody knew if she had ADHD or was just plain insane, but which ever it was she had one crazy personality. She could talk about one thing in one minute and something totally ridicules the next minute. She also loved playing with Rex’s inventions, but always broke them.

Then there was his last….and most precious friend…


Mono turned around to see his mom come in and say, “I just got off the phone with Shiva; she says she and Rigel will pick you up in 10 minutes for school.”

“O.k.” Said Mono before picking out a piece of paper and started drawing.

Shiva Silverstine, a rich girl who was the only person who Mono talked normal to except his own family. He didn’t know why, but she understood him and he understood her. It was amazing how they could even be friends.

She was rich. He was middle class.

She was popular. He was a nobody.

She spoke her mind. He rarely ever spoke.

They were complete opposites. Yet they were best friends.

He became friends with her because she too felt lonely and only acted mean to not show it. However, the more time they spent together, the more she acted like herself. But she still was sometime a brat and had a bad anger problem. One time, a jerk was hitting on her in 8th grade….the guy still is in the hospital last Mono heard.

He finished his drawing and looked at it.

It featured Shiva and him together…..holding hands….and in the middle of a sunset….getting way too close…..

He sighed again. Yeah, if you hadn’t guess, he had a major crush on her.

He didn’t know what happened, maybe it was hormones, maybe it was puberty, or maybe he felt like this always. But somehow he had a crush on Shiva.

A beeping noise was heard and looked out side his window.

There she stood, waiting for him with Rigal the car, parked next to his house.

“Hey! Invisible boy! Let’s go!” She cried out.

He shook his head and smiled, she was always him things like that.

He quickly put away his stuff and grabbed his backpack.


Shiva was waiting for him when he got down. She was wearing the usual girl’s outfit for school. A brown skirt, with a white T-shirt and brown tie. She, like Mono, was also 5’7. She had black hair, originally pink, but she dyed it, and pink feathers.

“Finally, I thought you were never going to get here.” She said a little angry.

“It was only a minute ago.” Said Mono.

“Humph, well let’s go already!” Said Shiva getting in.

Mono obeyed and sat in the passenger’s seat of the hover limo.

“Good day Mono.” Said Rigal.

“Hi.” Said Mono as he got in and Rigal drove off.

Shiva then said, “What took you so long?”

Mono nervously said, “My comics…”

Shiva then started saying, “I don’t know why you make those things anyway. I mean if it were me doing stuff like that I-“

Mono did what he always did when ever Shiva went into a long talk, listen.

That’s what they were, Shiva was the talker, and Mono was the listener.

While he listened he just keep looking at her….her red ruby eyes….her soft pink wings….her-

“HEY!” She yelled making Mono get back to reality, “Did you hear anything that I said.”

Mono nodded.

Shiva sighed and started looking out the window as they got closer to the school.

Mono sighed and started to sweat as he thought, Come on Mono….you can do this….you can ask her….you can tell on…

“H-h-hey…S-Shiva…” Said Mono nervous and a little red.

“Hmm?” Said Shiva.

“I….I…..I….I…I…….I….I….L….L……I…” Mono kept trying to say the three simple words, but he couldn’t, all he could do was talk gibberish.

“What? What is it? “I” what?” Asked Shiva getting a bit annoyed.

“I….I…..never mind.” He said turning away so she couldn’t see him blush like crazy.

Shiva looked at him like he was crazy and then said, “Fine, but you really need help in speaking better.”

Mono sighed and said depressingly, “….Yeah….”

Shiva looked at him and then smiled, “Cheer up! I have a surprise that will make you happy!”

Mono looked at here, a bit alarmed. Normally when Shiva said she had a surprise…it meant your going to face her wrath.

Like one time, Rex had invented a cream that looked like it was made to make the face smooth, but what it really did was make you have warts on your face.

Rex wanted to use this on Blue as revenge for breaking another one of his inventions, but Shiva took it by accident….needless to say she screamed so loud that everyone in a 50 mile radius could hear here.

Rex made an antidote and cured her. The next day, Shiva brought a “surprise” for Rex. It was some cookies as a way of saying “thanks” for curing her. Rex was suspicious of them, but he took them anyway. What he didn’t know however was that they had sleeping powder in them and he fell asleep in less then a minute.

When Rex woke up he found himself in girl clothes, tied to the school’s flag pole with everyone laughing at him.

So you could see why Mono was worried.

“Who are you going to get revenge on this time?” Mono asked.

Shiva yelled, “I’m not getting revenge! It’s a real surprise! Something….came up last week and I wanted to share it with everyone…”

Mono was now curious, but he would find out later anyway.

When they arrived, they said bye to Rigal and head up to the high school (The same one Ixiah and the others go to in the comics)

As they entered the entrance two people were coming towards them.

The first was a male yellow furred dog, dressed in uniform, about 5’8 and a half.

The second was a female orange furred cat, dressed in uniform, about 5’7.

It was none other then Hero and Maxi, and neither one looked happy.


Hero didn’t look happy, Maxi looked pissed.

Shiva gave a smile and said, “Hello love birds!”

“So you do admit it!” Said Maxi looking like she wanted fried bird for lunch.

“What do you mean?” Asked Shiva acting all innocent.

“Shiva, we know you started spreading the rumor that Maxi and I were dating.” Said Hero who was not happy.

Shiva looked shocked, “Me?! Why would I want to spread a rumor like that?! Although it’s pretty good.”

“Come on, quick the innocent act.” Said Maxi.

Shiva then said, “Well if you must know! I’m innocent!”

Maxi snorted, “Yeah, and I’m in love with Fox’s brother.”

Shiva then gave an annoyed look and said, “Well at least I don’t look and act like a boy!”

Maxi then said, “At least I don’t act like a spoiled brat!”

Shiva, now mad, shouted, “At least I don’t cough up hair balls!”

Maxi yelled back, “At least I don’t get warts!”

“At least I don’t crap in a sandbox!”

“At least my crap isn’t white!”

“Butt licker!”

“Insect eater!”

As they continued to insult each other, Hero went over to Mono and said, “Hey, while they talk it out like girls, do you have it?”

Mono nodded and pulled out his latest comic, all pages printed and colored, from his backpack and handed it to Hero.

He smiled, “Thanks. You ever think about being a cartoonist when you’re older?”

Mono shrugged, he never gave much thought to what he would do with his life.

“Oh come on!” Cried Shiva getting their attention, “Why don’t you both admit it! Everyone knows you both have the hot’s for the other.”

Maxi and Hero blushed and said at the same time, “Were just friends!”

They looked at each other and turned away, still blushing.

Mono smiled and shook his head. It was common knowledge that they both liked each other. They just wouldn’t admit it.

“Anyway, I wanted to find you guys anyway. I have a surprise.” Said Shiva happily.

Hero then said, “What ever it is, were sorry alright!”


Everyone around them looked away whistling while, Mono, Hero and Maxi tried to find the words that would not get them in trouble.

Shiva sighed and said, “Ah, forget it. Let’s just to class.”

She walked off. Just like that. That got the three their attention.

Normally Shiva would yell more, but she didn’t.

They decided they would find out later so they just followed her to class.

Still….the one question was on their mind….what was the surprise?


(Lunch Time)

Mono, Maxi, and Hero were sitting at a large table outside the school with 4 other people.

First was an orange furred male fox around 5’7 and a half. He had blue shades as glasses and his eyes were squinted. He also now had a back ponytail for his hair.

The second was a gray haired female rabbit (Same height) who was, at this time, bothering the fox by playing with his tail.

The third was a male brown furred beaver that had glasses on, he was about 5’5. You couldn’t see his eyes and the top part of his face because of the large red hat over his head.

The final person was a blue furred female bat with blue bat wings, around 5’7, and had a look of hyper activity in her eyes.

“Maegan….for the 48th time…please let go of my tail.” Said Fox growing more annoyed every second.

“Aw, but your tail is so soft and fuzzy! It’s like having a blanket during a cold winter day!” Said Maegan rubbing it softly.

Fox looked at the other for help, but they were all smiling.

“What will it take for you to let go me? And it had better not be a date or a kiss!” Said Fox.

Maegan pouted, “Come on!”

Maxi chuckled, “Why don’t you just do it Fox? She’s been asking for 8 years now.”

Fox then said, “When you and Hero finally go out, then I’ll go out with vermin here.”

Again, Maxi and Hero blushed and said, “Were just friends!”

“Sure and Blue’s not insane.” Said Rex who was doing work on his laptop.

“That’s right!...Hey wait!” Said Blue who looked at Rex a bit angry at his comment.

“So anyway, why did Shiva want us all here again?” Asked Maegan.

“I don’t know, she said it was for some kind of surprise or something.” Said Maxi.

Rex suddenly felt the need to activate the cloaking device he had in his backpack.

“Relax Rex, she’s not going to get back at someone…I think she’s serious.” Said Hero.

Rex relaxed a little, but then asked, “So what is it?”

“I don’t know….maybe it’s cheese!” Shouted Blue acting all excited.

Everyone groaned, how did she get so obsessed with it? Is it from being adopted by a mouse family or what?

“No Blue, I don’t think its cheese.” Said Rex.

She stuck her tongue out, “Says you!”

Fox then said, “Maybe Mono knows.”

Mono looked up and saw everyone stare at him, which made him nervous.

“So what is it?” Asked Fox.

“I…I…don’t…know.” Said Mono.

“Really?” Said Maegan who was surprised, “But she tells you everything.”

“…not everything…” Said Mono.

“Well, were going to find out soon because here she comes.” Said Fox pointing to Shiva who was walking to them.

“Hello all who adore me!” Said Shiva.

“Which is nobody.” Said Maxi making a Hero, Maegan, and Blue laugh.

Shiva frowned and said, “Ha ha. Very funny. I’ll have you know that this surprise is going to make everyone feel great.”

“And by everyone you mean you, right?” Asked Fox.

“Yeah, so?” Asked Shiva as if that was wrong.

The group sighed.

“Anyway, can you tell us what the surprise is already? I want to get lunch.” Said Hero.

“But you just ate.” Said Maegan.

“So, I can still get seconds.” Said Hero smiling.

“Fine, don’t worry. He’s going to be here soon anyway.” Shiva said.

Everyone else looked at each other puzzled.


“He” turned out to be a black feathered falcon, long black hair, about 5’8 and also in school uniform.

Everyone, but Shiva, had never seen him before.

“Hey, did you tell them yet?” Asked the falcon.

Shiva smiled and said, “Not yet.”

She turned to her friends and said, “Everyone this is Leon. He’s my boyfriend!”







That was Mono’s heart by the way.

The moment he heard that word, his heart sank, full of hurt, and his mouth was wide open, full of shock.

And so was everyone else, except the hurt part.

“Are you serious?” Said Hero.

“She is, we’ve been going out for a week.” Said Leon holding Shiva’s hand.

She giggled and said, “We meet last year at a party our parents went too. Since were both from rich families we were supposed to know each other. We became friends and eventually went out.”

Maxi grinned and said, “Wow Shiva having a boyfriend, hell must be freezing over.”

“What Maxi means is congratulations.” Said Maegan who was wishing Fox was her boyfriend, for the 10th time this week.

“Yeah, we’re happy for you.” Said Fox who nodded.

Everyone, but Mono, nodded.

Shiva smiled and said, “Aw thanks guys.”

“So when is the wedding?” Asked Blue.


Blue simple smiled and said, “Why not? I always wanted to be a bridesmaid…or was it the ring barer?”

Shiva slapped her forehead and said to Mono, “So Mono? You like my surprise?”

Mono didn’t know what to say, “I…I have to….go.” He then got up and left in a hurry.

“What’s wrong with your friend?” Asked Leon.

“I don’t know, maybe he had to go to the bathroom or something.” Said Shiva, “Anyway, were going out to eat before the bell rings. Later.”

They watched as the new bird couple left them.

“I never guessed Shiva would be the first out of all of us to get a boyfriend/girlfriend.” Said Rex pondering.

“Yeah, I always thought it was going to be Maxi and Hero.” Said Fox.

The two of them sighed. They gave up, trying to convince everyone they didn’t like each other that way.

I mean come on…..even if Maxi is cute….there’s no way she would go out with me…. Thought Hero.

While I like Hero and all, I think he just wants to be friends with me. Thought Maxi thinking about her favorite yellow dog.

If only they knew how the other felt.

Shiva was right about one thing. Mono did go to the bathroom, but not to go or anything.

When he entered the boy’s bathroom and found it empty he kept mentally hitting himself in the head.

He was angry.

Angry at that Leon guy for taking Shiva.

Angry at fate for making Shiva and Leon meet.

But mostly, he was angry at himself…..for not telling Shiva how he truly felt for her.

He sighed. He shouldn’t be angry at Leon. I mean Shiva felt happy with him and as a friend he had to be happy too.

He couldn’t be jealous.

He nodded, as a friend he needed to be happy with her choice.

Still….why did it hurt so much in the chest thinking that.


(End of School)

School was out and every student was running here, there and everywhere in the halls.

Mono was busy taking his things from his locker. He had been meaning to find Shiva, but he couldn’t find her.

He then closed his locker only to see her and Leon in front of him.

“Oh….hey.” Said Mono a little shocked.

“Hey yourself. You o.k.?” Shiva asked.

“Yeah….I’m fine.” Said Mono.

Shiva smiled and said, “Good.”

Mono then thought, Might as well make things right.

“Shiva…Leon…..” Said Mono getting their attention, “I’m….happy you guys are together….”

Shiva smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Leon nodded and said to Shiva, “Let’s get going baby. My limo’s arrived by now.”

Shiva nodded and said bye to Mono as she left with Leon.

Mono smiled, but then frowned.

Why did it hurt so much?


(Friday, 5:00 PM)

It had been over two weeks since Shiva had announced she was going out with Leon. At first things were o.k. for Mono, but later, things didn’t work out well.

He and Shiva had been seeing less and less of each other over the pass week. Whenever he tried to talk to her or hang out, she was always with Leon.

She was also hanging out less with the others.

When Fox and Maegan had her as their science partner, she never showed up on the work dates and did nothing on the work.

She was also was late or never showed up at Blue’s place for her flying lessons.

All in all Shiva was happy and Mono was glad too, but he was also sad because their relationship was not the same as it was before.

But Mono was sure everything would be o.k. today.

It was Friday and every Friday he and Shiva went to Pizza Doe and hung out. They had been doing it since they were 6 and it was their own little thing.

Mono was in his room getting ready. He had normal brown Jeans on with a simple green shirt that said “You can’t see me!” on the front and an eye on the back. He placed his hat on and put the money in his wallet when his cell phone rang.

“Hello?” He asked answering it.

“Hey! It’s me.” Said Shiva’s voice on the receiver.

“Hey, I was about to leave for Pizza Doe…..so whe-“

“I can’t come.” Said Shiva.

Mono’s eyes widen, “B...b-but we always do Pizza Doe on Fridays…..”

“I know! I know! But Leon called me and asked for a date. I’m actually at dinner with him in a restaurant.” Said Shiva.

“But…but….” Said Mono trying to find the words.

“I promise we’ll go next week. Better yet, Leon can come with us. How’s that sound?” Asked Shiva.

“But…” Said Mono.

“Great, see you later.” Said Shiva before the line went dead.

“But…..it’s our own thing…..”Said Mono with sadness in his voice and eyes.

He turned his cell phone off and headed to Pizza Doe….all alone.

He was happy for Shiva and Leon……..yeah……he was happy there relationship was destroying his friendship with his best friend.


(Pizza Doe 8:43 PM)

Mono was currently sitting in a booth, alone.

He had two pizzas, both not eaten, and a coke only half gone. He didn’t care; he was busy wondering what was going on between him and Shiva.

“Dude, you look like you just got totally grounded for a year.” Said a male deer around the age of 29. He had a red shirt, with blue jeans, and yellow surfer like hair with his antlers coming out of his head.

“Hey Zinc…..” Said Mono without any care.

Zinc sat down and said, “So what’s up, green man. You’re looking all blue today.”

Mono sighed and told him about him and Shiva and her boyfriend Leon. When he was done Zinc said, “Whoa, didn’t think the dudet would score a dude first man. Anyway, I know how you’re hurting. I was in the same predicament myself.”

Mono’s eyes caught interest, “You were?”

“Yeah, see like one time. I had this really nice looking chick friend named Lila. Man, she was one fine looking doe. Anyway, I liked her man, but I always chickened every time I tried to tell her. Eventually, she found someone other dude and went out with him. I was depressed at first, because she always chilled with him instead of me, but after awhile, everything went back to normal.” Said Zinc.

“And….. did you tell her your feelings for you?” Asked Mono.

“Naw, she married the dude and they live the next town over. I still see them sometimes.” Said Zinc.

“But…. I don’t get it. Why didn’t you tell her your feelings?” Asked Mono who was confused.

“Because even though I was sad I wasn’t her boyfriend, I had to be happy for her as her friend.” Said Zinc, “Don’t worry about Shiva not spending time with you. It’s her first boyfriend and she’s new to the whole thing. But just be her friend and everything will be smooth dude.”

Mono nodded, “Yeah, I guess.”

Zinc then said smiling, “Besides, if she dumps the guy, you can go get her.”

Mono blushed, “B-b-b-b-ut I….d-d-on’t….”

Zinc got up and laughed, “Chill dude, secret’s safe with me. Later.”

Mono sighed and tried thinking on what Zinc said.

What he said made sense. After all, Shiva never had a boyfriend before and she was new to the whole thing. Maybe if he gave her more time, she would spend more time with him and the gang.

Not to mention he had to be happy for her, no matter what he felt.

He then found an urge to go the little chameleon’s room. The bathrooms were right next to the entrance to the second room where he met Blue when he was 6.

He was about to go in when he heard a familiar voice laughing.

He peaked through the door only to be shocked at what he saw.

He saw Leon, in all black clothing, across a table with another hawk, this one female with long blond hair, wearing a pink sweatshirt, blue short jeans, and tennis shoes.

“So anyway, baby….I was wondering…if it’s not so hard….will you be my girlfriend?” Asked Leon getting close to the other hawk.

The female one said, “Oh Leon, I thought you would never ask.” As Mono then saw them as they kiss beak to beak.

Mono put his body against the floor, accidentally blended in with the white color, and couldn’t believe it.

Leon was cheating on Shiva.


(A few days later)

Mono still didn’t know what to do.

He had tried to get the courage to tell Shiva as soon as possible to tell her Leon was cheating on her.

But he wasn’t sure she would believe him.

I mean he didn’t have proof and Mono couldn’t confront Leon, he would just deny it. It took a lot of is will power to not yell it out when ever he saw Leon with Shiva.

He felt confused and angry on why Leon would do this?

Shiva was a great, beautiful, friend who Leon was messing with by having another girl.

Or more if he was being a player.

He had to tell Shiva, but she didn’t want her mad at him and not believing in him.

But he never lied to Shiva before.

Yet, he was also not very talkative about Leon either.

In the end he needed to talk to someone.

He couldn’t tell his parents or his grandma.

That left only his friends, but whom?

Blue? No, she could never keep a secret.

Rex? He wasn’t an expert in romance, no matter how smart he was.

Maxi and Hero were also out of the question. Despite not being “close” with Shiva, they still treated her as a friend. Maxi would beat up Leon if she found out he was cheating on one of her friends. And while Hero was someone who tried to get out of trouble, as a dog he had a big issue about “loyalty”. So he would probably punch Leon in the face too.

Maegan, although the most interested in romance due to her crush on Fox, was also out because she wasn’t as good as a secret keeper either. Not as bad as Blue, but close.

That left only Fox.

Fox was a good choice. He could keep a secret and was smart for his age, if you don’t count Rex having the high IQ.

That’s why Mono was in the park. He went to find him after visiting Fox’s house, but his older brother Ixiah told him he was with Rex and Maegan, with Kitami, at the park with Rex.

While Mono was searching for them, Rex was showing the two his latest invention.

“So why did you bring us out here?” Asked Fox, dressed in a plain black T-shirt, orange jacket with a red fox on the back, and blue jeans.

“Yeah and why did I have to bring Kitami?” Asked Maegan who held the B’kit in her arms.

“B’kit!” Said Kitami who then started flying in the air.

“Well, remember how I said I invented an invention that can make others hear different languages? Well, this time I made one for pets.” Said Rex showing something that looked between a ray beam and a mini vacuum.

“So you’re saying if you hit me with it I can understand B’kit?” asked Maegan who looked interested.

“Not only that, but when ever you speak, she’ll hear it in her own language.” Said Rex charging it.

“Maybe yo,u can tell Kitami to stop defiling all our lawns on the street.” Said Fox.

“Whatever just hit me with your best shot!” Said Maegan.

Fox lightly smacked her on the head.

“Hey!” Said Maegan.

“You said to hit you.” He said, giving his fox like smile.

She huffed and cross her arms.

“Your odd way of flirting aside, let’s do this.” Said Rex pointing the invention at Maegan.

“I wasn’t flirting.” Said Fox.

“Right.” Said Rex who fired.

A greed colored beam hit Maegan and she glowed for a short while till everything was normal again.

“How do you feel?” Asked Fox.

Maegan said, “B’kit……B’KIT!!? B’KIT B’KIT B’KIT!!!!” She was panicking.

Rex, Kitami, and Fox stared at her.

“B’kit?” Asked Kitami.

“B’KIT!!!” Cried Maegan speaking only in b’kit.

“Rex….what happened?” Asked Fox.

Rex looked at his invention and said, “I don’t know…someone must have messed with the invention and made it make people only speak in B’Kit and not normal.”

“Well how do you feel Maegan?” Asked Fox.

“B’kit b’kit b’kit.” Said Maegan who was desperately trying to speak normal.

Fox grinned and said, “Sorry, I can’t understand?”

“B’kit! B’kit b’kit b’kit b’kit!” Cried Maegan waving her arms around.

“What’s that? You want me to kiss you, to make you feel better?” Asked Fox.

Meagan’s eyes widened and she jumped saying, “B’KIT!!!”

Fox then said, “Sorry, I don’t understand, I guess that means no.”

“B’KIT!!!!!” She screamed at him in anger while Fox snickered and asked Rex, “So who do you think did it?”

Rex looked at him and said, “I’m guessing a 14 year old female bat with more energy then 3 year old on sugar.”

“Come on, couldn’t it be anyone else?” Asked Fox.

Rex gave him a stare that said “Yeah Right” all over it.

Fox nodded, “Fine. Just find someway to fix her.”

“Shouldn’t take me more then a few hours.” Said Rex.

Mono, at this time, spotted them nearby and walked over, “Um, hey guys.”

“Hey Mono.” Said Fox.

“Hi.” Said Rex.

“B’kit.” Said Maegan.

Mono looked at Maegan in a weird way and said, “What…..”

“Long story.” Said Rex and Fox.

“Well, anyway…Fox can I talk to you….alone?” Asked Mono.

Fox raised his eye brows, “Sure.”

Mono and Fox walked away from the others till Mono was sure they were in a part of the park where they couldn’t be heard.

“So what is it?” Asked Fox leaning on a tree.

Mono sighed, “Promise me… you won’t tell anyone ….what I’m going to tell you.”

Fox could see he was serious and nodded.

Mono took a deep breath and said, “Leon….he’s cheating on Shiva.”

Fox looked alert and said, “Are you sure.”

Mono nodded and explained what he had seen.

After explaining Mono said, “I don’t know what to do, I want to tell her, but I’m afraid she won’t believe me.”

Fox thought about this, “Mono…..you have to tell her.”

Mono then said, “But…”

“Listen, as her closest friend you have to tell her straight from your mouth. She believes you more then anyone I know so it’s fair if you tell her.” Said Fox.

Mono remembered what Zinc said, “Yeah…I have to be a friend.”

Fox nodded.

Mono sighed, “I’ll tell her tomorrow.”

“Good.” Said Fox, who hoped this would go smooth.


(The next day at school)

It was finally the end of the day. Mono was currently trying to find Shiva and tell her what had happened.

He eventually found her and Leon, outside the door, talking.

Shiva noticed him and said, “Hey, Mono. What’s going on?”

Mono asked, “Ummm….Shiva, can you follow me, alone, for a second.”

Shiva nodded and kissed Leon on the cheek before saying goodbye.

Mono lead Shiva to the outside basketball courts where nobody was around.

Guess it’s now or never. Thought Mono taking a small breath.

“Shiva…I have something to tell you.” Mono said, but Shiva interrupted by saying, “Wait a moment! I have to show you what Leon gave me.”

Shiva pulled out a diamond bracelet around her hand and said, “its Leon’s way of saying he loves me and only me.”

Mono just stared at it.

“Anyway, can this hurry up because Leon and I have a date later and-“

“He’s cheating on you.” Said Mono getting it over with.

Shiva stopped talking and stared at Mono.


“What?” She asked.

Mono sighed, “I saw…Leon….kissing with some other girl who he called his girlfriend. It was yesterday at Pizza Doe.”

Shiva said nothing. Then she said, “I can’t believe it…”

Mono then said, “I’m sorry, but I know this hard to—“

“I never thought someone like you would lie about such a thing.” Said Shiva looking mad at Mono.

Mono was shocked, “B-b-but I’m not lying! I saw him with some other girl yesterday!”

“No, Leon would never do that. I’ve know him for a long time and he is not that kind of a guy. He loves me.” Said Shiva completely believing in her own words.

“I’m not lying! Why would I lie?” Asked Mono.

“Gee, I don’t know? Maybe it’s because I’m hanging more with my boyfriend then you!” Said Shiva like it was obvious.

Mono couldn’t believe this.

“Yes, I was a bit disappointed when you started hanging out with him more, but I was happy for you!” Said Mono desperately trying to convince Shiva.

Shiva then said, “So you don’t want me to be happy or have someone to love?!”

“No I do, but he doesn’t love you! I DO!” Shouted Mono.

Shiva looked at him with wide eyes and an open mouth, she was in total shock.

Mono’s eyes went wide when he realized what he said and covered his mouth.

Of all the times I say my feeling to her, why now!? He thought.

Shiva slowly said, “You….love me?”

Mono slowly nodded.

She then stared angrily at Mono and said, “Now I see…your jealous.”

“What?” Said Mono.

“You’ve always hated Leon, ever since I said he was my boyfriend! You made this all up for me to break up with him and go out with you!” Said Shiva yelling and pointing at him in anger.

“That’s not true! I’m telling you he is cheating on you and he doesn’t love you!” Said Mono yelling too which was a first.

“Well, too bad. Maybe if you weren’t such a shy boy and spoke more maybe I would have gone out with you.” Said Shiva.

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a brat and obnoxious all the time I would have told you!” Yelled Mono.

“I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” Said Shiva walking away.

“FINE!” Said Mono walking in the other direction.

But as they walked away from each other in anger, neither noticed a tear fall from the other’s eye.



Mono was furious.

Him?! Jealous?! And a liar!?

Sure he was a bit jealous when Shiva was going out with Leon, but he let it go! But he wasn’t lying.

I don’t care anymore…if she wants to go with that guy who cares!? I don’t! He thought on his way home.

He didn’t notice the others, minus Shiva, were up ahead of him towards his house.

“Hey Mono! What’s up?!” Asked Blue, but then noticed he was angry. So did everyone else.

While Fox was the one who knew what had happened, everyone else was confused.

Mono just kept walking away from them.

“Hey, you alright?” Asked Maegan as she and the other were walking with him.

“I’m fine.” Said Mono not in the mood.

“No, your not you need something to cheer you up!” Said Blue landing in front of him.

“No I don’t.” Said Mono walking past her.

“Come on, if you have a problem tell us.” Said Hero.

“Yeah, come one oh great quiet one.” Said Maxi.

Mono kept saying, “Just leave me alone.”

Blue then said, “I know! Singing always makes everyone feel happy!” She then started to sing some annoying song from who knows when.

Mono couldn’t take it any more and shouted, “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!”

Everyone just stared at him like he grew three heads.

Mono never yelled, ever.

Mono just sighed and said, “Please….just leave me alone.” He then ran to his house leaving the group in shock.

“Did Mono just yell?” Said Blue speaking first.

“Yeah, wow, I never thought I would see the day.” Said Rex trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Mono yelled.” Said Blue still shocked.

“What’s bugging him?” Asked Rex out loud.

“Mono yelled.” Said Blue still shocked.

“My guess is someone stole his comics or other drawings. The guy is sensitive around that stuff.” Said Maxi.

“Mono yelled!” Shouted Blue.

Rex slapped his head, “Yes Blue, Mono yelled, we all heard!”

Blue then started freaking out and said, “Don’t you guys get it! IT’S THE SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” She still kept screaming and flying around the street like crazy.

Everyone just raised an eyebrow and decided to ignore the insane one.

“O…k…So anyway, what are we going to do about Mono?” Asked Rex.


“I know what’s wrong with him.” Said Fox.

Everyone, but Blue of course, looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Maxi.


“I’ll tell you later. For now I’m going to go see if he’s alright.” Said Fox running after Mono.

“So what should we do while we wait?” Asked Maegan.

“THE BLACK APOCOLYPTIC SKIES RAIN WITH ONLY DEATH!! WHY HAS GOD FORSAKEN US!!!! WHY!!!!” Screamed Blue as she kept flying around. Also incase your wondering why none of the neighbors told her to shut up yet, is because everyone knows when Blue is screaming, you can’t stop her.

“Is their off button or something on this thing or I’m I going to have to knock her out!” Said Maxi annoyed.

“Well, we can wait till she passes out or I can do this…” Said Rex who shouted, “Hey Blue, theirs cheese flavored ice cream at the parlor today!”

Blue stopped yelling and flying and said, “Oh boy!” She then started flying to the ice cream parlor.

“Nice work.” Said Hero.

“Now what?” Asked Maxi.

“I guess we wait.” Said Maegan still worried about Mono.


(At Mono’s house)

Mono just dumped his book bag on the floor and headed to his room. He then sat on his desk and….cried.

Why was he crying? Gee, I don’t know. If you got into an argument with your best friend, who happens to be the person you like, and say to each other you never want to see the other again, then yeah you would cry.

Mono wiped the tears from his eyes and thought; If she doesn’t want to see me again fine…I don’t want to see her too.

He just picked up all his drawing of Shiva, which were a lot, and threw them in a garbage can. He then sat on his desk and decided to go back to work on his comics, but his mind was still bothering him.

Thinking music might help, Mono turned on the radio and a song started playing:

Uptown girl
She's been living in her uptown world
I bet she never had a back street guy
I bet her mama never told her why

I'm gonna try for an uptown girl
She's been living in her white bread world
As long as anyone with hot blood can
And now she's looking for a downtown man
That's what I am

And when she knows what
She wants from her time
And when she wakes up
And makes up her mind

She'll see I'm not so tough
Just because
I'm in love with an uptown girl
You know I've seen her in her uptown world
She's getting tired of her high class toys
And all her presents from her uptown boys
She's got a choice

Uptown girl
You know I can't afford to buy her pearls
But maybe someday when my ship comes in
She'll understand what kind of guy I've been
And then I'll win

And when she's walking
She's looking so fine
And when she's talking
She'll say that she's mine

She'll say I'm not so tough
Just because
I'm in love
With an uptown girl
She's been living in her white bread world
As long as anyone with hot blood can
And now she's looking for a downtown man
That's what I am

Uptown girl
She's my uptown girl
You know I'm in love
With an uptown girl

My uptown girl
You know I'm in love
With an uptown girl
My uptown girl
You know I'm in love
With an uptown girl
My uptown girl

Mono just listened to the song. He sighed; he really didn’t want to break his friendship with Shiva. Not now, not ever.

He then noticed something on his desk. He picked it up and looked at it. It was Shiva, smiling. He drew it the first day they became friends.

He smiled at the picture and sighed, with a sad look on his face.

“Who I’m I kidding…..I still love her….of all the girls in the universe, why her?” He asked. Why did I fall in love with an uptown girl?

“I keep wondering the same thing.” Said Fox as he entered Mono’s room which made him jump.

“Fox!...What are you doing here?” Mono asked.

“I came to see if you were alright. I never heard you yell before and the others were worried.” Said Fox.

Mono felt guilty about yelling to his friends and said, “I’m sorry.”

Fox sat on Mono’s bed and said, “So I guess it went bad huh?”

Mono nodded and explained what happened

Fox nodded and said, “I guessed this would happen.”

“Why is love so complicated?” Asked Mono.

Fox smiled, “If I knew that I would ask why I fell for my best friend a long time ago.”

Mono looked at Fox, “You mean you DO like Maegan.”

Fox nodded, “Yeah, I guess you can only ignore her attempts for so long before you actually want to be with her.”

“Why don’t you tell her?” Asked Mono.

“Because I don’t know how to say it…..but I think she knows anyway.” Said Fox thinking about his first friend, but then said, “Still, we have to find some way to convince Shiva that you were telling the truth and that slime ball is lying to her.”

“I don’t know what to do….” Said Mono thinking it was hopeless.

Fox sighed and said, “Shiva’s the one you love right?”

Mono nodded.

“You’re not going to give up just like that right?” Said Fox, “You’re really going to let Shiva get her heart broken by this jerk?”

Mono realized what Fox was saying and said, “No….I’m going to prove it to her.”

Fox nodded and said, “Good, but were going to have to let her see it for herself that Leon is cheating on her.”

“But how?” Asked Mono.

Fox grinned, “With a little help from some friends.”


(Later, at Pizza Doe)

Mono and Fox called all their friends, except Shiva, to tell them what was going on and to ask for their help.

When they finished, everyone wanted to help expose the lying scum that Leon was to Shiva.

“So how should we do it?” Asked Hero.

“I say we arm strangle him until we beat a confession out of him.” Said Maxi looking to cause some pain. She may not like Shiva that much, but she was still a friend.

“I don’t think that will work.” Said Maegan.

“I know! We can tie him up! Pour oil on his body! Light him on fire! Dance around him while he’s screaming in pain! And then pee on him to get rid of the fire!” Said Blue.

Everyone looked at her like she was mad.

“Blue, were trying to prove to Shiva that Leon is cheating on her. Not kill him and humiliate him in some bizarre creepy way like you just said now.” Said Fox.

“Ohhh….well I got nothing else then.” Said Blue giggling.

The others decided to just forget what she said.

“Don’t worry I got a plan. And it involves all of us.” Said Rex pulling out his lap top.


Rex’s plan was to be done in certain steps.

The first was tracking down Leon and stalking him. Since Fox was the stealthiest and Mono was a chameleon who could blend in with the environment, they were sent to spy on Leon.

They only saw Leon leave school, go home, and go on dates with different girls at different times, including Shiva.

But one thing the found out was he always went to a Cyber Café in the mall every Wednesday between 4 PM and 6PM.

After reporting this they figured that would be the place to expose Leon’s secrets.

Next, they needed the number of any of the girls, other then Shiva, that Leon dated. Fox managed to sneak his cell phone off Leon’s table this when he went into the bathroom at the Cyber Café. He quickly took down the number to a girl named Alice and put it back.

Now that they had a place where Leon was going to be, they needed Shiva to be there two.

So Rex gave Maegan and Fox the next part.


(Three days before the final operation)

We see Fox, Hero, Rex, and Mono all outside on a lunch table at school while Maegan, Maxi, and Blue were at another one.

While they were eating Shiva walked past the boy’s table and Mono and Shiva glared at each other, even though Mono was only acting. When Shiva sat down, Maegan got up and walked over to where Fox was and said, “Hey Fox.”

“Yes Maegan?” Asked Fox without a care in the world.

“How about you and me go out for a date next week?” Asked Maegan smiling.

Fox sighed and said, “Fine….I give up…”

Shiva almost choked on her food when she heard that and paid full attention, as would any girl trying to get the good gossip of the day.

“Great! See you later.” Said Maegan who walked back to her seat humming. Of course, this was all acting, much to Meagan’s disappointment. Why did Fox and Maegan have to act like they were going to go on a date? You’ll find out soon, trust me.


(Day of the operation. Target: Leon. Location: The Mall. Mission: To prove Shiva that Leon is loser. Time: 4:15 PM)

It was time.

Rex, with his laptop, was currently sitting on a metal bench right next to the fountain that could be seen when entering on the east side of the mall. He had a brown shirt that said, “Pirates are better then Ninja’s” and it showed a computer in the front, his red cap, and black jean shorts.

He typed a few keys and then put a headset on, “O.k. guys you ready?”

“Fox here. I’m outside the entrance waiting for Leon.” Said Fox’s voice from the receiver.

“Maegan here. Me and Blue are in position.” Said Meagan’s voice in the receiver.

“Me and Maxi are on the second floor. Were on hold.” Said Hero’s voice.

“I’m at the café.” Said Mono’s voice, “Guys….thanks for everything.”

Rex smiled and said, “No problem, Shiva may be a brat, but she’s still a friend.”

“I see Leon. He’s about to enter.” Said Fox’s voice on the receiver.

“O.k. everyone. Here we go.” Said Rex who looked at the east entrance.

Not to soon later, Leon, dressed in a black short sleeve shirt and black pants, was walking through the entrance. A few minutes later, Fox, dressed in red short sleeve shirt that had the Kanji Symbol “Honor” in blue on the front and blue jeans, was walking right behind him. Of course Leon didn’t know.

Fox took out his cell phone, pressed a number and said, “I’ve started to follow him. I’ll call if anything changes.”

Rex said, “Understood.” To his headset. Thanks to Rex’s genius, he made the cell phones the ability to call him via laptop and he could talk and hear them through his headset.

Rex looked at his clock on the laptop; it was 4: 20 PM

Time to call Shiva.

“Maegan, your up.” Said Rex.

“On it.” Said Maegan.”


(At the North entrance in the mall)

Maegan was dialing on her cell phone, she had a yellow shirt that said “Fuzzy Things are cute” in red and blue short jeans. Blue was right next to her in Blue jacket with a yellow stripe down the sleeves and blue jeans. She said, “Think Shiva will buy this?”

“After what Fox and me did and what I’m about to tell her? She won’t resist.” Said Maegan who finished dialing.

“Hello?” Asked Shiva on the line.

“Shiva? It’s me Maegan.”

“What do you want rabbit?” Asked Shiva.

“Listen, you know about that date I got on Fox next week? I need your help in finding some good clothes to wear. Blue was helping me, but she’s not good for this kind of thing.” Said Maegan.

“Duh, I mean if she could get a sense of style she won’t look half as ridiculous as she acts.” Said Shiva, “But sure, I can help. After all, who knows best in fashion? Where are you?”

“At the North Entrance by the mall.” Said Maegan.

“See you there then.” Said Shiva who hung up.

Blue frowned and said, “A part of me is tempted to let her still go out with that loser for that comment.”

“Lighten up.” Maegan said as she called Rex.


“Rex? It’s Maegan, Shiva is on her way.” Rex heard on his receiver.

“Alright, by my calculations, she should be there in about 20 minutes, wait for her there and head off into some kind of clothes store that’s not near Leon in anyway.” Said Rex.

“Got it.” Said Maegan who hung up.

Rex then said to his receiver, “Fox where is Leon?”

“The guy is a pervert.” Said Fox through the receiver.

“Why?” Asked Rex.

“He just bought 4 different Playboy magazines and bribed the casher to not tell anyone.” Said Fox, “Wait, he’s now heading to a music store. I’ll tell you when he exits.”

Rex sighed, It’s a good thing were getting rid of this guy for Shiva.

Rex waited for 20 minutes till Maegan called and said, “I saw Shiva’s car. I’ll call if a problem arises.”

“O.k.” Said Rex who then said to everyone, “Shiva is here. Where’s Leon, Fox?”

“He’s traveling down on the second floor near Sears.” Said Fox.

“O.k., Maegan and Blue are talking Shiva to a place called “Girls World” or something. It’s on the first floor and is around the other side of the mall.” Said Rex.

“Got it.” Said Fox.

Rex waited and when it was 5:00 PM it was time to call Alice.

He clicked a few keys and a keypad appeared on his screen. He dialed Alice’s number and clicked a program that said, “Voice Changer.” What it did was make the user of the program’s voice to sound different to the person receiving the call.

“Hello?” Asked Alice’s voice.

“Hey baby (Rex felt weird saying this), it’s me.” Said Rex using Leon’s voice.

Leon?! Hi, I didn’t expect you to call.” Said Alice sounding happy.

“Listen, can you meet me at the Cyber Café in the mall around 5:15?” Said Rex who was glad that by a mere chance, Alice lived only 5 minutes from the mall.

“Sure, see you soon. Love you.” Said Alice.

“Love you too.” Said Rex who hung up. Now to call Leon.

Once again he punched in Leon’s number and used the same “Voice Changer” program.

“Hello?” Asked Leon.

“Hey, baby.” Said Rex, who felt like was going to barf after this call.

“Hey Alice, what’s going on?” Asked Leon surprised.

“I wanted you to meet me at the Cyber Café at 5:15 for a little chat? Please?” Asked Rex.

“Well…alright, anything for my girl.” Said Leon who said goodbye and hung up.

Rex was glad that was over and done with. He checked the clock and it said 5:10 PM. Alice had to have arrived already.

“O.k., where is everyone?” Asked Rex.

“This is Fox; Leon is traveling next to a Photoshop on the second floor. He’s on his way to the Café.”

“This is Hero, me and Maxi are not to far from there.”

“I’m still at the café; Alice has just arrived and is waiting for Leon.” Said Mono.

“This is Maegan. Were heading to another store on the second floor. It’s called “Paws”.

Rex looked at the map and gasped, “We have a problem! Leon is across on the other side of the second floor across that store!”

“What do we do?!” Asked Fox.

“Don’t worry. Maxi and Hero are going to distract Leon.” Said Rex.


Distract him? How? Thought Fox as he saw Leon just on the other side of the second floor where the store the girls were going to go to soon.

Fox then noticed something. It was Hero, dressed in plain orange shirt and blue pants. He was walking past Leon when suddenly he gasped and started grabbing his throat! And it looked like he had trouble breathing.

Everyone looked at him and some people were asking him if he was alright.

“GASP!!! COUGH! COUGH! MY ASTHMA! COUGH!! COUGH!!...GASP! Can’t….breathe….” Said Hero sounding weaker and weaker as he fell to his knees.

Wait a minute….Hero doesn’t have Asthma….Rex does. Thought Fox when he realized Hero was acting.

“Hold on Kid. Breathe kid! Breathe!” Said a male lion as other people started to crowd around, including Leon. Another good thing was Leon didn’t recognized Hero. How? He really didn’t care on Shiva’s friends so he forgot them most of the time till Shiva remembered him who they were.

“……seeing…light…..goner…..good…bye…” Said Hero who fell on his back, playing dead. Hey, he’s a dog. He’s bound to know the skills.

“SOMEBODY CALL 911!” Said someone as they tried to call for help. Some even were crying for Hero, actually thinking he was gone. Wow, Hero should try for the next school play.


(Meanwhile on the opposite side of the second floor)

Maegan, Blue, and Shiva were just about to enter when Shiva noticed a large crowd on the other side.

“What’s going on?” Asked Shiva.

Realizing this was the distraction Maegan said, “Oh nothing I bet, let’s go.”

Shiva looked once more before going into the store.


(Back at the performance)

“Hold on! I know CPR!” Said someone in the crowd who stepped forward.

Fox snickered; it was Maxi, in a red jacket that said, “Wild Cat” on the back and in black jeans, who said that.

Oh this will be good. Thought Fox as he watched Maxi get to her knees and acted like she knew what to do. Of course, all she had to do was pump the chest a few times and then came the gross part….giving mouth to mouth.

That’s why Fox though it was so funny.

He would have laughed out loud if he knew Maxi and Hero were blushing every time she did the mouth to mouth thing.

Thinking that 5 times was enough she whispered to Hero when she went down for the final mouth to mouth part, “Quiet playing dead.”

Hero then pretended to cough as he slowly got up and acted surprised by saying, “Wow…I’m back….thanks.”

Everyone then started clapping and asking if Hero was alright. Leon rolled his eyes and walked away, not carrying at all.

Fox’s cell phone rang and he answered it, “Fox, did Leon see Shiva?” Asked Rex.

“No, the distraction worked, he’s on his way.” Said Fox.

“Good, just keep tailing him.” Said Rex who hung up.

When the crowd finally separated, Fox walked over to the two best friends and asked, “So Hero, did you see the afterlife?”

Hero laughed.

Fox then asked, “Where did you come up with the idea?”

“I did, we flipped to see who would be the faker and who would be the rescuer.” Said Maxi smiling.

Fox smiled, “Well, I get to get going. I loved the scene where you kiss by the way. Wish I could see you guys do that more often.” Fox walked away snickering while Maxi and Hero blushed and nervously looked at each other.

Maxi was glad nobody knew she used a double headed coin to be the one to kiss Hero.


Mono was in the Cyber Café watching Alice when he saw Leon come up to the entrance and spotted Alice.

“Hey your late.” Said Alice.

Leon smiled, “Sorry, I was to busy saving a guy’s life from his asthma attack.”

Mono rolled his eyes.

“Aw, your so sweet.” She said kissing him as he kissed back.

Mono pulled out his cell and called Rex telling him Leon and Alice were together.


“Great, now we can get Shiva in there and expose him.” Said Rex who then called Maegan and said, “Maegan, bring Shiva to the Cyber Café.”



(At Paws)

Maegan had put away her cell phone and walked over to Blue and said, “Time to bring Shiva to the Café.”

Blue nodded, “Finally, shopping with Shiva is as bad as shopping with my sister.”

The two of them walked over to Shiva, who was looking through some clothes and Maegan said, “Say, Shiva? How about we go for something at the Cyber Café?”

Shiva thought about it and said, “Naw, let’s a smoothie at the Ice Cream Pallor.”

“Are you sure? I feel in the mood for a nice latte.” Said Maegan acting calm, but was really getting worried.

“Naw, Ice Cream for me.” Said Shiva.

“Me too!” Said Blue wanting it.

Maegan nudged her and said, “Blue!”

Blue then whispered, “Oh right…ummmm say Shiva!”

Shiva asked, “What?”

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?” Asked Blue.

Shiva simply answered, “No.”

“Really, you don’t feel the need to go and take a nice pee?” Asked Blue calmly.

“…..no.” Said Shiva getting freaked out.

“Uh, Blue.” Said Maegan, but Blue ignored her and said, “You don’t feel the sudden need of running water and other liquids running through your gallbladder that feels the need to burst right out like a dam!”

“Your gross.” Said Shiva.


“What?!” Asked Blue annoyed she was interrupted.

“Shiva’s species doesn’t pee.” Said Maegan like it was a fact.

Blue’s eyes widened and she stared at Shiva, “Really?!”

Shiva nodded in annoyance.

“Wow……and you called me a freak.” Said Blue.

Shiva gritted her teeth.

“Who else do we know that doesn’t pee?” Asked Blue, now curious.

“CAN WE GET OFF THE SUBJECT ON PEEING!!?” Shouted Shiva which got a few glances from other people.

“Right, but now that I think about it, I have to go. Come with me!” Said Blue grabbing Shiva and heading to the girls room.

“Wait! Why me!?” Asked Shiva who’s cry went unanswered.

Maegan called Rex.


Rex answered and said, “The Wizard is speaking.”

“We have a problem. Shiva wants to go to the Ice Cream Parlor instead of the Cyber Café.” Said Maegan.

“Where is she now?” Asked Rex.

“Escorting Blue to the bathroom.” Said Maegan.

“Why do women always have to go with someone?” Asked Rex.

“It’s a girl thing.” Said Maegan who hung up.

Rex then called Hero and said, “You guys have another job to do, but this time it’s sabotage.”

He heard Maxi laughing with glee.

“Anyway, somehow, not make the Ice Cream Shop close, in a non-lethal version so we don’t get sued.” Said Rex.

“Roger.” Said Hero.


(Ice Cream Parlor)

Maxi and Hero ran in just in time.

“O.k. should we do the fake asthma thing again?” Asked Hero,

“Naw, we need something better.” Said Maxi looking around.

She then noticed only a few people were working.

She grinned. Hero frowned; it was that grin that got Maxi, and sometimes him, in trouble.

“What is the evil idea in your mind now?” Asked Hero.

Maxi grinned and said, “Order as much Ice Cream as you can, I’ll be in the back doing some work.” She then started running to the back.

“Maxi wait!” Said Hero, but too late. He sighed and said to himself, “Oh well, at least I get ice cream.”

He walked over to the counter and said, “Hi, I like 3 orders of every flavor you have.”

The casher, a moose, went wide eyed and said, “Are you sure kid?”

Hero nodded and began his dessert feast.


(Meanwhile, at Paws)

Maegan watched as Shiva and Blue came back from the bathroom. Blue looked normal…….o.k. as normal as can be…….and Shiva was angry, no wait, very angry.

“Are you o.k?” Asked Maegan.

Shiva gritted her teeth and said, “Who….on earth……sits in a stall for 10 minutes….and sings while she does her business…..”

“Oh I do! I do!” Said Blue waving her hand up and down.

“I know that!” Yelled Shiva, “Let’s just get some ice cream before I kill anything colored blue.”

So they did.


(Ice Cream Pallor)

So one by one Hero started eating different kinds of Ice Cream. Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Kiwi, Tofu, Bacon, Orange, Mint, Cookie Dough, Fish, Sherbet and so on and so forth.

“Wow, you eat a lot kid.” Said the moose as he and his coworkers kept handing in all the flavors.

Hero just ate them like lightning, how he does it and stay thin is unknown to anyone, even his doctor.



Hero ducked in time as a bunch of explosions occurred in the back and ice cream was splattered everywhere making it a huge mess and everyone else, but Hero who ducked in time, was covered in melted ice cream. Oh and there were fires in the back.

The employees grabbed fire extinguishers and started putting the fire out. Hero however was worried.

Oh no. Maxi was in their! What if…what if…


“AGH!” Screamed Hero who jumped. He then turned around and saw Maxi, arms crossed.

“Your o.k.!” He said with joy and hugged her.

Maxi blushed as she was getting hugged by the person who she secretly crushed on.

Hero realized what he did and let go while blushing, “Sorry. I thought, for a second, you were in the explosion.”

Maxi grinned and said, “Yeah I was, I died and used up one of my nine lives so here I am again.”

Hero playfully punched her who punched back.

“So what did you do anyway?” Asked Hero who was curious.

“Oh nothing much, I just let loose some Cherry bombs in the mixers.” Said Maxi grinning.

Hero’s mouth went wide, “Cherry bombs! How did you…..forget it! I don’t want to know.”

Maxi grinned as she took out her cell and called Rex, “Hey buck boy. We did it, what now.”

“Get out of there. Shiva can’t see you and Hero. Head on over to the Cyber Café. Fox and me are going to meet you there.” Said Rex who dialed off.

She told Hero to follow her and they moved out.

Shiva and the others arrived two minutes later and found the place ruined.

Dang, what did Maxi and Hero do? Thought both Blue and Maegan.

“Great, fate must hate me today.” Said Shiva.

“So let’s go to the Cyber Café.” Said Maegan.

Shiva sighed, “Fine.”




(At the Cyber Café)


Fox and Rex were waiting outside the Café watching Leon with his “girlfriend.”


Everything would soon be exposed, not only to Shiva, but to the world. Rex had his laptop out and inside it was a small video camera that would recorded everything that was about to happen and show what kind of a person Leon really was.


Hero and Maxi finally got up and they nodded as Shiva, Maegan and Blue came over.


Shiva was surprised when she noticed them, “What are you guys doing here?”


Fox sighed, “Were all here to show you the truth.”


Shiva was confused.


“Just look inside.” Said Maegan who hoped she would be alright.


Shiva looked at her friends who nodded. Seeing no other choice she did. When she saw Leon she was about to shout out his name in joy, but then she stopped when she saw him kissing this other girl.


And it wasn’t normal kissing.


It was French Kissing.


Shiva couldn’t believe it. She froze in shock as she saw the guy who she thought loved her, kissing some other girl.


She didn’t want to believe it, but it was their.


Leon was cheating on her.


Mono was right.


Oh god….Mono….She thought as she remembered. He knew. He told her. She didn’t believe him. She said she never wanted to see him ever again. To her best friend.


I didn’t believe him and he was telling the truth….Thought Shiva who felt a few tears fall from her eyes.


She felt emotions running though her as she saw Leon and Alice together. Anger, sadness, shock, guilt, etc.


Hero put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Were sorry, but we thought it was best if you could see it for yourself.”


Shiva was quiet till she asked in a whisper, “How long have you known?”


Maxi then said, “Mono told us the day you yelled at him, we’ve been planning this ever since.”


Again she felt pain in her heart when she heard Mono was involved. Even after what she did to him, accuse him of lying and such, he still helped her.


Shiva rubbed the tears from her eyes and said, “Thanks….everyone.”


“Hey, your our friend. It’s the least we could do.” Said Maegan giving a sad smile.


Shiva smiled at her friends and said, “Thanks, now if you don’t mind. I’m going to go talk to my soon to be ex-boyfriend.”


She then started walking to Leon’s table.


Maegan then whispered to Maxi and asked, “Got the popcorn?”


“Right here.” Said Maxi pulling a bag out seeing the action about to start. Rex also started rolling.


Shiva kept walking with a straight face till she was behind Leon.


“Oh Leon!” She said in a sweet tone.


Leon looked behind him and…




…found himself on the floor via Shiva’s hand.


Shiva’s face was one of pure utter anger and a look that would make the devil cry in fear.


“What the hell you doing you crazy girl!” Cried Alice in shock.


“You stay out of this!” Shouted Shiva unleashing her fury.


Leon looked up and gasped, “S-s-Shiva….what ar-e-e you doing here?”


Shiva yelled, “Asking what the hell your doing with her!” Which got everyone else’s attention in the café.


“Hey! I’m his girlfriend! See he gave this to me!” Said Alice pulling out the same diamond bracelet Shiva also had.


“Wow, looks like just the one I have.” Said Shiva showing the same thing which shocked Alice.


“So Leon. I’ll ask again…who is she?!” Said Shiva demanding to know.


Leon got up and was sweating, “Shiva…she’s just a friend….you know I love you.”


Alice was shocked and said, “Excuse me?! What about me?!”


Leon then said, “Well, I love you too.”


Alice out her hand in Leon’s face and said, “Talk to it.”


She then walked away. Everyone else was glaring at Leon.


Alice wait!” Said Leon when Shiva got in front of him.


“So you were cheating on me?” Said Shiva.


Leon smiled and said, “Oh come on. So I dated a few other girls…no big deal.”


Shiva had a shocked look which then turned to anger and said, “NO BIG DEAL! I loved you and you were dating with people behind my back! I trusted you!”


Leon put his arms on her shoulders and said, “Come on baby, I loved you five times more then most girls.”


Shiva then said, “Guess it’s time I repay it back five times.”


She then kicked him right in the balls area five times! Leon screamed in pain as he fell down holding his crotch area. Maxi, Maegan, Blue, and any other girls in the café gave a shout of joy as they saw Leon get what he asked for. The males all felt a need to cover their private sections.


Shiva then took her diamond bracelet and threw at Leon, who was glaring at her, and said, “Were through.”


Leon got up and said, “Yeah….well screw you.” He then spit in her face.


Shiva’s friend made a move to grab him when someone from a booth ran over, turned Leon so he faced him and gave him a solid right hook that knocked him to the floor.


Everyone gasped as Mono gave a glare at Leon after he nailed him on the face.


His friends were surprised.


Mono then realized what he done and looked at his hand in surprise. He never expected to do that. Guess it was instant reaction.


 “Wow. I never knew Mono had such a nice hook.” Said Maxi impressed.


Shiva was shocked, “Mono….”


Mono looked at Shiva who looked ashamed for what she said to him and said, “I’m…I’m sorry.” She then ran out of the cafe with tears falling.


“Shiva wait!” Said Mono running after her.


Rex stopped filming and said, “You think they’ll be alright?”


Maegan nodded, “Yeah. I’m sure.”


Leon slowly got up at this point and found everybody glaring at him.


He felt dizzy. He wanted to leave and did. Rex smiled and said, “Wait till he finds out everyone on Youtube knows he’s a loser.”


“So mission complete huh!” Said Blue.


“Yeah, Mission complete.” Said Rex shutting his laptop off.


Maegan gave a disappointing sigh. She was still wishing she was out with Fox like they acted at school, but…


“What are you sad about? I thought you would be on cloud nine since were going on a date next week.” Said Fox to her.


Maegan’s eyes went wide, “Wait…your serious?!”


Fox put his hands behind his back and said, “Well, the school already knows so I guess it would be best to just go along with it huh?”


Maegan blushed and said, “Sure…Sure.” But inside she was screaming with joy.




(Somewhere in the Mall)


Shiva was sitting on a metal bench, crying.


Her heart was broken and most likely her friendship with Mono.


She felt someone was in front of here and she looked up. It was Mono, giving a sad smile.


Shiva got up and collapsed on his chest, crying. She felt so embarrassed. She never cried like this in along time…


Mono hugged her and said, “It’s alright….everything will be alright.”


She started to cry less and less till she said, “I’m sorry…your right….I was wrong…if only I trusted you more…”


Mono said, “It’s alright….I forgive you….”


“Why?” She asked backing off and looking at him, “Why did you do this? And why forgive me like that?”


Mono smiled and said, “Friends are always there for each other no matter what…..and….I….love you.”


Shiva was shocked, He loves me….even after all that has happened…he loves me still….


Mono sighed and said, “I know you don’t want to hear that after breaking up with Leon and you don’t feel the same way about me, but I’m still your friend no matt-“


Mono then couldn’t speak anymore.


Because Shiva was currently kissing him on his lips.


Mono was shocked. Shiva then stopped and smiled at him with loving eyes and said, “How about…we try…being more then just friends.”


Mono didn’t know what to say, so he just got closer to her lips till they kissed again. They kept going at it for quite a while.  Mono had dreamed this moment for a while. But he never figured his first kiss would be after all that has happened.


They finally stopped and Mono said, “Shall we head back to the others?”


Shiva held his hand and said, “Sure.”


They walked back to their friends, side by side and hand in hand.



(Cyber Café)


Fox and the gang were waiting for the two to returned when Blue pointed them out, while they were holding hands.


Everyone guessed what had happened.


Mono and Shiva, with big smiles, walked up to them.


“So everything alright?” Asked Fox grinning.


Mono and Shiva looked at each other and grinned.


“Better then alright.” Said Shiva.


“Well, then let’s go inside and get something to celebrate.” Said Rex heading into the café with the others.


Except Maxi felt Hero grab her hand and asked, “Hey Maxi….what do you say, you and me go out somewhere else to eat…just the two of us.”


Maxi was shocked, but then grinned, “Are you asking me out, Hero Umaki?”


Hero shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “Call it what you like.”


Maxi smiled and said, “I’d love too.”


And so they walked somewhere else, also hand in hand.




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