My flash adventures so far...

Well, its not that long. Only at least a second of animation but it did take 2 weeks to make. Its only 14 drawings so I suppose I could've finished this segment in a couple of days if it was the only thing my time was dedicated to. Okay, so, fz1000 is gonna be done in flash. Problem is I don't know anything about flash... Or film making or any form of traditional animation training. So I'm gonna have to teach myself stuff. Animation is my first love so how hard could it be?

Well to be fair, I didn't start out from scratch completely. I did mess around with Macro Media 6.5 back... a long time ago... Before my country had access to DSL and before I had a scanner. Back when I used to draw my comics in ms paint with a mouse. It didn't turn out very well because the resulting file was rather big. 600kb and that was big back then cause connections were slow. Then there were browser plug in issues and stuff so I skipped it a while and never thought of going back to it. Nowadays its not like that.

I've been doing some experimenting and this is currently one of my more successful experiments enough to take note of. I'm rather proud of it. :) In my past experiments I was studying the flash works of other people on the internet. Even the cartoon shows on tv that were made in flash... like Foster's Home or that one with the pig camp ranger. They're okay but that was as far as they went. I wanted to do stuff like they do on tv.

Inspiration struck me while I was watching a cut scene in a video game I play. The cutscene was in traditional anime and when it was playing I thougt, "hey I think I could pull that off in flash." My second inspiration was watching Avatar: The Legend of Aang. The animation was good but the camera movements that moved in accordance with the animtion was even better. Infact, without those fancy camera movements, the scenes wouldn't even be half as exciting to look at. Such stuff was way possible in flash or at least I didn't even consider if it was impossible.

With more practice I hope to get better at it. Also I learned frame by frame is the way to go.:) There maybe issues with file size but who knows how fast the internet gets in the future. It'll take a while but if I keep at it, fz1000 will have no choice but be finished. And hopefully I'll learn even more flash stuff. Maybe even make a Fuzzy Things video game. Preferably a side scroller one.

Oh fz1000 is around 65% complete. I wish I learned this stuff back when it was still 25% complete. Then again it is a learning experience.