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Cartoon Set#37

Opening Remarks: This story is based on an urban lengend that may or may not be familliar to you if you play video games. Its like one of them modern curses... like the Ring. Only you replace the word "scary" with "stupid". The cool thing about it is that its been out since at least Sega's Dreamcast console era and I've never heard of it until recently.

Additionaly, Blue and Rex teach kids how to handle bullies in their sub plot. Nothing too complicated. All you need are two squirt guns; one filled with water and one filled with oil. Just don't do it in real life or you may get arrested.

Cartoon#982 Feb 05, 2007 - Punks.
Cartoon#983 Feb 12, 2007 - Still punks.
Cartoon#984 Mar 05, 2007 - Q is perverted.
Cartoon#985 Mar 12, 2007 - Wild takes. I never bothered to study them.
Cartoon#986 Mar 19, 2007 - Spoken like a true bag of nuts.
Cartoon#987 Mar 26, 2007 - Good times.
Cartoon#988 Apr 02, 2007 - Curses!
Cartoon#989 Apr 09, 2007 - We all have issues with something.
Cartoon#990 Apr 16, 2007 - The legend of Q.
Cartoon#991 Apr 23, 2007 - Hey its one of them generic anime angry blood vessel things.
Cartoon#992 Apr 30, 2007 - Ix is too open minded to be afraid of anything so...
Cartoon#993 May 07, 2007 - Ooh, sparkly...
Cartoon#994 May 14, 2007 - B is for Bendetta.
Cartoon#995 May 28, 2007 - Diverting energy else where.
Cartoon#996 Jun 04, 2007 - This stuff...
Cartoon#997 Jun 11, 2007 - I never could use Terrans very well.
Cartoon#998 Jun 18, 2007 - This page is brought to you by a can of Kringles. Mmm, Kringles.
Cartoon#999 Jun 25, 2007 - Mmm... Cheese curry.
Cartoon#1000 xxx xx, 2007 - ...
Cartoon#1001 Jul 02, 2007 - Ix is shy.
Cartoon#1002 Jul 09, 2007 - The only positive thing to being a good lier is that it makes you a great story teller.
Cartoon#1003 Jul 16, 2007 - Facial hair.
Cartoon#1004 Jul 23, 2007 - Heros and saints, they're not.
Cartoon#1005 Jul 30, 2007 - Rex's cannon.
Cartoon#1006 Aug 06, 2007 - The script was written weeks before I drew it so I can't remember why it went this way.
Cartoon#1007 Aug 13, 2007 - Look at how small he is.
Cartoon#1008 Aug 20, 2007 - I blame life itself for making children act older than they are.
Cartoon#1009 Aug 27, 2007 - I like that fourth pannel.
Cartoon#1010 Sep 03, 2007 - Sometimes I think Ix may be psychotic.
Cartoon#1011 Sep 10, 2007 - Everyone knows spork is a verb.
Cartoon#1012 Sep 17, 2007 - Kringles. Once you pop, you can't stop.
Cartoon#1013 Sep 24, 2007 - Quino can fly? Oh yeah, he can.
Cartoon#1014 Oct 01, 2007 - The week that I made this page was horrible. It was like it was cursed.
Cartoon#1015 Oct 08, 2007 - I know what you're thinking. Whats that on Bleet's arm?
Cartoon#1016 Oct 15, 2007 - Managing the proportions on this one was a nightmare.
Cartoon#1017 Oct 22, 2007 - Crystal blue skies.
Cartoon#1018 Oct 29, 2007 - A man walks into a bar... He said, Ow!
Cartoon#1019 Nov 05, 2007 - No fighting involved.
Cartoon#1020 Nov 12, 2007 - ... I'll kill you and make it look like an accident.
Cartoon#1021 Nov 19, 2007 - Infinite Knowledge?
Cartoon#1022 Nov 26, 2007 - Like a duck... only stranger...
Cartoon#1023 Dec 03, 2007 - Green eggs, baby.
Cartoon#1024 Dec 10, 2007 - Maybe they're high on something.
Cartoon#1025 Dec 17, 2007 - They're better than normal, they're abnormal.
Cartoon#1026 Dec 24, 2007 - As a child and a duck, I guess you can call him a duckling.
Cartoon#1027 Jan 07, 2008 - I hope no ones taking this seriously. Because you can't.
Cartoon#1028 Jan 14, 2008 - Its like vaginitis.
Cartoon#1029 Jan 21, 2008 - Whats that?
Cartoon#1030 Jan 28, 2008 - Picked on the last minute.
Cartoon#1031 Feb 04, 2008 - Fist to your face style.
Cartoon#1032 Feb 11, 2008 - Tee hee... Nerd.
Cartoon#1033 Feb 18, 2008 - I haven't used my brain in making these things in months.
Cartoon#1034 Feb 25, 2008 - Nobody gets it.
Cartoon#1035 Mar 03, 2008 - At least that ends one part.
Cartoon#1036 Mar 17, 2008 - When I was thinking about doing the Kamen Rider thing, I thought it was funny. But when I finally drew it, I discovered the joke was on me.
Cartoon#1037 Mar 24, 2008 - Riders that use swords aren't very good.
Cartoon#1038 Mar 31, 2008 - Just like on Tiny Toons Summer Vacation. I liked that show.
Cartoon#1039 Apr 07, 2008 - Kita looks kinda girly. Thats unintentional.
Cartoon#1040 Apr 14, 2008 - This page would have made more sense if fz1000 was finished earlier.

Ending Remarks: Its only this long because of bad composition coupled with too many pictures relative to words. Especially the red sky scenes. I suppose I was also focusing on the flash animation for fz1000 while I was doing this so I couldn't concentrate very well.

People that write and draw comics for a living don't really have this kind of luxury. They can't write or draw comics more or less than the pages they were assigned. I like how I'm not limited by that. Bad practice though.

Baltan made an appearance in the comics and I thought about that on the last minute. It then came to me that I can put any character on my comics and not get sued for any copyright thingy. I don't make any money out of this so its as innocent as fanart. Thats a nice a idea to play with; using characters like... Elmyra from Tiny Toons or um... Jesse and James from Team Rocket, sounds like a fun thing to do.