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Cartoon Set#36

Opening Remarks: The school that I went to when I was in elementary was really old. They said that it was already built during the Spaniard occupation a long time ago in my country and it was used as some kind of hide out for the ressistance or whatever. Or so I've heared. Now there are these really old walls at my school that obviously weren't originally walls. They were seealed up passage ways that none of us knew where they went to other than they lead underground.Inspired by this, I make this story for Maxi and Hero

Also Ix and Bleet have their own plot. Ace, Mahr and Q will also have a mini plot of their own that wierdly enough ties in to Ix and Bleet's plot. Its so simple that I can't say much about it without giving anything away. I'm hopping this one won't be as long as #35.

Cartoon#945 May 22, 2006 - I suck at writting sounds.
Cartoon#946 May 29, 2006 - I'm reintroducing the uniform thing. Billy and Mandy do it so why not me.
Cartoon#947 Jun 05, 2006 - Its just the unknown. What could be dangerous with the unknown?
Cartoon#948 Jun 12, 2006 - Mono returns!
Cartoon#949 Jun 19, 2006 - Yes, even they will be in uniform when in school from now on or untill I change my mind.
Cartoon#950 Jun 26, 2006 - Mmm, pie.
Cartoon#951 Jul 03, 2006 - Wanna know what soap is really made of and why its so slimey?
Cartoon#952 Jul 10, 2006 - Mono's loyalty to Shiva is a mysterious thing.
Cartoon#953 Jul 17, 2006 - Hey, Meg has a carrot.
Cartoon#954 Jul 24, 2006 - Haven't used this gag in years. Used it as an escape route whenever they talked too old for their age.
Cartoon#955 Jul 31, 2006 - Curiosity killed the cat?
Cartoon#956 Aug 07, 2006 - She likes cotton balls.
Cartoon#957 Aug 14, 2006 - Not as much as insecure as having a very small comfort zone.
Cartoon#958 Aug 21, 2006 - So far, I've managed to keep Mono from talking.
Cartoon#959 Aug 28, 2006 - Now Blue is involved.
Cartoon#960 Sep 04, 2006 - That makes a lot of sense if you like taking the fun out of it.
Cartoon#961 Sep 11, 2006 - Rex said "bite me."
Cartoon#962 Sep 18, 2006 - Lets see how long I could keep up drawing that blue thing.
Cartoon#963 Sep 25, 2006 - If you understood most of what Bleet and Ix were talking about, then you're a freak.
Cartoon#964 Oct 02, 2006 - This page almost did not make it because of a typhoon.
Cartoon#965 Oct 09, 2006 - Hmmm... Needs work.
Cartoon#966 Oct 16, 2006 - Its a reject from neopets or something.
Cartoon#967 Oct 23, 2006 - Yes... The truth...
Cartoon#968 Oct 30, 2006 - The skull seems like its in theme... but its not. Thats just by chance.
Cartoon#969 Nov 06, 2006 - Incase you're wondering, Ace's real name is Effene. So thats her house.
Cartoon#970 Nov 13, 2006 - What?
Cartoon#971 Nov 20, 2006 - Because of a removed scene, I wasn't able to mention the name of the racer. Its "LBTR-05 Nine Breaker", name reffering to one of Bleet's hobbies... Pool.
Cartoon#972 Nov 27, 2006 - I've never been on a roller coaster.
Cartoon#973 Dec 04, 2006 - Friendly little thing, isn't it?
Cartoon#974 Dec 11, 2006 - What exactly do those pipes do, anyway?
Cartoon#975 Dec 18, 2006 - At last...
Cartoon#976 Dec 25, 2006 - Yet its still shiny.
Cartoon#977 Jan 01, 2007 - First comic page of the year.
Cartoon#978 Jan 08, 2007 - That blue building will be Fox's soon to be new home.
Cartoon#979 Jan 15, 2007 - Freaky.
Cartoon#980 Jan 22, 2007 - Shining power!.
Cartoon#981 Jan 29, 2007 - The bomb making thing, normally, shouldn't be as evil as it should.

Ending Remarks: So changing a main story into a sub story isn't really a good idea when done on such short notice. Ix and Bleet's racer episode was originally a main while the Mahr and Ace, along with Q, segments was the sub. I removed a ton of stuff just to fit everything and make it not look so long.

The hole in the wall story, on the other hand, felt like it moved nicely. If I didn't use a sub and concentrated more on it, I could've done a decent adventure story and gave more characters like Rex, Blue, Fox and Meg better roles. I'll think about improving my planning for future stories.

The little creature that now pals with Mono will most likely appear in future stories. I haven't thought of a name for it yet but it will be Mono's way of communication along with a way to descretely reflect his personality while not letting him show any facial expression or saying anything. This role was originally for Shiva but if they are the only two characters on the scene, it doesn't quite work. So I decided to make Mono talk some how without changing his "silent" appeal. Thus that creature thats roughly based on Watapon was created.

Well, thats as much as I would like to share. The rest is just removed scenes that I probably would use in future stories as fillers so I won't tell much about them. I'll try to improve on the stuff that I learned for story #37. Hopefully I'll do better this time..