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Cartoon Set#35

Opening Remarks: He's a sheep, she's a wolf. I admit that I do tend to use species factor between "partners" but in Mahr's and Bleet's case, its just convinient. Fables asside, their species was also chosen to metaphoricly represent their personalities. Wolves are competetive, aggressive and alpha-ish dominant yet at the same time, loyal to their pack with a sense of nobility. Same qualities you'd find in Mahr. On the other hand, sheep aren't known for having any superior physical characteristics such as speed, strength, endurance, agility or various senses. Instead they are more associated with the concept of gentleness, shyness and easily frightend. Such are the same characteristics you'd find in Bleet along with a few "other" things for balance.

With that little knowledge about Mahr and Bleet, its easy to figure out they have nothing in common to a point that they'd have a really rough ride if they ever tried to bond. She's a bully, he's a nerd and she likes to pick on kids like him. But is that really how far their relationship goes or is there something more to it than that?

This arc is originally one of the trial run stories I used to balance and develope the personalites of my 2nd gen characters before they made their debut many months ago. Actually I think this story is at least a year and a half older. Some of you may recognize it, most of you will not. I burned most of the bridges so I'm counting most do not.

The mall scenes are intimidating already let alone that this story will, for the first time in any Fuzzy Things story, incorporate elements of... "fluff" in it. I don't want to give much of it away so I'll just say this; They are both 12 years old. Unlike my 8 year old first gen characters, Mahr and Bleet are well within THAT age range. Get the picture yet? Oh and theres also a sweet little Fox/Meg subplot involved.

This story was inspired and written under the influence of listening to two Simple Plan songs; "Promise" and "Shut Up".

Cartoon#905 Jul 11, 2005 - Someone asked me once; whats that on his head? I said its a bucket hat.
Cartoon#906 Jul 18, 2005 - Kitami lives!
Cartoon#907 Jul 25, 2005 - The challenge, it begins.
Cartoon#908 Aug 01, 2005 - My mechanical design sucks. I'll probably work on it sometime.
Cartoon#909 Aug 08, 2005 - Ix, Q and Ace will appear in this story but will be limited to flash backs, flash forwards and the like.
Cartoon#910 Sep 19, 2005 - That last pannel is just plain akward.
Cartoon#911 Sep 26, 2005 - I'm making it so that the scenes are longer now for the main plot.
Cartoon#912 Oct 03, 2005 - I gave it a mention because Sigil Meadows will be used for Ix and Bleet's story#36.
Cartoon#913 Oct 10, 2005 - This bus scene was supposed to be originally dumped in my final edit. But I found a use for it for character exploration.
Cartoon#914 Oct 17, 2005 - Unfortunately for Bleet, Mahr is easy to rub the wrong way as much as she is easy to please.
Cartoon#915 Oct 24, 2005 - Yeah-yeah, I mispelled it.
Cartoon#916 Oct 31, 2005 - One of the hardest things about Mahr and Bleet is trying not to jump stuff.
Cartoon#917 Nov 07, 2005 - Upped my cell shading a little bit.
Cartoon#918 Nov 14, 2005 - She likes the Godsmack and I like Agent Orange. Her CD changer's full of singers that are mad at their dads.
Cartoon#919 Nov 21, 2005 - Its the perfume sprayer girl's fault.
Cartoon#920 Nov 26, 2005 - Just because I don't, doesn't mean I can't. Fox and Ixis pay tribute to the original emo.
Cartoon#921 Nov 28, 2005 - Reffer to cartoon#908-#911 and #918.
Cartoon#922 Dec 05, 2005 - Damn, I feel old.
Cartoon#923 Dec 12, 2005 - C'mon. You saw that a mile away.
Cartoon#924 Dec 19, 2005 - I remember that look in your eyes. When I told you that this was good bye. You were beggin' me not tonight, not here... Not now.
Cartoon#925 Dec 26, 2005 - We're looking up at the same night sky. And keep pretending the sun will not rise. We'll be together for one more night somewhere... Somehow.
Cartoon#926 Jan 02, 2006 - Just like how Hamtaro made those girls contract that disease.
Cartoon#927 Jan 09, 2006 - My first monkey.
Cartoon#928 Jan 16, 2006 - Aside from the movie scene, I also took out the restroom scene and the comic store scene. This should've been the guard's third appearance.
Cartoon#929 Jan 23, 2006 - It could've been worse but I didn't want Mahr to hurt the guard that much.
Cartoon#930 Jan 30, 2006 - I had alot of space on that 7th pannel so... what the hell.
Cartoon#931 Feb 06, 2006 - Theres something you should know about this Ix/Bleet/Q flashback...
Cartoon#932 Feb 13, 2006 - ... It has the makings of a story arc of it's own...
Cartoon#933 Feb 20, 2006 - That baby sitting thing was also a potential story.
Cartoon#934 Feb 27, 2006 - Remember Miss Pegasia? Their teacher, the pink pony? Yeah thats her.
Cartoon#935 Mar 06, 2006 - Whats Lambo gonna do now? Find out next week.
Cartoon#936 Mar 13, 2006 - Pay attention. We're nearing the last scenes!
Cartoon#937 Mar 20, 2006 - This is as much as I'll allow Bleet to show off for a while.
Cartoon#938 Mar 27, 2006 - If you hug it, it says "Hug me".
Cartoon#939 Apr 03, 2006 - Did you notice Mahr always avoids calling him that name.
Cartoon#940 Apr 10, 2006 - His eyes will never be empty again.
Cartoon#941 Apr 17, 2006 - Even with some missing scenes, its still pretty long.
Cartoon#942 Apr 24, 2006 - This ends the Mahr/Bleet plot. Yet I still have 2 pages to go.
Cartoon#943 May 01, 2006 - The last scene done with my new inking proceedure.
Cartoon#944 May 08, 2006 - I thought I'd get rid of Kita's hat but it's presence is a good conversation starter.

Ending Remarks: The Fox/Meg plot was inspired by a dream I had about a year and a half ago. I had a dream that Fuzzy Things is an animated series and my characters were voiced by real children. But what struck me the most was the emotion of that episode. Meg was sad... I don't know why and I don't know what Fox planned to cheer her up. I didn't even know if he succeeded.

Since I couldn't remember my dream entirely, I just filled in the gaps. I imagined Maegan was moving, she was sad and Fox, feeling guilty that he wasn't always nice to her, being the first friend that he made, wanted to make it up to her. Of course over the months the story changed. It later on inspired the subplot of this story arc.

Now you might find it hard to believe how a person would remember a dream that he had about more than a year ago. All I can say is I love what I do. I don't need to explain any further.

Now for the cute Mahr/Bleet plot. About a year before I introduced the five new characters to the world, this story already existed. I used it as a trial story to give myself a good picture about Mahr and Bleet's personality. I also used it to develope them so that they'd already have a evolved chemistry when people first see them instead of having them evolve through the comic.

The Ix, Bleet and Q flash back plot was also originally a trial story designed to evolve their chemistry. The same goes for Mahr's and Ace's baby sitting flash back scene. Although you may never get to see the Ix/Bleet/Q story any time soon, I'm 100% sure you will see the evolved version of the Mahr/Ace baby sitting plot. But instead of a baby, they'll be sitting in for Ix's younger brother.

This arc is 39 pages long. Thats at least 39 weeks. I thought I'd never be able to see the end.