"Admirerís Secret"

A Fuzzy Things webcomic fanfiction by The Infinite (still pending name, but this will do for now)

Rating: Everyone+

Date: Started Late Summer 2005; Finished Nov. 25, 2005.

Disclaimer: First the legal stuff. Fuzzy Things is a webcomic created by Jonathan Sario. He owns it, not me. I also got his permission to write this fic. So you canít even try to sue my butt over writing a fictional story that Iím not even making money out of. Also, any events, plot points, and actions/dialouge of characters that so happen to occur, or have occured, in the real comic are coincidental. As of this writing, the URL of the webcomic is:


Oh, and this was written on the assumption Quino didnít get tutored by his "tutor" yet, but I just saw the recent strips of that scene, and I didnít feel like rewriting mines. This was also initially written before the Mahr and Bleet story arc. So you may see some continuity errors.

Summary: Lambert Tameheartís cloudy day full of frowns turns into a sunny day full of smiles when he receives a love note in his locker. Now Ixiah and Quino drag Lambert into a humorous investigation to find out who the lucky girl is.



The off button of an unnaturally loud alarm clock was introduced to the fist of a groggy sheep. But in the process of hurrying to switch it off, he fell off the side of the bed, bedsheet and all. He grumbled something then reached over the nightstand for his glasses, wiping the sleep from his eyes before putting them on. The boy, 12-year-old Lambert Tameheart, eyed his bedroom windows; the sunlight shined through them, nicely illuminating the room, giving it a warm, peaceful feeling. Lambert, nicknamed Bleet by his friends, wished he could sleep a few extra hours, but it was a school day.

Scratching his back, he tiredly made his way into the bathroom. As soon as he entered he sensed something was wrong. He found out what that something was when he looked into the mirror. He beheld a terrible sight: his woolhair looked as if someone stomped on it, puttied it up like some kind of art project, then stomped on it again. In short, it was bedhair, or in this case, bedwool.

Lambert tried to straighten it out, but it refused to look decent. He then concluded a nice shower would help. So after removing unnecessary acccessories, namely his pjs, he stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Apparently he was more sleepy than he thought, because he forgot to turn both the hot and cold nozzles simultaneously. Instead he only turned the cold nozzle. This, of course, released a freezing shower of water. He let out a loud yelp and nearly jumped to the ceiling. He fumbled for the hot nozzle and switched it on, changing the temperature to a comfortable warm.

"Well, thatís one way to wake up completely," he said to himself.

After that was done, he dried and wrapped himself with a towel, then looked back at the mirror. The moment he did, his woolhair went *POOF*, and became all fuzzy and not decent in his eyes. Once again he tried to straighten it but to no avail. He wondered if he should have let it stay wet. But then his mother would complain about dripping water everywhere in the house.

"Well, this is just great," he sighed. He returned to his bedroom and put on some fresh clothes. Not wanting to go out with his hair looking like it was combed by some very inexperienced two-year-old barber, he grabbed a hat then snatched up his backpack and started towards the kitchen.

"Maybe some toast will cheer me up," was his thought, so thatís what he did. While he was waiting for his toast, the phone rang. "Iíll get it!" he shouted as he grabbed it. "Hello?"

"Hey, Bleet," came the voice of his fox friend.

"Oh hi, Ixiah," Bleet responded.

"You sound down," said a concerned Ixiah. "Whatís up?"

"Oh, nothing much, just fell off the bed trying to turn off the dumb alarm clock," said the sheep dryly. "And my hair. I think I slept in the wrong position or something, because now I have a case of bedwool."

"Again? Heh, I remembered the last time you came to school like that. Mahr wouldnít leave you alone."

"Ugh! Donít remind me!" grumbled Bleet, having just remembered that day. Bad enough he kept hearing giggles from amused girls and boys. But Mahr just wouldnít let it go all day, teasing him and making up hair-related jokes such as Ďbushhead,í Ďhairy situation,í and Ďthings have gone hairyí, until she finally stopped when Quino grabbed her hair, undid the bows and such, and wrang it like a raggedy washcloth. She spent the rest of the day trying to destroy him, but Bleet thanked him later for getting her out of his... hair. (Quino had laughed at the pun.)

"Sorry, bro," replied Ixiah. "Well, I called to remind you about the math test today."


"Whatís the matter? Youíre the smartest of us, so usually you donít mind tests. In fact, sometimes you look forward to them."

"Itís just that I have this feeling that today is going to be a bad day. I donít think Iíd be able to concentrate enough on the test. What if I do terrible? What if I fail? What if--"

"Hey chill, bro. Relax. All you had was bedhair... er, wool. Thatís the only thing to happen to you so far. I donít think things are going to be that bad--"

"Wait." He sniffed the air. "I smell something... burning."

He turned around and saw, to his great dismay, smoke rising from the toaster. Immediately he ran to flip the switch, and two pieces of charred bread popped out and landed on the cabinet. He picked one up and it was rock hard and burning hot. Putting his poor fingers to his lips, he said into the phone, "I turned my toast into charcoal."

"... On second thought, maybe things wonít go well after all."

* * * * *

Bleet settled himself with regular bread Ďní butter with jam, then, after saying goodbye to his parents, went out the door for another day in school. As soon as he was a yard away from his house, however, the sun disappeared behind dark, gray clouds that appeared from nowhere, and immediately thunder crashed and lightning flashed and rain poured down like a waterfall.

Bleet tugged on his hair in utmost frustration. He wished he brought a raincoat even though it was the last thing on his mind that morning considering it was bright and sunny just a few seconds ago. He ran the rest of the way to school, which seemed to be a longer distance than normal. Finally, he made it. But when his foot touched the steps toward the entrance, the rain let up, the clouds vanished, and the sun showed its bright face once again. Bleet growled and kicked the entrance door.

Bleet walked through the hallways, his head down, grumbling to himself. As he neared his locker, he wondered if this day could get any worse--


He walked into some obstacle and his glasses nearly fell from his face. Rubbing his forehead he said meekly, "Oh, s-sorry about tha--" When he looked up, he immediately wanted to shout some out-of-character words right then and there. For in his face was the wolf girl, Maryane Abriel, called Mahr by her friends.

"Hey! Why donít you watch where youíre going?!" growled the girl, grabbing a couple books on the ground that she dropped. "Geez, when you walk in a crowded hallway like this, you usually keep your eyes forward so you donít crash into anybody you donít want to mess with!"

"Well, sorrrrrrry," Bleet repeated with a tone of sarcasm.

"Whatís with the dumb hat, anyway?"

"I, uh, just felt like wearing it today," he answered nervously.

Mahr smirked. "Oh, really?"

Before Bleet knew it, Mahr swiped the cap right on up, exposing his bad hair day to her and the hallway. Mahr pointed and laughed while a few passerby kids looked and turned to their friends, giggling.

"Again, Tameheart?!" she laughed. "If youíre tryiní for a fashion statement, youíre not doing a good job."

Bleetís face was stained red. He gritted his teeth and glared at the wolf, but he just stood there. He thought maybe if he did nothing and ignored her she would go away.

"Oh yeah, and it looks like youíre in a hairy situation. I mean, you must be totally hair-brained to come to school like that again. Something tells me your head latelyís gotten hawry. Get it? Hawry? Awry? Hahahaha!"

Bleetís idea became exceedingly more difficult.

"Now, Mahr, give Lambert back his hat," came a soft, feminine voice.

Mahr turned as Bleet breathed a sigh of relief. A yellow fox girl with pink-tinted styliní glasses stood in front of Bleetís locker (which, sadly for Bleet, happened to be next to Mahrís locker), backpack in tow as she looked slightly disapprovingly at her female friend.

"Aw, come on, Ace, I was just having fun with four-eyes here," Mahr playfully complained.

Ace, full name Effene Acelyn, shook her head once and said, "I do not think he is having any fun."

The red-eyed wolf girl turned her attention back to the sheep, who is still looking upset. She sighed, rolled her eyes and replaced the hat on his head. And lowered the visor all the way down while she was at it.

"Fine, whatever. I would have gotten bored with it anyway. See ya laters."

Mahr flipped her dark blue hair as she left the scene laughing. While Lambert stood there mumbling to himself, Ace sighed and went to him. "Are you okay?"

"What do you think?"

"Iím sorry about Mahr having a collision course with you like that. She was in a hurry."

Bleet shook his head and sighed, his hat still buried deep on his head with the visor down, and his glasses hanging crookedly. "That gave her an excuse to expose my hair for all to see, make fun of me, and make my already bad day worse?"

"Mm, I guess not. Here, let me fix you up."

"No, thatís all right."

But Ace insisted, and she pulled up the visor of the hat and fixed the position of his glasses just right. "There. Feel better now?"

"Yeah, I guess," said Bleet, looking around self-consciously. Then he saw Ace put a finger to her lips as a thought came to her. Just before Bleet could ask what she was thinking about, Ixiah came up, shared his greetings, and fiddled with his locker. As soon as he opened it, a bird boy and several books fell from inside and on his beak on the tiled hallway floor. As Ixiah glared at Quino and wondered what the heck he was doing in his locker, Ace clasped her hands in glee.

"Ah, yes! I was supposed to tutor you today."

"Yeah. I know," droned Quino as he sat up, only to trip over the books and fall on his backside.

Ace couldnít resist a giggle. "Remember to come over to my house after school for our studies."

"Yeah, yeah."

Ace nodded, turned and walked away. Quino looked after her with a sigh. "Aw *quack*! This stinks."

"Did you have to use MY locker to avoid her, Q?" Ixiah said, crossing his arms.

"Well," he dusted himself off, "I figured she wouldnít look in your locker. I just wasnít sure about the whole Ďstudent buddyí thing, is all. But, eh, she seems nice so maybe Iíll endure it or whatever. Besides..." he suddenly smirked and winked. "I get to spend time with your lover girl."

"Watch it," said Ixiah, giving Quino a warning smirk.

"Aww," Quino ribbed him a bit, "donít get jealous just because Iím gonna be closer to your wittle cwush than you are!"

He flew out the way snickering as Ixiah playfully swiped at him. Bleet smiled at the boys; seeing their interaction can be quite entertaining sometimes. He went over to his locker and opened it. As he sorted through his books he discovered an unusual item. A pink envelope with a sweet-smelling fragrance. He blinked. He certainly did not remember bringing that to school.

"Whatcha looking at, Bleet?" Ixiah asked as he approached him. His keen fox nose picked up something and he sniffed the air. "Hm, whatís that?"

"Itís coming from that," the sheep boy answered, pointing to the envelope. "I think someone put it there. But why?"

Suddenly a smirk appeared on Ixiahís face. "Hmmm. I think I know what it might be."

"Really? What?"

"Why donít you open it and find out," the fox answered. Quino, who also seemed to have figured it out, snickered beside him.

Bleet, no longer wanting to be the only one not knowing what this was all about, took the envelope and opened it. Inside was a magentic sheet of paper with something written on it. When Bleet finished reading, his cheeks turned a bright red and he quickly whipped the letter behind his back, smiling nervously.

"Itís nothing nothing at all well we better get to class see ya!" he said all in one breath as he readied himself to take off, but Ixiah managed to grab him before he could escape.

"Whoooa there, sheepy, what does it say?"

"I said, nothing!"

"The color of your face tells me otherwise."


Quino swiped the letter behind Bleet. He flew upwards out of Bleetís range as he read the contents of the paper. When he finished, he grinned and snickered again.

"Oooo, Bleet, you lucky dog, er, sheep!"

"What? What does it say?" Ixiah asked.

"Heh heh heh! Check it out!" Quino answered as he handed him the letter.

Ixiah, ignoring Bleetís pleads to stop, read the note:

" 'Dearest Sheep. / Oh Dearest Sheep, you caught my eyes / I wish to claim you as my prize / Like a fangirl you make me squeal / For adoration is what I feel / My feelings are bright as day / But for telling them my mouth goes nay / Someday I hope to tell, my secrets deep / My feelings for you, Oh Dearest Sheep.

'Signed, Your Secret Admirer.' "

"Whoa-hoooooo! Somebodyís got it bad for you, man!" Quino exclaimed.

Bleet just stood there, blushing like crazy, wearing a bit of a goofy smile.

"Looks like things will turn out all right for you, after all," said Ixiah.

"Somebody likes me..." Lambert said to no one in particular.

"I bet it was the glasses," Quino guessed. "Some chicks like guys in glasses because it makes them look like an Ďintellectual.í "

"Somebody likes me?" Lambert sighed, silly smile and all.

"I think it might be the clothes," Ixiah answered. "Maybe somebody liked how he dressed and she fell head over heels in love with him because heís Ďdashingí."

"Somebody... actually likes me," Lambert sighed again dreamily.

Quino suddenly quacked as the idea lightbulb lit up over his head. "Címon, guys, letís figure out who the lucky girl is! We can ask a few chicks in the hallway or in class, maybe meet them during P.E., or maybe we can ask over the PA system..."

Bleet popped out of his daydream, "What, huh?! D-Do we really need to do that?"

"Well, you wanna know who your special someone is, donít you?"

"Well, yes, but arenít we being just a little hasty? I mean, I donít want to ask every girl in the school, much less on the PA system."

"Yeah, I donít think bugging every female in the student body would be a good idea," agreed Ixiah. "We should narrow it down to a short list of possible suspects."

"Aww, nuts," Quino glummed, snapping his feathery fingers. "I was hoping Iíd finally have a good reason for talking with each girl I come across."

"Guys, you donít have to do this," Bleet said nervously.

"But we insist," Ixiah, uh, insisted. "Weíre going to help you find that secret admirer; heck, I bet weíd find her before the school dayís out."

The bell rang and the students began filing into their respective classrooms. The trio continued their conversation as they went on their way.

"Now, then, which girls are the most likely to have a crush on Bleet?"

Just as Ixiah asked that, a mouse girl strolled pass them. She looked at the boys for a moment, but when they looked back at her she turned away, blushed and walked faster.

"Did you see that?" Quino asked. "Iíve seen that girl, but she didnít get all like that before. I bet sheís the one."

"I donít know," said Lambert, shaking his head. "I think a lot of girls would do that when a bunch of boys stare at her."

"Weíll figure it out later," Ixiah said. "We better get to class before weíre late."

* * * * *

Later in P.E....

"Great, rope-climbing again," sighed Lambert, idly tugging at his P.E. uniform. "I bet Iíll freeze up like that one time. Iím not exactly a great athlete, either. I never liked P.E."

"Well, today you just might," assured Quino as he waved his hand across the gym, featuring to Lambert all the girls doing various activities including V-Sit and Reach, pull-ups, and somersaults. "This is an awesome opportunity to ask these gals if they have the hots for you! And boy, do they look great! Well, except maybe that really dorky, nerdy one in the glasses who canít pull-up for beans."

"I donít know," Lambert replied. "She looks like she could be like me. Not great at physical activities, but pretty good in academics. Hey, m-maybe sheís my secret admirer!" he exclaimed excitedly, nervously fiddling his glasses as he blushed feverishly. "O-Oh my, w-what should I say to her?!"

Quino tried not to laugh as he answered, "Relax, Bleet, Iíll ask her, and those other girls. Who knows, maybe one of them is your lover girl! Well, anyways," Quino wringed his hands enthusiastically, "time to woo some girls, er, I mean ask them if theyíre your secret admirer!"

Seemingly awfully excited to do that, he flew over to the group of girls of varying species, including the girl on the pull-up bar, giggling over casual girl-talk things. They stopped and turned around when some weird duck boy in a hat approached them grinning.

"Hellooooo ladies," he said smoothly. "Now, now, hold your squeals. Thereís enough of me to go around."

"Believe me, weíre holding them," a girl deadpanned.

"Now listen up. See that kid over there? Tell me what you think of him."

The girls followed his finger and saw a sheep boy standing there twiddling his fingers. The girls looked at each other and, with one word, all but one girl summed up their thoughts:


"Uh, okay. What about you?" he said to the pull-ups girl.

"I dunno. I think heís kind of cute," she said, ignoring the glances of the rest of the group.

"Cute enough to secretly admire him?"

"Huh? Oh nooooo, I donít go for the romance gig, personally."

"So, none of you are his secret admirer?"

The groupís near-instant giggles told him his answer.

"I thought so. Well then," he grinned, "check yíall later. Oh, and by the way, Iím available."

He winked and clucked flirtatiously, as he returned to his friend. When he left, one of the girls laughed.

"What a dork."

Bleet looked up, saw Quino and immediately jumped up. "W-Well? What did she say?"

"Letís just say theyíre not the ones."

His ears drooped to his head and he sighed. Just then the two spotted the mouse girl doing some push-ups. But when she saw her looking at her, she suddenly fumbled, sat up, and turned away from them. The students around her blinked.

"There she goes again," said Quino. "Hmmm."

* * * * *

At lunchtime, the trio sat at a table discussing their latest Ďmission.í Or rather, Ixiah and Quino were. Lambert just sat quiet mostly, thinking if this whole secret admirer thing was all a cruel prank. Later, Ace and Mahr came by and joined them. When they asked what the boys were talking about, Ixiah explained the situation to them.

"Ha! A secret admirer? This kid? Donít make me laugh," smirked Mahr.

"Oh, I think itís sweet," Ace said to the boy, resting her head on her arms. "You must feel really special right now."

"Iím not so sure about that. I mean, it could be all a joke."

"Maybe. But what if it isnít? Oh! I forgot some napkins! But I forget where theyíre at."

"Again? Címon, Iíll show ya," Mahr offered as the girls went up and left for those items.

Bleet went back to sulking while Ixiah sipped on his milk when suddenly Quino snapped his fingers. "Heeeeey. I just had a thought! What if Ace is his secret admirer?"

The moment he said that, Ixiah choked on his milk and spat the contents all over his side of the table.

"Ace?!" Bleet exclaimed. "What makes you think itís her?!"

"Come on. The entire day sheís practically been screaming ĎI love youí! What about when the day started, she told Mahr off for you."

"Yeah, well, she always does that."

"She helped you up AND wiped your face like she was your mama... or girlfriend!"

"Sh... She was just being nice..."

"And what about just now? The way she was staring at you, man!"

"She was p-probably daydreaming like a lot of girls do when it comes to romance..."

"Yeah, daydreaming about you, probably," Quino snickered.

The sheep gulped, making a ring with his index finger around the collar of his shirt, and looked at Ixiah. He just got finished coughing over his milk, wiping the liquid from his lips.

"In fact, sheís been extra, extra nice to you today," continued the duck. "The same day you got your secret admirer letter. I wonder why...?"

"Uh, letís not jump to any conclusions now, Q," said Ixiah, making a ĎCut it out!í gesture. "Ace is a sweet girl, and him being sweet to Bleet on the same day he got the letter coulda been a coincidence."

"Whatísa matter, Ixy?" grinned Quino. "Jealous because our friend here has gotten way more attention from your lover girl than you?"

"Letís not start that again."

"Címon, admit it."


"You wonít admit it? So itís true!"

Bleet decided to stop this before a Do Not Do Too argument could esculate. "Guys, please. This is really awkward for me. Besides, we donít know for sure if Ace is the secret admirer."

"Well then, why donít you ask her?"

The duck pointed over to the aforementioned girl, hand full of napkins, heading toward the table. Ixiah sweated. Bleet gulped. Quino laughed.

"Iím back," she said, sitting down. "Mahr had to visit the girlsí room, sheíll be back in a moment..." She blinked and stared at the boysí unusual reactions. Tilting her head a bit she asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"Wrong? Oh, no, itís noth-- Ow!" Bleet glared at Q (who whistled innocently) as he rubbed his sore leg. "What I mean is, uh... Um... Did you... like, send some kind of letter or anything today?"

"A letter? Now whatever could you be talking about?" she asked innocently.

"Címon, Ace, admit it," grinned Q, ignoring the glares of Bleet and especially Ixiah.

"Admit what?"

"That youíve got a crush on someone."

Ace stood there silently for a moment, making two of the boys even more nervous. But then she said, "I am not having a crush."

"Címon. Admit that you like Bleet."

"Wh-What?!" Ace exclaimed, her cheeks glowing crimson.

"Haha, youíre blushing! I knew it was you!"

Quino sat there laughing and quacking until Quino received a taste of his own medicine in the form of a swift kick from an unhappy fox boy. His "Ha ha ha"s turned to "Ow ow ow"s.

After a brief sigh, Ixiah said to Bleet, "Show her the letter."

Resisting questioning him, the sheep boy drew out the girly-scented paper from his pocket and showed it to the female fox. She skimmed through it and then sat it down on the table.

"Why yes, I believe I have a perfume that smells just like this."

"HA! OW!" Q laughed, only to be kicked again.

"However, if you look closely, you will see that it is not in my handwriting."

The three boys made a "Huh?" face, and Ixiah took the letter and examined more carefully the writing style. Sure enough, Ixiah nodded at the girl, feeling extremely sheepish. As sheepish as a fox could get anyway. He wondered if Lambert felt similarly...

"Sheís right. This writing isnít in her style."

"So..." said Lambert, "I guess that means that youíre..."

"Not your secret admirer. Sorry, Lambert," she said sincerely with a little smile.

"Oh, itís all right, donít worry about it," he waved it off.

"So then," said Ixiah, "with most of the suspects off our list, that just leaves... Mahr."

There was a pause. A long pause. An awkward pause. And then...

"Bwahahahahaha!! Mahr?! Mahr?! You gotta be kiddiní me! Hahaaha... *quack* *quack* haaha*quack*ahaha!"

Ixiah and Ace themselves just sat there and smiled, finding more amusement with the duckís laughter than the thought of Mahr writing love poems.

"Iím not sure whether to laugh," Bleet smiled, then immediately quivered, "or be downright scared."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, my dearest sheep!" squealed a doe-eyed, smiley Mahr, dressed in a dress that the biggest of tomboys would keel over, and small hearts floated all around her. "I have always loved you! I have you as my prize at last!" She outstretched her arms. "Iím so happy, so happy, my dearest sheep, that I want to..."

Mahr puckered her lips and closed her eyes as she drew closer and closer...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bleet suddenly felt a cold chill and shuddered, shaking his head madly to get that daydream, or rather daymare, out of his mind.

"... Dude, you have some weird imagination," Quino remarked, feeling a bit uneasy himself.

"Quite," the two foxes agreed.

The lunch bell rang. The kids said their see-laters and Ace went on her way to her own class, joining Mahr as she left the girlsí restroom.

As the boys headed their way toward class, the mouse girl theyíve been seeing appeared ahead of them. When she turned her head and saw the trio, she turned away quickly and walked even faster. As he and the others stroked their chins about this peculiar girl, Lambert wondered if he would ever find his secret admirer.

* * * * *

The day was half-over when they returned to class. With both gym and lunch over with, there were very little opportunities to find out the identity of Lambertís secret admirer. Ixiah and Quino asked, or rather Quino flirted, with every girl in their remaining classes and they either shook their heads no (to Ixiah mostly) or told off (to Quino). As they delivered the negative results to Bleet, he sat there and sighed, and found it a little more difficult concentrating on his work.

Finally the day ended, the students fleeing the prison they call school for the day. Bleet returned to his locker with the boys following him. Quino, thinking Bleet was feeling down about the lack of secret admirer discovery, said to him, "Címon, buddy, itís only been one day. Thereís plenty of time in the school year to find your lover girl."

"No, itís all right," Lambert replied, turning to the two boys, smiling.

"Whyís that?" Ixiah asked.

"Because I just thought of something--"


The boys turned and saw, once again, the mouse girl, standing shyly before them.

Quino had had enough.

"Okay, thatís it! Girl, what is up with you? Why do you keep looking at us? Did we take something from you? Did we do something to you? Do you want something from us? Say something! And donít run away this time!"

"W-Well..." The girlís thin tail swished behind her nervously, "I was so scared to do this, but not anymore. I want to confess to the one I really, really liked at last."

"Wow," Ixiah said to Lambert. "Looks like you found your secret admirer."

"And all this time you thought she wasnít," Quino smirked.

Bleet stood there, blushing. Standing there before him was the very girl he was searching for the entire day.

But the girl suddenly said, "What? Not him. You."

"What? M-M-M-Me?!" stammered the duck boy, pointing to himself.

"Oh, youíre so cute, youíre so funny, youíre so... handsome! I would really like you to be my boyfriend, you cute duckie, you!"

"Oh boy."



Quino flew away as fast as his wings could carry him, but the speed of a mouse made it a close race as she shouted, "Come back, my handsome prince! Weíll make sweet quacking together! Or is it squeaking? Or squeaking and quacking? Or maybe squacking? Or perhaps..."

The remaining boys shook their heads in mild amusement as the girlís voice faded away.

"So Bleet, what were you about to say?"

"I was going to say that itís no big deal to me anymore. I donít want to spend the entire school year searching for that girl. Iím just going to go about my days like normal. Iíll just have the satisfaction knowing that somebody here likes me. I think thatís good enough."

"Good for you, man," nodded Ixiah. "You were a bit of a wreck all day."

"Well, Iíll see you later, Ixiah." Bleet grabbed his backpack and walked toward the school exit.

"See ya." Ixiah waved after him as he disappeared outside.

Then he said, "I know youíre there. No use hiding."

A red-eyed wolf girl came out of the shadows, stepping beside Ixiah with her hands on her hips. "Well, sheep boy gave up, huh?" she smirked. "Good. Heíd never find that girl anyway."

"I guess so, even though that girl was right under his nose. And that girl just happened to be near his locker before he found the note, and just happened to have to go to the bathroom and stay there when the subject turned to the secret admirer note, and that she continously shows signs to me that thereís more to Bleet to her than some kind of miniature punching bag."

Mahr smirked again, sticking her tongue out at him. "Figured out it, eh? Pfffh, please. I sent the letter to him because he was feeling down lately. I figured if he thought that by some miracle some girl likes him likes him, heíd be his usual happy geeky self again."

"And now he is. How very nice of you."

"Bah. Itís no fun teasing the guy when heís miserable. Donít you be gettiní ideas, got that?"

The wolf stuck her nose in the air and walked away from the scene. Ixiah smirked and shook his head as he watched her.

"Surrrrrre. Whatever you say. ĎLover Girlí."