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Cartoon Set#34

Opening Remarks: In this episode I focus on two of my 1st generation characters, Blue and Shiva. The time is right to start using their back stories. If you can remember, Blue is an adopted child. But theres more to it than that. I get to reffer to a Fuzzy Things social issue about inter-species adoptions. Blue is avian and her parents are terran which leads us to the concept of flying. We learn about why Shiva hasn't learned how to fly yet despite her age which leads us to her neglectful parents. We all know that to a kid, love always comes first before money... that is until they become teenagers where the entire concept is reversed. Bottom line is, Blue teaches Shiva how to fly.

On the side story, my 2nd generation characters, Q and Ace get to hang together. Quino is faced with an up coming quiz on interplanetary geography. As usual he doesn't care whether he fails or passes... That is until Effene butts into his life. Concerning both plots, the keyword you're looking for is "faith". I'll try to keep it short but theres alot of ground to cover.

Cartoon#879 Jan 10, 2005 - My first cartoon of the year!
Cartoon#880 Jan 17, 2005 - I've updated Maxi and Hero's dynamic together.
Cartoon#881 Jan 24, 2005 - Shiva accesorises too much. I screwed up her ribbon in one pannel again.
Cartoon#882 Jan 31, 2005 - I don't wanna be told to grow up. And I don't wanna change, I just wanna have fun.
Cartoon#883 Feb 07, 2005 - Quino's a maniac.
Cartoon#884 Feb 14, 2005 - This ones a bit rushed. I had to redesign Bleet's ears.
Cartoon#885 Feb 21, 2005 - I'm trying... to forget that... I'm addicted to you...
Cartoon#886 Feb 28, 2005 - Aha. A start for the Effene/Quino dynamic.
Cartoon#887 Mar 07, 2005 - The furry thing is kinda handy when your doing some pseudo ethnic diversity device... among other things...
Cartoon#888 Mar 14, 2005 - Hm... I think I'm leaning towards the revival of my characters' uniforms once again.
Cartoon#889 Mar 21, 2005 - Yeah I've been avoiding gradients lately.
Cartoon#890 Mar 28, 2005 - I zipped it along for a change.
Cartoon#891 Apr 04, 2005 - One thing I like about Mahr/Ace moments is that it shows Mahr isn't as invincible as Ace is as sheltered.
Cartoon#892 Apr 11, 2005 - At last. The chance to show off some of Ace's vanities.
Cartoon#893 Apr 18, 2005 - Made me wonder how they'll get along at first.
Cartoon#894 Apr 25, 2005 - First time I ever got to properly flesh out Blue.
Cartoon#895 May 02, 2005 - Improved my eye techniques.
Cartoon#896 May 09, 2005 - Linkin Park.
Cartoon#897 May 16, 2005 - Well that was quick.
Cartoon#898 May 23, 2005 - Its freaky how much potential freedom I have with Ace's Vulpine language.
Cartoon#899 May 30, 2005 - So, can you imagine what an Ixis/Ace story arc looks like yet?
Cartoon#900 Jun 06, 2005 - First time Q's eyes have been officially shown in the comic arc using the new improved design.
Cartoon#901 Jun 13, 2005 - First time Shiva's wings are shown spread for flight in the comic arc.
Cartoon#902 Jun 20, 2005 - Mahr and Bleet is one of the more dynamic and complicated tandems of APOV.
Cartoon#903 Jun 27, 2005 - This webcomic and it's cartoonist does not support cheating... unless its video game related.
Cartoon#904 Jul 04, 2005 - Its one of them Blue things.

Ending Remarks: Okay where to start... With the past 6 months of work that has finaly come to completion, I can safely say that the 2nd gen characters really is far more superior than the 1st gen. Blue and Shiva were supposed to be the main plot but unintentionally got pushed aside by Effene and Quino just by sheer personality. I've been planning this Blue/Shiva story for months even before the 2nd gens were formulated but it didn't match up and ended up being nothing more but a scene splitting distraction. I must find a way to balance this in the future.

Now just to let you know, I found myself struggling to make Shiva and Blue's plot just as interresting as Quino and Ace's. I resorted to deleting various scene's from the Quino and Ace plot in an attempt to make theirs shorter. These scenes are as follows:

1) In cartoon #882, theres an extra that Quino intentionally pissed off. This extra was supposed to make a 2nd appearance in a later scene where he tries to get revenge on Quino almost causing him to be late for his test. This scene's purpose was supposed to further emphasize Quino's determination to not let Ace down.

2) If you were paying attention, there was a tertiary plot in the story involving a Mahr, Bleet and Ixis dynamic where Ixis tries to help sheep boy get along with wolf girl. The scene that involves cartoon#892 was abruptly ended. In this scene, after Ixis tells Bleet to just ignore Mahr whenever she antagonizes him, I was supposed to show the stunt Mahr was talking about in cartoon#902. The original idea was, when Bleet starts ignoring Mahr, Mahr takes Bleet's glasses away in an attempt to get his attention. But Bleet continous to ignore her leading him to accidentally fall down a flight of stairs due to poor vision. I took it down because it draws premature attention to Mahr and Bleet and decided to resort to nothing more but a mention.

Thats it for #34. I'll try to avoid the mistakes I made in this story for my future ones.