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Cartoon Set#33

Opening Remarks: As far as I can remember, I only did one other sub-comic entitled Fuzzy Things: Oracle. This time around I'm doing something called Fuzzy Things: A.P.O.V. It centers around Fox's older brother, Ixiah Kitsunei, who is 4 years older than Fox and his close circle of friends consisting of four other 12 year old kids.

From left to right; Maryane Abriel, Lambert Tameheart, Effene Acelyn, Quino Kyuman and of course Ixiah Kitsunei. Yeah, he's orange now. Each character actually has two sets of model sheets consisting of two different clothing and sometimes hair styles. Just another gimmick but it looks like I've used one too many gimmicks per character already.

Fuzzy Things: A.P.O.V.

Now, Ixiah and his friends aren't just quick patch characters. I took some effort designing and balancing their personalities so that anyone character paired up with another character would create somekind of reaction. Somewhat fitting since the original Ixiah didn't have a personality at all. Though they're not quick patches, they're not original either. A.P.O.V. is actually a stream-lined version of my original 8 characters. For example, one character is a complete combination of Maxi and Shiva. While another character is more complex like having Hero's kindness and innocences, Rex's technical brain power and a "pinch" of Maegan's leadership. Ixiah obviously has some of Fox's traits but I also added some from other characters in the mix. In a way, I took all of my original characters' traits apart and jumbled them up together to form my A.P.O.V. character versions.

Anyway, this subcomic will have character interaction as it's strong point. Unlike my first set of characters that are fixed to their pairs, this new set has a more flexible group dynamic. And this time instead of just pairing up a nice character with a naughty character, each A.P.O.V. character has a nice side and a naughty side of their own. It all depends on who their paired up with. But sometimes I'll get the chance to form trios and even to use all five characters at once on rare occasions.

However, on their debut I won't attempt to do anything daring. I wanna introduce them first before doing something like that so expect them to appear in future story arcs to play parallel with my first set of characters in sub-stories of their own. I'd like to explain more about them but the time is not right. As this arc progresses, I will say more about each one of 'em. You may treat this 33rd set as one big cast introductory page.

Oh yeah, it has a subplot too. Fox gets new prescription glasses. Probly not neccesarry but A.P.O.V. is just a subcomic after all. Though totally independent from the first 8, they're still a sub-comic.

Comic pages marked with an "*" contain an A.P.O.V. cast profile! Be sure to check 'em.

Cartoon#855 Jul 13, 2004 - They're brothers so the slightest things about each other become annoying. Even so, they're still family. They'll never show it but they really do care about each other.
Cartoon#856 Jul 27, 2004 - Wind in your fur, falling at a rate of 9.81 meters/sec, using the wall face of a building to gain more mommentum then bouncing off a tree branch to get airborne again. Makes ya jealous your only human.
*Cartoon#857 Aug 03, 2004 - I dunno whether to start with the romance elements of A.P.O.V. or Blue's evolved foreign language device.
Cartoon#858 Aug 10, 2004 - You already know her name but for the story's sake, I can't unlock her profile yet.
*Cartoon#859 Aug 17, 2004 - One by one, you will know them.
Cartoon#860 Aug 24, 2004 - Hah! Third graders....
*Cartoon#861 Aug 31, 2004 - My locker textures are hideous. I'll work on it.
*Cartoon#862 Sep 07, 2004 - A.P.O.V.'s signature bad girl makes a debut.
Cartoon#863 Sep 13, 2004 - Cute, furry but with style and attitude to match.
Cartoon#864 Sep 20, 2004 - They look good in my new light and shadow techniques.
Cartoon#865 Sep 27, 2004 - It took me a while but it seems I'm getting my inertia back.
Cartoon#866 Oct 04, 2004 - Hey, hey, the gang's all here. Almost.
Cartoon#867 Oct 11, 2004 - Notice how nice and smooth their interactions are?
Cartoon#868 Oct 25, 2004 - Anyone saw the goof I made on the first panel?
Cartoon#869 Nov 01, 2004 - No, I don't have a color scheme. It just turns out that way.
Cartoon#870 Nov 08, 2004 - The scarry sack.
Cartoon#871 Nov 15, 2004 - Vegiz. A'gg feidy huo yuq fu mleis Purist Vulpine gifev ur.
*Cartoon#872 Nov 22, 2004 - Ace recieves a really warm welcome.
Cartoon#873 Nov 26, 2004 - A Peanuts Gang parodic tribute.
Cartoon#874 Nov 29, 2004 - Yup. Multi-way group dynamic.
Cartoon#875 Dec 06, 2004 - Originally, Q was suppoe to be a rooster.
Cartoon#876 Dec 13, 2004 - The story slowly comes to a close. I can't wait. I can finally start on the next one!
Cartoon#877 Dec 20, 2004 - In our world, kids ride bikes or skateboards to get around. In their world, all they need are their hands and feet.
Cartoon#878 Dec 27, 2004 - And that concludes cartoon set#33 with a total of 23 pages.

Ending Remarks: Through the course of that entire set, I've decided that A.P.O.V.'s no longer a subcomic. Because they're so good, they are now full time regulars on Fuzzy Things. Its not much but there wasn't enough space to show off every little detail about the new characters. That'll take some time. Aside from the individual back stories each character has describing why they act the way they do, they also have something I call a character dynamic grid. So far the evident ones I've used in this story are as follows:

Ixiah/Lambert, Ixiah/Quino, Ixiah/Maryane, Ixiah/Effene. I figured it was a good start concentrating on the pivot character, Ixiah. There were also little bits of Effene/Maryane in the later pages of the story where its revealed Mahr and Ace have been best friends since. And some of Maryane/Lambert moments in the middle of the story that some of the readers found cute. My fave was the cafeteria scene. There were also brief Maryane/Quino segments. One annoying personality matched with a short tempered one brings out explossive results. Quino/Lambert, Quino/Effene and Lambert/Effene weren't used but its easy to peg them off just by their personalities in terms of self-esteem and ethics. So far so good.

You might notice I started a long term continuity project by adding that little segment at the end of the story concerning the Kitsunei family. With each progressive story, I add a little bit to the continuity. I'll see how this turns out in a few months... or years...

This new set of characters are infinitely better than my original characters in all aspects including potential and developement. They do have only one disadvantage. APOV can not support the addition of new characters to their group for obvious reasons. Everyone's gonna need a personality make over before that could happen.