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Cartoon Set#32

Intro: In this story, I will attempt to look into Rex's character a bit. I also plan not to use all the other characters and instead just rely on the ones that best fit to support Rex in situations I plan him to encounter. Hopefuly this attempt will make it shorter and more sensible and prefferably more worthy to be actually called a story.

Cartoon#833 Feb 03, 2004 - Still looks a bit flat though. Hope I get my coloring eyes back by page two cause that big first pannel is a no-no.
Cartoon#834 Feb 10, 2004 - Much better. It actually looks like the aloted space is used properly.
Cartoon#835 Feb 17, 2004 - She seems to be listening but she's not.
Cartoon#836 Feb 21, 2004 - I should have finished this last week but I couldn't decide how to do it. Besides, I think it would be much better to do tribute strip to him every year in November rather than in February.
Cartoon#837 Feb 24, 2004 - They're really good friends, aren't they?
Cartoon#838 Mar 02, 2004 - This P.E. scenario was inspired by an episode of Rugrats All Grown Up.
Cartoon#839 Mar 09, 2004 - I don't draw big groups very well.
Cartoon#840 Mar 16, 2004 - I don't draw socer balls very well either.
Cartoon#841 Mar 30, 2004 - Way to go, Mono!
Cartoon#842 Apr 06, 2004 - Oh yeah, that birthday scene. Haven't written that yet.
Cartoon#843 Apr 13, 2004 - She has pink-framed glasses.
Cartoon#844 Apr 20, 2004 - Dexter's Laboratory. Get it?
Cartoon#845 Apr 27, 2004 - I'm trying to exert effort also in the way the characters speak.
Cartoon#846 May 04, 2004 - I pitty Maxi's first boyfriend.
Cartoon#847 May 11, 2004 - Even as a kid, I never really liked sports. But I love riding my bike.
Cartoon#848 May 18, 2004 - I forgot to draw Shiva's bow. And to think I was already reffering to model sheets.
Cartoon#849 May 25, 2004 - First time I got to use my comic-style under water coloring techniques. Also, the debut of my new retina pattern texture technique which was originally meant for arc#33.
Cartoon#850 Jun 01, 2004 - Personally, I'm down with a relationship between a bat and a beaver. But they'd never survive the prejudice of society.
Cartoon#851 Jun 08, 2004 - According to FZ history, Rex's house WAS in the middle of the lake. But now, its close to the shore.
Cartoon#852 Jun 15, 2004 - So far, only Fox and Rex use this eye gimmick of mine.
Cartoon#853 Jun 22, 2004 - Ah. I made it back!
Cartoon#854 Jun 29, 2004 - Reffer to cartoons #834, #835 and #837 for clarity.

End Thoughts: Hm. 21 pages. Missed my target by one page. In an attempt to make this story significantly shorter than the others, I edited out the Maxi and Hero subplot and reserved it for a future story instead. But its still pretty dang long. The subplot would've added somthing like 10 to 15 extra pages or an additional 4 months. Well, I am just one person.

Anyway, Rex did got a pretty good piece of the spotlight and I had the chance to develope his friendship with Blue. The story seems to be much more developed as well compared to previous ones. Better but still getting there.