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Cartoon Set#31

Intro: I did something like this before in the past. I called it the quotator series. Its composed of cartoon strips inspired by a random selection of quotes I collected over time. This set will be composed of 24 strips at a daily freequency except Sundays. I want to see if I can still do it and its quite a breath of fresh air for me. This will also be the first set to use the new designs for this year. Other than that, theres not much else to say about it. Enjoy.

Cartoon#832 Jan 21, 2004 - The answer is; Cause its styoopid.
Cartoon#831 Jan 20, 2004 - Why is it so unmentionable when said that way? Its still just a body part.
Cartoon#830 Jan 19, 2004 - Fuzzy Things Vocabulary: Creds - A form of currency thats also short for Credits.
Cartoon#829 Jan 17, 2004 - Remember her? Miss Pegasia, their 3rd grade teacher. Looks like she shortened her hair.
Cartoon#828 Jan 16, 2004 - Rex's dad is an engineer who works at Russetville's hydro-electric power plant.
Cartoon#827 Jan 15, 2004 - FYI, Blue's mom is Russetville's ressident veterenarian.
Cartoon#826 Jan 14, 2004 - To understand the chameleon, you must learn his language.
Cartoon#825 Jan 13, 2004 - Kita has his own charm, doesn't he?
Cartoon#824 Jan 12, 2004 - Changing the speech balloons to thought balloons made Fox look not crazy.
Cartoon#823 Jan 10, 2004 - Hah! Wait till Blue starts using the concept of pee balloons.
Cartoon#822 Jan 09, 2004 - Bet they smell like poop too.
Cartoon#821 Jan 08, 2004 - They're still using their same old device.
Cartoon#820 Jan 07, 2004 - I should really draw models for the grownups.
Cartoon#819 Jan 06, 2004 - This is Mono's new character device.
Cartoon#818 Jan 05, 2004 - We all know what hotdogs are made of...
Cartoon#817 Jan 03, 2004 - Not one of my best ones. I finished it sometime around 2 AM after New Year's Eve. So tired.
Cartoon#816 Jan 02, 2004 - She's talking about her period.
Cartoon#815 Jan 01, 2004 - What do you suppose she did to all of those panties?
Cartoon#814 Dec 31, 2003 - Last cartoon for the year. Rather familiar don't ya think?
Cartoon#813 Dec 30, 2003 - Behold the cuteness of the dark.
Cartoon#812 Dec 29, 2003 - Engr! Stupid word. Engr! Stupid word. Engr! Stupid word.
Cartoon#811 Dec 27, 2003 - Well thats another way to dishonor another guy thats been dead for 2000 years.
Cartoon#810 Dec 26, 2003 - Maxi never changes.
Cartoon#809 Dec 25, 2003 - It must be extra hard if your entire body is covered in fur.

End Thoughts: Just like I promised, 24 strips done in a daily freequency. They were very enjoyable but don't expect a 365 strip series anytime soon. A daily freequency is simply too high maintenance. If only I get paid drawing cartoon strips everyday my life would be perfect. But no. Its like theres some rule that says life shouldn't be perfect, otherwise it wouldn't be called life at all. Whoever wrote that rule obviously doesn't know anything about life.