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Story Arc Set#30

Intro: This next arc is actually a character test. Just a bunch of random stuff happening or caused by the cast and they react to it according to how I see fit. I should be able to do this with no problem since this is my most favrit aspect of cartooning.

The synopsis of this arc is that the paernts have to attend some kind of Parent's Teacher's meeting of some sort and the kids would have to be babysitted by someone. As simple as that but who will be babysitting them? I've been dying to try this out for years.

Below are the uninked images of two subcharacters I chose to develope in this arc.

model sheet 1model sheet 2

The one on the left, you may already recognize, is Kat. Also known as Maxi's aunt, sister of Maxi's mom. The one on the right is Doug. I've shown him before but you may not recognize him now because I gave him a complete makeover. According to FZ history, they were originaly introduced as Ixiah's surogate parents in the original version of Fuzzy Things. Now that things have been adjusted and that Ixiah is now Fox's older brother, these two were also adjusted.

I took special interest in them because they're characterization has the potential to stand up as a subcomic of their own. In fact, the original intention of their creation was to be another webcomic. I did not go through with it because my image of them, in my mind, was simply impossible for me to do with my skill at that time. Note that I have no intention of creating another webcomic staring Kat and Doug but I do have full intention in developing their character for Fuzzy Things.

To start, I made them standard model sheets. They are my first subcharacters to have one. In time, I'll make some for the other subcharacters too and take the time to develope their roles better. Especially the parents.

Cartoon#762 Feb 25, 2003 - The start of a new scenario! The kids are back!
Cartoon#763 Mar 04, 2003 - The new and improved space saving speach bubbles.
Cartoon#764 Mar 07, 2003 - I didn't say ego driven reality tv shows are stupid.
Cartoon#765 Mar 11, 2003 - Maxi still has long hair. I did that on purpose for a certain scene later on.
Cartoon#766 Mar 15, 2003 - It may not look like it but they do like each other. In a Chuckie and Angelica kind of a way.
Cartoon#767 Mar 18, 2003 - I can't remember what Red Cranberry's glasses were for.
Cartoon#768 Mar 22, 2003 - I'm not really sure if "cheese" has a femenine gender so I just assumed.
Cartoon#769 Apr 01, 2003 - I should work on my sound effects.
Cartoon#770 Apr 05, 2003 - At least we know whose careless and whose responsible.
Cartoon#771 Apr 08, 2003 - Isn't she the cutest?
Cartoon#772 Apr 12, 2003 - Do you like their super powers?
Cartoon#773 Apr 15, 2003 - What is Fox watching and what is Meg holding?
Cartoon#774 Apr 19, 2003 - Meg's baby siblings are another group I have not been able to explore yet.
Cartoon#775 Apr 26, 2003 - Kitam has also been redesigned, of course.
Cartoon#776 Apr 29, 2003 - The design configuration that made as much noise as the reversion.
Cartoon#777 May 04, 2003 - You'll be surprised how vast yet mostly useless the amount of knowledge I command.
Cartoon#778 May 06, 2003 - No more opportunity to forget drawing Maxi's ponytail.
Cartoon#779 May 10, 2003 - Senior's drag racing night?
Cartoon#780 May 13, 2003 - I've been practicing my bluring techniques.
Cartoon#781 May 20, 2003 - You're also a freak if you recognize what song Blue is singing.
Cartoon#782 May 27, 2003 - They're really that good.
Cartoon#783 Jun 03, 2003 - Keep in mind what Kat said in pannel 5.
Cartoon#784 Jun 10, 2003 - We all know that children don't discriminately choose playmates of their own gender untill the age of 8 but I figured its an interresting angle.
Cartoon#785 Jun 17, 2003 - Hero's new groove... Distraction.
Cartoon#786 Jun 24, 2003 - A chance to show how Meg and Shiva hate each other.
Cartoon#787 Jul 01, 2003 - Shiva breaks out the doll... OF EVIL!
Cartoon#788 Jul 08, 2003 - At last! How Mono's new hat came to be.
Cartoon#789 Jul 22, 2003 - Maybe I'll stick with the round type for a while.
Cartoon#790 Jul 29, 2003 - The character test is actually about these two.
Cartoon#791 Aug 05, 2003 - I can't wait to do wide open spaces again.
Cartoon#792 Aug 12, 2003 - Girl power.
Cartoon#793 Aug 19, 2003 - Its possible. There are lots of hentai video games out there for grownups.
Cartoon#794 Aug 26, 2003 - War is upon us!
Cartoon#795 Sep 02, 2003 - Its a gender thing.
Cartoon#796 Sep 09, 2003 - Oh yeah. The story of my life.
Cartoon#797 Sep 16, 2003 - Nothing good will come of this.
Cartoon#798 Sep 23, 2003 - Its time to get... naaaaughtyyyy.
Cartoon#799 Oct 07, 2003 - I did this once. I think I was eight then.
Cartoon#800 Oct 14, 2003 - Bossy yet pleasant?
Cartoon#801 Oct 21, 2003 - This is the first time I've been able to keep Mono in character for this long.
Cartoon#802 Oct 28, 2003 - Who likes oatmeal? Doug likes oatmeal.
Cartoon#803 Nov 04, 2003 - At last. The end is near. I never was in a hurry though.
Cartoon#804 Nov 11, 2003 - This page has the worst speech bubble placements I've ever come up with.
Cartoon#805 Nov 18, 2003 - Ever been chased by a porccupine of the wild variety?
Cartoon#806 Nov 25, 2003 - Yeah, thats the word I'm looking for. KKSSHHMM!
Cartoon#807 Dec 02, 2003 - I am NEVER gonna do another arc this long ever again!
Cartoon#808 Dec 09, 2003 - Another plot I could possibly follow through someday.

End Thoughts: Theres an important lesson to be learned after these many months of writter's block. Too bad I don't know what it is. Nah, I know what it is. I really shouldn't attempt to fit all eight kids in one comic set. It gets too long and some of them don't get the chance to do anything. Although I can't help thinking I made this mistake before.

I've always wanted to do a babysitting scenario. As far as I can remember I've always wanted to but I didn't have an idea for who could babysit them. Instead of making new characters that I would probably only use once, these two came to mind.

I got the chance to use this story to introduce the makeover of two old grownup characters since the reversion. I wanted Kat and Doug to have a well developed instict towards parenting. And the fact that they can't have a child of their own simply made that idea attractive to me.

Their personalities weren't fully developed in this story simply because they didn't interact that much with each other. Thats both good and bad since it still gives me the chance to do so some other time. They may even be used to introduce a new child character or two... Know what? I don't have twin characters. Maybe...