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Mixed Month Undated Set#3

Cartoon#65 - Ever seen that commercial of Phillips where they hung a flat screen tv on the ceilling so that they can watch tv in bed? I kinda thought that was dangerous.
Cartoon#64 - Yup, I'm 20 years old. Just for the record this cartoon was done on Dec 07, 1999.
Cartoon#63 - When I was 8 years old I had a betamax tape of Snoopy that I watched on every lazy cartoonless afternoon. Whenever Charlie Brown was frustrated or put under a bad situation he'd yell "AAUG!" or at least it sounded like that and I had no idea what it meant. Charles Schulz is a cartoonist living legend. It's nice to know he still is.
Cartoon#62 - Knowing that in FZ, their technology is far more advanced than in the real world, I couldn't help myself.
Cartoon#61 - Gen. Laxon, Recently appointed as the head of national police in my country by Estrada amidst his reputation for violating human rights very often.
Cartoon#60 - Pardon My forgetfulness, I was unable to use a substitute name to represent Israel.
Cartoon#59 - Every character in a translated anime doing humor sounds like a stupid idiot.
Cartoon#58 - Shame on ye who laughs at this cartoon for in reality it was fatal... Uh-oh!
Cartoon#57 - Never let the diciplinary officer get ya down.
Cartoon#56 - Me wrestling fan. Like big men throw each other around. Line stolen from "WWF", "The Rock".