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Story Arc Set#29

Intro: In this story, we peek a little bit into Mono's psyche. And at the same time, the debut of my long planned sub comic for Fuzzy Things called "Oracle". First of all, as a sub comic, it's freequency is undetermined. Meaning I don't dish out an Oracle story untill its completely thought out. In fact, Oracle stories will randomly pop out in between Fuzzy Things stories and will be completely independent to the main comic.

As for information about this sub comic, its based on my early characters when they still had unique powers. However, I only recycled the parts that worked and discarded the ones that weren't neccesary or was just freakin lame about the old Fuzzy Things characters. Now, you don't need to know anything about the old Fuzzy Things or even about the evolutionary characters of Oracle. I designed Oracle in a way that would explain everything about itself as the story progresses. Besides I don't want to spoil anything about it. Future stories of Oracle will be dependent on my performance on this one. It requires a higher level of writting to work and if I'm not ready, I'll put future Oracle stories on hold until I'm better at it.

Cartoon#734 Sep 24, 2002 - Note that Mono is the key to the sub comic.
Cartoon#735 Sep 27, 2002 - Second page and its already unsatisfactory. Anyway, next page will be the first page of Oracle.
Cartoon#736 Oct 01, 2002 - One page can't explain the sub comic but the sureality should be attractive.
Cartoon#737 Oct 08, 2002 - This was NOT a very good idea.
Cartoon#738 Oct 11, 2002 - He's no scientist, thats for sure.
Cartoon#739 Oct 15, 2002 - I'm trying to show that everyone is of the same species except the outsider.
Cartoon#740 Oct 29, 2002 - What plan? Why is he here? Who is he? What is this thing with me and floating mountains?
Cartoon#741 Nov 01, 2002 - I chose to be subtle cause you already know what he is.
Cartoon#742 Nov 04, 2002 - Chess pieces.
Cartoon#743 Nov 08, 2002 - I bet you still don't know what he needs the drexium for.
Cartoon#744 Nov 12, 2002 - It's amazing how Adobe's copy and paste can work wonders.
Cartoon#745 Nov 19, 2002 - The idea of this story is to just introduce the concept of Oracle.
Cartoon#746 Nov 26, 2002 - I'm rushing it a bit. I now have all the details I need to do Arc Set#30. And I do miss the eight children.
Cartoon#747 Dec 03, 2002 - Something the original Ixiah never had. Go fig.
Cartoon#748 Dec 10, 2002 - Finaly. The next scene is where he gets to show off some Psionic muscle.
Cartoon#749 Dec 17, 2002 - Yeah, just like old times.
Cartoon#750 Dec 24, 2002 - Theres an entire species of them.
Cartoon#751 Dec 26, 2002 - The cliff hanger line of the last panel is wrong. I ran out of space.
Cartoon#752 Dec 28, 2002 - So theres an entire species of 'em and they're all supposed to be good guys.
Cartoon#753 Dec 31, 2002 - Its not really impossible as explained... next year.
Cartoon#754 Jan 07, 2003 - With that mountain gone, theres not much up there but cloudless blue sky.
Cartoon#755 Jan 14, 2003 - What? You thought he died or something?
Cartoon#756 Jan 21, 2003 - Its time to leave this city.
Cartoon#757 Jan 28, 2003 - This should've been the last scene but its dull so I'm gonna make up another one to set up a "to be continued" setting.
Cartoon#758 Feb 04, 2003 - My first comic book! COMPLETED! And I could't have possibly done any worse than Archie Comics does with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Cartoon#759 Feb 11, 2003 - Social potty place? Ti's a vile force of mischief that sides against my better judgement of vocab... words these days.
Cartoon#760 Feb 14, 2003 - Yeah, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go mainstream for a change. For those of you who are in love or thinks they're in love, lucky you. Fools have a day and so do you. :)
Cartoon#761 Feb 18, 2003 - Just when I've finally perfected Mono's cap.

End Thoughts: Some time ago, my webcomic Fuzzy Things featured 7 children with unique powers in a gammer like world. I later on changed that by removeing their powers, removing the gamer-like world, and concentrating more on characterization. Some of my readers did not like this but I did not pay much attention to it until I saw that episode of Deep Space 9 where Odo's shape-changing abilities were locked by the other changelings. Anyway, do the math. I created this Oracle subcomic concept so that it won't seem so unfair to Fuzzy Things and long time readers alike.

Oracle is easily an RPG genre. Our hero travels the world for whatever reason. In this case, he travels to stay alive. To avoid his own kind who sees him as a traitor.

On his journeys, the hero meets people in danger and is compeled to help them usually taxing his abilities to the limit. So just like any other genre of the sort, he will come across other hero like characters that will aid him on his ordeals and eventually become travelling companions. Each one having thier own unique abilities to contribute to the formation of their party. But more often than not, these other hero characters have their own journeys to fulfill ultimately adding more adventures to explore.

This Oracle subcomic was title "Second Chances" for the following reasons. First of all, I think the constant editings zapped all the impact from the scenes that could've made that point. Anyway, here they are... Fox gave the people of Norbuk a second chance by incinirating their mountain. Ixiah gave Fox a second chance to rejoin his people which is of course the main force of progression for the entire concept of Oracle. And then theres Mono who forgave Shiva for hurting his feelings.

The following were original ideas about Oracle that did not make the final cut...

- Fox is a hired thief who stole a device from a scientist. The device can disable psionics but Fox doesn't know that. A psionic organization known as Oracle was able to eliminate the creator of the device but was unable to destroy the device because Fox beat them to it. Fox then becomes very unpopular with Oracle.

- My subcomic was originaly titled "Renegade". Fox is an ex-member of a psionic organization known as Oracle and they want him terminated for a reason I never got around to. So I named it "Oracle" where its still a foxhunt but instead of terminating him, they want him back in the organization.

- The yellow and red necklace around Fox's neck was originaly a psionic suppresion device. His original motive for stealing drexium was to use it's electronic disrupting ability to destroy the device and give him back the full power of his psionics.

- There was originaly no Oracle threat but when he deactivates the device and fires up his skills, Ixiah detects the presence of his mind and confronts him. Oracle had nothing to do with the mountain falling and the people already knew about the threat.

- (Spoiler) Another concept was that there is no device but if Fox uses psionics, he would risk being detected by the Oracle's agents and captured. I've transfered this concept to Oracle#1 but instead of simply "using" psionics, "prolonged using" will give away his position.

- The alternate design of having pointy furry things at the side of Fox's head (similar to Ixiah) was like a Super Saiyan thing. I had it reduced to nothing more than an Oracle agent recomended hairstyle fashion.

- Theres a part where Fox is supposed to save Aswald/Jessica from a cave in on the mines. Aswald offers his gratitude by giving Fox a temporary place to stay.

- At first Jessica thinks Fox is somekind of traveling hero but then begins to think otherwise as the story progresses because of his unpleasant personality. She then learns later on that Fox really is a hero by saving the city. Without this part, characterizaion of the story goes down the toilet.

- A part where Commander Gune was really Ixiah in disguise all along.

- All the people of Itourun were killed along with the destruction of their city. Cancelled out for obvious reasons.

- Theres a part where Fox tells Gune that he will save the city under one condition. Since Norbuk is under the jurisdiction of the Avian Empire (all bird creatures), the condition states that Fox will be provided a new official identity that will circulate in the empire's networks. This identity will help him hide from Oracle and enable him to go anywhere without being noticed so easily.

- (Spoiler) There should have been another scene before Maegan's appearance where Ixiah is seen reporting in the presence of the Oracle synod. He reports about how Fox can use his skills to their full potential and that he will be a valuble ally to their cause. Ixiah convinces them to deploy a retrieval squad rather than a termination squad. This scene has been transfered to Oracle#1.