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Mixed Month Undated Set#2

Cartoon#55 - Heh! Never watch CNN while drawing cartoons. And about the subject, I'm not implying anything.
Cartoon#54 - Okay, so Meg has been very naughty since the start of this story but she's really a nice girl. Kids will just be kids and her mom understands that so you don't have to worry.
Cartoon#53 - Would you believe that this strip could have had multiple punch lines?
Cartoon#52 - I found it quite hard to figure out what to eat in an anthropomorphic society. Still quite amusing, I tried. Oh, theres a wee little plot hole here, you'll figure it out.
Cartoon#51 - Nothing personal. I for one agree with this philosophy. But deep down inside you know it sounds naive in a modern competitive world.
Cartoon#49 - Like my cartooning ain't it? The best thing to do is adapt to the task at hand, giving it your best. Sometime it might even help you save face. ;)
Cartoon#48 - Although unoticed up to now, that small goldfish Pommel and Roader are with is Axs. As far as I can remember in martial arts, technique is everything.
Cartoon#43 - This is my first cartoon request. I did this for my school's management department's magazine. I think it's time I get a little more exposure for my art.
Cartoon#42 - I Think we all know this. There were also some occasions when I was mistaken for a girl because of my long hair covering my face while I wore a yellow shirt. I found it very amusing.
Cartoon#39 - I guess you could say I'm proud of this peice of hard work. Compare it to the others, you'll figure it out.
Cartoon#36 - I also like this strip. When it happened to me in school I didn't react this way. I took my metal pencil case and smacked'em on the back of the head. ... Just kidding, just kidding!
Cartoon#35 - When I was a kid, there were times in school when the teacher really freaked out because the class was so uncontrollable. They worked, the class just shut up. Although I think our teacher wasn't sincere about it most of the time.
Cartoon#34 - Shallow? Naaahhh!... Just like the law enforcement and judicial system in my country, they're very easy to bribe.
Cartoon#33 - This strip may seem vane but it's really a further evidence of my artistic inlfuence. I guess by just looking at Meagan you'd notice I grew up under the influence of Warner Bros' Tiny Toon's Adventures. I guess the concept is pretty much close to that too.
Cartoon#31 - It's like viewing life through the eyes of a child. Bill Cossby helped a little with this if ya know what I mean.
Cartoon#29 - A friend of mine once asked me which is heavier, a kilo of nails or a kilo of cotton. Of course at first thought you'd think nails are heavier than cotton but they're really just the same wieght if they're both one kilo.
Cartoon#28 - My first attempt at making a strip concentrated on how I veiw human nature. It's either that or my friends call me weirderrr... idealistic as well. I think this is one of my favorite strips yet.