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Mixed Month Set#14

Cartoon#368 Jan 31, 2001 - Looks like Blue has been hanggin' around Fox too much.
Cartoon#367 Jan 30, 2001 - Not everyone can be the best but everyone deserves to be the best.
Cartoon#366 Jan 29, 2001 - This is one of those Blue things.
Cartoon#365 Jan 13, 2001 - They fill the gap in each other, don't they?
Cartoon#364 Jan 12, 2001 - It's safe to assume that cartoons are relative to real life. The more you know about real life, the more you can cartoon.
Cartoon#363 Jan 11, 2001 - Once again, oure beloved scout demonstrates her healing skills.
Cartoon#362 Jan 10, 2001 - The usual Anthropomorphic Adventurer's Academy field exam.
Cartoon#361 Jan 09, 2001 - It's fun to imagine what pets think sometimes concidering they're incapable of reason but gives unconditional love.
Cartoon#360 Jan 08, 2001 - Yes, I also once had a friend that was a bad influence on my childhood.
Cartoon#359 Jan 07, 2001 - Remeber the time when yahoo got hold of geocities and webring?
Cartoon#358 Jan 06, 2001 - It's hard to believe that each of my characters are parts of my personality.
Cartoon#357 Jan 05, 2001 - Time to take it easy.
Cartoon#356 Jan 04, 2001 - One of my readers once mistook Doug for a female squirrel.
Cartoon#355 Jan 03, 2001 - It never has been black and white... but shades of gray.
Cartoon#354 Jan 02, 2001 - Ixiah isn't the type to ask help or to talk to anyone about stuff like this.
Cartoon#353 Jan 01, 2001 - Finally, some senior citizens into the mix.
Cartoon#352 Dec 31, 2000 - Forgive Ixiah. Morbid thoughts are his constant companions.
Cartoon#351 Dec 30, 2000 - I like where this is going.Really, I do...
Cartoon#350 Dec 29, 2000 - Talking babies are as funny as bikits and bubbles.
Cartoon#349 Dec 28, 2000 - I've been working on my borders.
Cartoon#348 Dec 27, 2000 - Money makes the world go round. Not good values or principles. The world sucks.
Cartoon#347 Dec 26, 2000 - A healthy emotional release of vengence.
Cartoon#346 Dec 23, 2000 - Take Bill Gates and an African farmer for example...