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Mixed Month Set#13

Cartoon#345 Dec 22, 2000 - One stone remains. But first, they must help an enemy to find/earn it.
Cartoon#344 Dec 21, 2000 - Of course they have friends outside their group.
Cartoon#343 Dec 20, 2000 - I'm a bad narrator but they're cute animal children.
Cartoon#342 Dec 19, 2000 - I love to cheat. An E.M.P would take out any machine.
Cartoon#341 Dec 18, 2000 - Whats the reason of this attack? I don't know yet either.
Cartoon#340 Dec 15, 2000 - Great! Just what I needed. Inside jokes..
Cartoon#339 Dec 14, 2000 - I had alot of time on my hands today.
Cartoon#338 Dec 13, 2000 - Rex is just kidding about that Firestone thing.
Cartoon#337 Dec 12, 2000 - Whats Blue's motivation? None, that's the point.
Cartoon#336 Dec 11, 2000 - I really got to get me a freakin' image catalog.
Cartoon#335 Dec 08, 2000 - Another stand alone, it speaks for itself.
Cartoon#334 Dec 07, 2000 - An interlude with the partners in sarcasm. I'm taking the advice of some of my readers to put some stand alones in between stories.
Cartoon#333 Dec 06, 2000 - Enjoy the color, it's just temporary. I just miss doing it.
Cartoon#332 Dec 05, 2000 - The case of the disappearing Blue.
Cartoon#331 Dec 04, 2000 - Border experiment... Not as cool as I thought it would be.
Cartoon#330 Dec 01, 2000 - Bill the pizza boy... Yeesh!
Cartoon#329 Nov 30, 2000 - I have writer's block right now. I'll get Rex and Blue to annoying Bill real soon.
Cartoon#328 Nov 29, 2000 - Sigh! That was the coolest sci-fi show I ever saw. What a waste.
Cartoon#327 Nov 28, 2000 - Relax, I'm setting up the pins here.
Cartoon#326 Nov 27, 2000 - Uh-oh... I'm in trouble...
Cartoon#325 Nov 24, 2000 - I make it up as i go along and I have no idea where this is going to.
Cartoon#324 Nov 23, 2000 - I bet this story will end before the American election screw up can be resolved.
Cartoon#323 Nov 22, 2000 - What? What are they talking about? What?
Cartoon#322 Nov 21, 2000 - The opportunity to explore a Rex and Blue team up just presented itself.
Cartoon#321 Nov 20, 2000 - Its like waking up in your bed room seeing it filled with dozens of sleeping wolverines.