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Welcome to my links page. It's composed of links to sites that have a possible link to Fuzzy Things, ones I like, requested links, and links to friends. So it's pretty much of a scramble. If any of these happen to be dead without me knowing it... well, let me know. If you just want a link on this page too, I'll glady do it. You can reach me at You can also use the banner I made below as an optional decorative thing for linking to my site.

Fuzzy Things Banner

Fuzzy Things Glogster
Dramskur Claw made a Glogster for Fuzzy Things.

Fuzzy Things in Spanish
Renard GV has sent me a link with some of Fuzzy Things comic pages translated in Spanish. It starts at the reversion arc. Check it out.

Ian's Homepage
Its a homepage of one of my comic's readers. It also has a forum, I believe, revolving around his interests.

The Web Comic List Forums
This is a forum for web cartoonists. I learned stuff here about webcomics I never knew existed and the people are quite friendly.

Kids Comics at Kidjutsu
A website that shows kid friendly comics of all sorts. You can submit your own comics archived in a zip file and the site has this flash based comic viewer. Pretty cool. Fuzzy Things # 35 is there.

Jose Ramiro Acosta Perez Deviant Art page
A link to a friend's Deviant Art page.

Magick Fox IRC
Welcome to Magick Fox IRC. Its a general chat site. I kind of made some graphics for them. Check it out.

*BROKEN* Foxton Forums
A forum for fox-type art lovers and artists alike.

The Enforcers
A webcomic by Carmen D. Try it.

Dragonmiles' webcomic, Rads Files
I started out this way too. A naive kid that wanted to draw cartoons because its fun. Just imagine how his cartoon would look like once he has 5 years of experience on his shoulders.
And heres another one from someone I only know as Dragon Miles.
Michael Genzoli's deviant art account. Another long time reader of mine. Check it out.

by Ken Sakamoto. A comic strip that combines drawings with haiku poetry (5-7-5 syllables).
The deviantart url of a long time reader of mine. He's also a friend I chat with on Runescape occasionaly.

Anyone heard of this massive multiplayer online rpg that uses java based technology? I just discovered it a few weeks ago and my character's name is Ixiah_J. Give it a try and try to seek me out. Real cool game.

Custom Cartoons at Spillin' Media
We create professional, 100% original, custom cartoon art work intended for all purposes and applications. Our team of illustrators and designers can create stylized cartoon art work for websites, computer programs/applications, logos, t-shirts, mascots, books, diagrams, etc. You name it and we can do it.

Dr. Hugo's Fuzzy Dreamz
A cinematic journey into nighttime states of mind, a provocative linking of nightmares and fuzzy logic. By Dr. Hugo

Insert Special Effects Wallpaper
A wallpaper site managed by gothamgirl. Wallpapers painstakingly made without the aid of Photoshop or PSP. Hence the name [Insert Special Effects]. Has really creative All Grown Up and non AGU wallpapers. She used my fanart in it. :)

Childhood With Kim and Jason
A comic strip by Jason Kotecki. The site has the daily comic strip, which follows the misadventures of two young children trying to make straight the crooked world of grown-ups.

Fart In A Jar
A website that provides the perfect personalised custom gifts for any occasion. Custom produced to order, and delivered direct to the recipients door.

An anime page courtesy of Rodolfo Lopez. A blog by two middle school Anime/Manga addicts. :)
This site has anything and everything to do with comics. Both the electronic and the generic ones that culture lovers and collecters are all too familiar with.
A website by Rodolfo Lopez. An anime site with music,pics and other anime related goodies.

*BROKEN* Hair Of The Dawg
A new online webcomic by Quinn Williams.

Pillars of Faith
Action webcomic by Will Adams. This comic may include adult situations and suggestive dialogue not suited for minors.

Joe Edkin's Webpage On How To Write For Comic Books
Don't compare him to any 2-bit writter out there. He's a pro and he makes a living out of it. If only I knew about this guy sooner I wouldn' have had to feel my way through the dark.

Polykarbon. A site about comic art and cg skills. Stumbled upon it on my search for cartooning skills and techniques. I wouldn't reffer this site's comic tutorials to a beginer cause they're too summarized but his section on Adobe photoshop techniques is something to really look at. Ever wondered how Get Fuzzy does those gradient halftone effects?

Another site on Adobe techniques. I learned how to make lightning bolts here. Polykarbon inspired me to seek more sites like these.
A website archive of (I think) at least 1000 kanji characters of the Japanese language. Good refference for someone trying to study Japanese writing. I should know.

*BROKEN* A-Phoenix-A-Day
A-phoenix-a-day is all about humour. We have jokes, our own comics and third party comics as well as other humour.

*BROKEN* The Animated Adventures of Monkey Boy
A media enriched environment. Uses flash based animations.

*BROKEN* The World of Sedagener
Welcome dear traveler, to the world of Sedagener. A place of magic, technology, and good ol' psychoticness! Feel free to explore all areas of this fine planet and enjoy your stay.

Cafe Press
A site that sells customized merchandise decorated by your own art. Artists get commisions.

Kistren's Place
Home of the Square and Rhomboid comic strip, and story house of artwork and rpg materials.

AFORD by Aaron Riddle
A syndicated daily cartoon strip starring a lovable turtle named Aford.

*BROKEN* Say YES to Children.
Do you ever get the feeling that just because you are a kid no one really listens to what you've got to say? Help other kids to be heard by voting on the things that need to be done to improve childrens' lives around the world.

*BROKEN* GusCooks
This comic strip is about FOOD, everyone loves food.

Terebinth is one of the quirkiest comics out there. A comic drawn by Michael Payne.

*BROKEN* Strange Breed by Steve Langille
A traditionally done visual humor cartoon. You don't see classics like these too often anymore.

Wildlife and Fantasy Ring
Becky's Wild life and Fantasy ring was the only one I kept becuase it was the only one that fought the tyrany of a desperate trying to survive on the Internet after the tech reccession. Good show.

Captain Mike
A web cartoon site that was nice enough to link to me.

Rugrats Online
This is the first Rugrats site I saw with episode synopsis. I'm still looking for sites that have episode guides to the new season, 4 years after the first Rugrats Movie.

Rugrats Comic Strip
I just like the rugrats. I'm a Rugrats fan.

A cartoons and animations site. I mean comics that are animated. I never really seen one o' those till now.

NCBuy's CarToonz Section
Welcome to our little home of humor, with toons to make you laugh, and toons to make you cry.

Planes of the Sun
Welcome to the evolving Planes of the Sun Furry RPG board and homepage. By Rook.

A search engine of some sort that's only dedicated to furries and non-human oriented sites. I use it when looking for other people's artworks.

International Humor Exhibition. I was invited many times but never got the chance to participate. I'm so bad at editorial cartoons.

Tiberian Sun downloads, Tiberian Sun demos, editors, trainers, and more.

Midnight Fox
An anthropomorphic cartoon done by Celeste. Allow me to help a bit with his cartoon's exposure.

*BROKEN* ToonScape Imagination Engine
The premier destination for enthusiasts of illustration, animation, comic strips and comic books! Toonscape helps artists publish, promote, sell, and distribute their work via on-line syndication, e-commerce and digital publishing.

*BROKEN* The Home Page for KKKZ 75.7 FM 26MHz
By Bryan Chaney. A site filled with cool stuff by many different people. I used to search for Tiny Toons Fan Fiction here two years ago.

Jerome Noland
One of my devoted readers who has sent me drawings of one of my characters. :) He also has a website and was formerly known to me as PandaFox.

*BROKEN* Scoop Hamster
Anthro cartoon created by Patrick Stuckey. Cool.'s cartooning resource page.
Alot to learn about cartooning.

*BROKEN* Bunni-ism
CUTENESS! Maximum burn!

Tales From the Mynarski Forest
Click here! Click here now! Do not give me that excuse! If you are so, then click very quickly! He taught me the basics of this art when I was just starting... Thanks RT!

Few And Far Between
The weirdest cartoon I have ever seen. And I thought mine was. :)

*BROKEN* April Fools 2000 Annual Cartoon Switch
Organizing with 75 other creative and egotistical cartoonists is a pain. Made a few enemies and the anxiety of not being able to tell my readers was torture... It was fun!

*BROKEN* Online Quilt For Mr. Charles Schulz
A coordinated tribute to one master cartoonist.

21st Century Fox
An anthropomorphic cartoon strip by Scott Kellog.

The Java Script Source
I hope this site is alot easier to learn java script from than those complex tutorials.

A comics connection. Very traditional.

*BROKEN* Triangle & Robert
Now this is a cartoon of it's own league! You might say in accordance to the aspects of cartooning, it is in it's purest form.

Diana Peralta's Homepage
A website of a rather expressive illustrationist.
A site of family oriented activities that anyone will enjoy. Unless your a single celled, non-sentient organism.

*BROKEN* Stay Tooned
Stay Tooned cartoon panels.

Stu's Comic Connection
Many links to differnet cartoons. Yup!

*BROKEN* Mongoose Anthroportal
Another comic connection.

Radio enthusiast's site. Check it out! I helped a little with one of their page's graphics. :)

Another comic connection with disscusion groups.

*BROKEN* Big Panda
Still another comics connection with ranking... Ranking?'s cartoon index page.

*BROKEN* The Hole
By FahxxWulf (or they maybe two people) Don't be afraid, it's not an adult site. Anyone that likes furries is a friend o' mine.

Get Fuzzy
Yeah, I like Get Fuzzy. I like his delivery... Can't say the same for mine.

By Matt Peters. Very well drawn. Kinda like those old Sherlock Hound cartoons.

Ozy and Millie
Mr Simpson's Heartful cartoon. A true sensitive artist.

Sabrina Online
Semi-adult humor. Once a month but very entertaining. By Eric W. Schwartz another master cartoonist.

*BROKEN* Romz Central
The only place I could find roms for sega that actually existed. :)

Unlike Minerva
It was nice of Terrence to help me troubleshoot and review my hobby when I was just starting out.

*BROKEN* The Moogle's Rom Shrine
Roms and Emulators of Sega, Nintendo and everything in between. Heck, The only reason why I play video games is because I love that blue hedgehog. Sonic and my FZ have simillar fighting styles.

Furry Funnies Stand
Well, exposure for me is always welcomed. :) This one's a comics connection as well.

Oren Otter The Changing Work Place/Tommy and PJ
I can see that I'm not the only furry culture lover who uses the power of cartooning to share ideas.

Where comics and cartoons collide! Culture lovers, please come on in...

Your CVI guide to Earth: Final Conflict.
I love that show. Warning though, if you haven't seen future episodes of it your the one responsible for spoiling the suspense.