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This is where I gather all my flash games and experiments. I've always wanted to be an animator and Flash is the closest I ever got to being one. So any flash creation I've made deserves to go to this special section here. I've also noticed that webcomics and flash are like natural enemies for some reason.

Finished Flashes:

FvF - A versus fighting game where the player can select between 8 characters and fight against the other remaining characters in a best 2 out of 3 round matches.

F-Runner - Run at high speeds on randomly generated platforms while avoiding bombs and collecting food for score. The longer you survive, the higher your score.

Fuzzy Things
Fuzzy Things - This is a platformer game where you switch controls between five characters with different abilities to solve a stage inspired by Lost Vikings.

Practice Flashes:
Fuzzy Things: F (game play exhibition) - My second flash game's progress so far. I've finaly managed to assemble enough material to display a non-playable version demonstrating the game play. I estimate the game is only at least 10% complete so it'll be a long time before its complete.

Flash Based Comic Viewer (test version) - This is a test viewer of mine that I made in flash. Its still experimental and will never be used as a primary means to view my comics. But I may use it as a supplimental viewing tool because of its zooming and dragging properties.

FZ Game Demo Stage - This is a demo stage of the game I'm making. It uses some of the game mechanics I've been able to write so far. Please play test it and tell me any bugs you find.

Fuzzy Things Test Game Side Scrolling Platform Thing - Its an experiment in action script. More like an interactive animation. But it has potential.

fzvalflash.html - Valentines day flash thing I did. Also doubles as an experiment becuase its the first time I cell shaded the art used in the flash. The results weren't as bad as I thought it would be. A lot more time consuming than I'd like it to be.

My most recent Flash Experiment - Like the link says, its a flash thing. Nothing special but I haven't been very talkative about my flash self studies.