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Fuzzy Things is my webcomic about the lives of a bunch of kids who live in a town called Russetville. They are divided into two groups. The first group is an entire class of third graders composed of eight children. They live the adventures of day to day life as they try to get along and around each other's differences.

Fox Kitsunei
Name: Fox Kitsunei
Family: Kita (dad), Mary (mom), Ixiah (older brother)
Things I like: watching cartoons, drawing cartoons, playing video games, procrastinating, annoying older brother, spicey food, school vacations, complaining
Things I don't like: tight pants or jeens, social gatherings, being taken advantage of, unfairness, Maegan always trying to get a kiss from me

Maegen Arthur
Name: Maegan Arthur
Family: Bob (dad), Maggie (mom), Rudy (younger brother), Kitami (pet bikit)
Things I like: collecting neighborhood chirps, carrots, soft things, playing house, playing with Rudy, playing with Kitami, Fox
Things I don't like: bathing Kitami, cleaning up after Kitami, food made of tofu

Hero Umaki
Name: Hero Umaki
Family: Lloyd (dad), Gena (mom), Sarrah (cousin), Matt (uncle)
Things I like: trees, helping people, playing with dad, daytime soap operas, cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos, lunch breaks
Things I don't like: crawly things, dark places, high places, occasional visits from cousin Sarrah, Maxi getting me into trouble

Maxi Rush
Name: Maxi "Maxina" Rush
Family: Rocko (dad), Maxena (mom), Kat (aunt), Doug (uncle)
Things I like: watching wrestling, messing with people, visits from dad, watching fireworks, making fireworks, climbing things, playing tricks on Hero
Things I don't like: wearing shorts, wearing short sleeved shirts, mom and dad fighting, nerdy things, being mistaken for a boy

Rex Wizard
Name: Rex Wizard
Family: Zen (dad), Juliana (deceased mom), Maggie (grandma), Corbin (grandpa)
Things I like: building things, being called a genius, stories about mom, swimming, bending the rules of physics
Things I don't like: asthma attacks, bullies, gym classes, being anoyed by Blue

Blue Cranberry
Name: Blue Cranberry
Family: Red (step dad), Magenta (step mom), Blue "Blueisha" (older sister)
Things I like: Rex's inventions, singing, hanging with older sister, catching things from under rocks, comic books, cheese
Things I don't like: cold baths, people wearing mascot costumes, clowns, sock puppets

Mono Mauldune
Name: Mono Mauldune
Family: Jin (dad), Cori (mom), Tenth (grandma)
Things I like: baking cupcakes with grandma, cloud watching, sitting in the park, listening to the sounds of nature, practicing sorcery and alchemy
Things I don't like: talking in front of class, little tag on back of brand new shirts, Shiva talking too much

Shiva Silverstine
Name: Shiva Silverstine
Parents: Harry (dad), Sally (mom), Rigel (robot guardain)
Things I like: spending time with parents, demoralizing people, being the center of attention, Mono listening to me
Things I don't like: losing, parents always at work, people who think they're better

Ixis, Ace, Q, Bleet and Mahr

Name: Lambert Tameheart, Quino Kyuman, Fox's older brother Ixiah Kitsunei, Effene Acelyn and Maryane Abriel respectively.