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Here's where I place experimental stuff about Fuzzy Things before I actually use the techniques in my cartoons. I also placed some artworks and assorted stuff created by other people here. All in all, the thing they have in common is sentimental value for me. Clicking the hyperlink opens a new window.

FTRTest.jpg - Trying something new.

ftrx.jpg, ftry.jpg, ftrz.jpg - Today is Fuzzy Things 15th birthday. Happy Birthday. There were supposed to be 4 characters but my eyes barely held out trying to draw these. My occupation has taken a toll on my health. They don't see as well as they used to anymore. And my hands aren't as enduring as they used to be. I wonder how much time I have left...

zootopiafz.jpg - Fox and Meg as Disney's Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. Mine's more blunt and malevolent than playful, though. Lol. I too am on this hype train. Just waited for it to slow down a bit so when I jumped in, I wouldn't hurt myself. It should speed up again as 2016 rolls closer. Will see it. Can't wait.

foxmagegraphics.gif - Got the chance to work on something for a bit.

failfive.jpg - Ginga Kikoutai MJP. Most fun mech anime I've ever seen. Lovable characters, simple bad guy aliens and no convoluted political plot.

gokai.jpg - Gokaigers. Its best Super Sentai.

mfconcept1.jpg - Concept art I plan to use in my next Flash Game.

dramskurclawfoxstreetstyle.jpg, dramskurclawmeagen.jpg - Art of Fox and Meg sent in by Dramskur Claw. I really should update the cast page.

yohanbleetixiah.jpg - Art of Ix and Bleet sent in by Yohan. Ace and Mahr approve of this interpretation.

juanoteroix.jpg - Art of Ix sent in by Juan Otero. I haven't used him in a while but he and his buddies will be back on the next story arc.

herosolbadguy.jpg - Art of Hero sent in by Solbadguy. He's missing a tail and his shorts are tight. Also I think it was made a while back because the eyes are differently colored.

Fuzzy Things: F 3rd demo video - Third demo for my second game. Now with stage back ground.

blueandpink.jpg - Little known fact that Pegasia, their school teacher, was based on MLP. So here's Blue and Pinkie Pie. Last show I saw made in flash was Skunk Fu. FiM is a remarkable example with what you can do with flash.

Fuzzy Things: F 2nd demo video - Its Rex vs Blue. Me on the left controlling Blue and debugging her moves. AI is on right set at random but I reloaded it a couple of times to get Rex selected. That's 4 characters down.

In Memory of my Friend, Inu. 1997-2011 - Someone very important to me has just passed away.

maxian.jpg - Art interpretation of Maxi sent in by Ian. I don't really like guns but I don't have any problems with, lets say, chainsaws.

bleetian.jpg - Art interpretation of Bleet sent in by Ian.

F - This will be my second major flash game. My first major flash is 95% complete, won't be long now. I plan to get a sponsor for it when its done and stuff like that. My second one is called "F" and its a 2 player fighting game. It features my original 8 characters this time. I used youtube to upload a video demo of its gameplay. The flash file demo is too early to release or to operate and the fighting system kind of has a learning curve. Sorry about the video quality being bad when I compressed it for upload. The fps got reduced as well from 40 to 30 causing animation lag.

ixiahian.jpg - Art interpretation of Ix sent in by Ian. Its copied from cartoon#1087.

ixzonadow.jpg - Art interpretation of Ix sent in by Zonadow. My character drawn in her style instead of trying to redraw my style. And for that, it looks gorgeous.

pluckyxdash.jpg - I was running through some old image files on my computer and ran across a screen shot from a classic animated series called Animals of Farthing Wood. It was such a unique cartoon series because despite its bambi-like appearance, I rememberd it being extremely violent. Anyway, I had the urge to draw these two; Plucky and Dash were my favorite characters from that show. They're really really close friends. Either that or they're really really confused mates wondering why they couldn't make off spring like the other animals.

firemario881.jpg, firemario882.jpg - Art sent in by Sol Badguy made for him by firemario88. He seems to like large versions of my characters.

cake.jpg - Meet Meg Albarn and her weapon partner Cake Eater Evans. I did this while trying to fall asleep. Thats not as strange as it sounds but you'd have to be there.

ftfinalfantasy.jpg, ftlasergame.jpg, ftskyrace.jpg, fthowlingmoon.jpg, ftstandinglight.jpg - 5 new art sent in by Yohan Tondusson. My favorite is the Final Fantasy one.

fzkingdomhearts.jpg - Art sent in by Yohan Tondusson with Ix and his friends as Kingdom Hearts characters. Strangely made me want to draw my characters in Disgaea costumes. :)

FZ Game Screen Shots - A little update to the flash game I'm making so far.

joshuabennfoxes.jpg - Nice art sent in by Joshua Benn of Fox, Ix, Ace and Kita. And he did it out of memmory so thats something.

shirt.jpg - This is an image sent to me by Andreas Fröhlich. A while back, he asked me to draw some art that was to be placed on a shirt. It had foxes and bowling as a topic. It feels nice to see my art on a shirt like that.

mahrbleetacosta2.jpg - Another art drawn by Jose. Mahr reminds me of that chick in Virtua Fighter 4 that uses a Muai Thai fighting style. Can't remember her name.

Game Sprites - Some game sprites I made using flash and photoshop intended for a flash game I'm making.

mahrbleetacosta.jpg - Art drawn by a friend of mine, Jose. Its Mahr and Bleet. Very cute and innocent. :)

scotmono.jpg - Art of Mono submitted by Scott Efird inspired by cartoon#830. Thanks, Scott. It reminded me of a very important thing about comics.

oneshot.doc - A series of one shot stories about my characters written by Matn90, Nephilim of Shadows, and Dartz Vader04. I dunno know their real names. These one shots are quite good little distractions. Some are funny, some are touching but more importantly, none of the characters are having sex.

bluecheese.jpg.jpg - Art of Blue eating cheese sent in by Stephen Child. Blue firmly believes that cheese is tastier in little bite sized squares, though.

dragonianmahr.jpg.jpg - Art of Mahr dreaming sent in by Dragonian. I love the strange little scribbles on the right. Lol :)

uptowngirl.html - A Fuzzy Things story written by matn90. Flattering and fluffy at the same time.

pencilq1.jpg, pencilq2.jpg - Partially inspired by jester suits used in that sega game called Knights where these clown like things fly around and red barron flight suits.

pencilbleet1.jpg, pencilbleet2.jpg - I was looking at some steampunk designs and it reminded me of this video game called Dark Chronicles.

pencilmahr1.jpg, pencilmahr2.jpg - I really like the art style of Disgaea 2. Why does Adel wear an outragous red tie instead of a scarf. Style preferences I don't get but I think its cool.

2Fox.jpg - Fox drawn by Ethan Denson.

cherninmahr.jpg - Another art interpretation of Mahr sent in by Dragonian.

acemahrqrama.jpg - Another future scene with Ace, Mahr and Q's trio for #36. She's saying "Get away from me, you smell like puke."

ixbleetduel.jpg - This is a potential scene in story#36. It may or may not be included.

2006bleetbeta.jpg - In this experiment, I did a few things differently. I made my inking more angular. It matches the cell shading. I've also revived an old blackening technique for the colors and combined it with my later cell shading style. Oh and Bleet has a different "wool" design here. I might keep it.

megmiles.jpg - Another art interpretation sent in by Dragonmiles.

fmn.jpg - Art interpretation of Fox and Maegan riding a dragon sent in by Dragonmiles.

fanmahr.jpg - Art interpretation of Mahr sent in by Dragonian. Thanks kid. :)

admirerssecret.html - This is something new and flattering for Fuzzy Things. Fanfiction. First Fuzzy Things Fanfiction written by The Infinite. Its about Lambert having to deal with a "secret admirer". Try it.

vulpinetrans.html - Just 1 day after Effen's debut, I already had half a dozen people submitting their translations of the Vulpine language. Well this was eventually gonna happen. This is a javascript translation program submitted to me by designed to translate the Vulpine language to English and vice versa. Word of caution when you use it to figure out what Effene says when she speaks native fox. Sometimes you'll find hidden jokes, easter eggs or PG-15 swearing. Effene, just like her four friends, were designed for false visual impressions.

forever.jpg - The sixth piece. I LOVE sunsets. That golden glow from behind you as you walk home from school, usually taken for granted, but for me is synonymous with freedom. No cares, no worries, a couple of hours to do what ever you want. How I long for the days I had no responsibilities.

quinoguitar.jpg, ixace.jpg, mahrace.jpg, bleetixq.jpg, silhouette.jpg - Guess what. Just discovered Bowling for Soup. Found them very inspiring particularly their songs entitled "Almost" and "She's the Girl All the Bad Guys Want" I used for silhouette.jpg. Did 'em through out the week. Good inspiration.

genzoliblue.jpg - Art of Blue Crannberry submitted by Michael Genzoli.

carrieroracle.jpg - Art submitted by Leonard Carrier featuring Fox and my subcomic "Oracle" version of him. I thought that subcomic was too much though.

thekitsunei.jpg - Art submitted by Cody S. Feels like my past is catching up with me or something.

moodyixis.jpg - Not exactly my first artwork inspired by music. I did it while listening to Linkin Park, "By Myself".

fzvalentine2005.jpg - Yeah its the art I placed on the poster. I figured Fox and Meg have been hogging the Valentines Day strips for the past couple of years so... I used Maxi and Hero this time.

fzholiday2004.jpg - Happy Holidays!

fox_kitsunei_glak.jpg - Art of Fox submitted by Glauco Caon. I really liked how he put alot of depth into Fox's shirt.

maxima.jpg - Art of Maxi sent in by M. Brown utilizing a rather creative and charming highlight/shadow technique. She never looked so moody.

pk.jpg, capd.jpg - Two All Grown Up Fanarts I did. Look, don't ask, I'm only human. :)

mbrown1.jpg - Art of Fox sent in by M. Brown. Its facinating cause he used my character's first grade uniforms which I have not used in a long time.

tomlil.jpg - Yet another All Grown Up fanart from me based on season 2's design. Now I'm not a Tommy and Lil fan but Tommy's new design reminds me of Chris Redfield from Capcom's Biohazard series and Lil reminds me of Mona Lisa so I sorta got a kick out of it. It was good practice though since I copied them from screen shots rather than an easy to use model sheet. At least Tommy's head isn't shaped like a goofy potato anymore.

shadmeg.gif - Hillarious interpretation sent in by Megan Metzger featuring Maegan dressed as Shadow Cat from X-men. Thanks for the inspiring piece.

mday2004.jpg - For mother's day, Blue plays with fireworks in the sky for her mom and all the moms in the whole world.

kickinoldschool.jpg - Art submitted by Laura using Fox's really old design. Always have faith in your abilities, girl.

cards.jpg - Watch out for a really bold FZ experiment for story#33. Among my wild cards, you already know Ixiah. You'll meet the other four soon enough.

bigmisadventure.jpg - Nice artwork of Hero after he messed around with one of Rex's inventions. Sent in by Sol Badguy. Thanks.

foxhum.jpg - Another AGU inspired art. The fanart of Chuck and Angie I drew were human characters that gave me insight into this design. Fox's model sheet, designed as a human. He's a red-headed, moody-looking little boy.

chuckangie.jpg - A Rugrats All Grown Up fanart. Inspired as a tribute to AGU and all the rugrats episodes of 1993. At least the ones before Dill. Chuck and Angelica are my fave characters cause of their perfect chemistry together despite being exact opposites. They remind me of Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt. They don't do this in the later episodes of Rugrats anymore. No more dark moody music when Angelica is talking innocently and no more truthful words from Chuckie like "Life is hard, Tommy. Sometimes I think its the hardest thing in the whole world." The best you can get now is a two note brass instrument during a funny momment and "Poopy." Boy, am I inspired! The last time I felt like this was 10 years ago with Tiny Toons.

akuokorasu.jpg, crimchis.jpg - Some videogame inspired art. Have fun figuring it out.

stackofuzz.jpg - Art submitted by Angel Tifu. Adorable and I imagine has a story of its own. Just wait till the boys figure out that Blue could fly and that it was she who placed the cookie jar on top of the bookshelf in the first place. :)

03cast1.jpg.jpg, 03cast2.jpg.jpg, 03cast3.jpg.jpg, 03cast4.jpg.jpg, 03cast5.jpg.jpg, 03cast6.jpg.jpg, 03cast7.jpg.jpg, 03cast8.jpg.jpg - Old FZ design template mostly used during 2003.

ixiah2.gif - Nice Artwork sent in by David Brailsford showing old Ixiah in Bejita's saiyan armor. It made me smile.

mday2003.jpg - Artwork I made for Mother's Day 2003 with a rare appearance of Fox's mom.

02cast1.jpg.jpg, 02cast2.jpg.jpg, 02cast3.jpg.jpg, 02cast4.jpg.jpg, 02cast5.jpg.jpg, 02cast6.jpg.jpg, 02cast7.jpg.jpg, 02cast8.jpg.jpg - Old FZ design template of 2002.

oracletestorg.jpg - Possibly one of the template designs I'll be using as Mono presents his own adventure comics. It's entitled Oracle. Just wait for it.

oracletest.jpg - A photshop displacement test that enables me to distort a pattern and make it look like it's actually wrapped around an uneven surface. Thanks to

analogstrip.jpg - This is the first cartoon strip I did as a whole and in Japan. I did it on an A3 size paper which was not accomodated by your conventional scanner. Photograph does the trick. It has no digital version and should have been done at the format of 15"x04" but the height was too short so I used 06" instead. It appears the flash reflected off the ink. I would've put this up earlier but I did not get the chance to get the film developed much sooner.

foxcolor.jpg - New (long over due) artwork. Finally had the chance to work on some new coloring techniques.

mess.jpg - No comment. I just wanna mess with your head.

icecream.jpg - Fox and Maegan sharing a big bucket of chocolate icecream and splattering it all over the carpet..

rydiablue.gif - Rydia K's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

charproto9.jpg, charproto8.jpg, charproto7.jpg, charproto6.jpg, charproto5.jpg, charproto4.jpg, charproto3.jpg, charproto2.jpg, charproto1.jpg - y2k proto-type character design.

fzrug.jpg - I got them to wear wigs Cool! My favoritest Rugrats characters.

fzwall2.jpg - Unfortunately this was made before the creation of the two new characters I'm planning to add to balance the current chemistry. I call this "Friday After School Without Homework" or "Saturday Morning Without Homework".

fzfn1.jpg, fzfn2.jpg, fzfn3.jpg, fzfn4.jpg, fzfn5.jpg, fzfn6.jpg, fzfn7.jpg - This should have been my chunk on the fright night 2000 but our group got cancelled due to miscooordination. And to think I spent 7 days drawing this chunk.

maxiaaron.gif, bc.gif, group4.gif, monoaaron.jpg - Aaron N Christensen's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

sfm.jpg - It has been a long time since I felt freedom of drawing just for the sake of drawing since I started doing cartoons.

winmeg.jpg - I love sunsets.

hpup.jpg - Hero's having fun.

foxsketch.jpg - Hmph! Call me mushy but this is a little sketch of Fox saying goodbye to his mom. She needs to go back to the space station but they'll meet again next month.

rexblue.jpg - I dare ya to find me a cartoon of mine where I've shown Rex's hair.

charge.jpg - The red bikit flower of basic magic attack. Looks familliar don't it?

card.jpg - My dad's b-day... Snuck up on me... Go fig.

mfhug.jpg - A little picture of Fox and Maegan.

gshock.jpg - Yup, that's my power puppy!

magic.jpg - I kinda figured Fox's ninjitsu was like a magician's artistic way of delivering illusion. Well, that's how I came up with this.

ixis.jpg - Ixiah really looks good in black. The real mystery about my death fox's creation is that I needed a permanent villian. My first six critters had fighting like skills but couldn't use it on anybody so...

ixiahdest.jpg - Will Adams's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

bluetree.jpg - Just playin' around with the Adobe airbrush...

rexy.jpg - Geeks use their superior intellect to impress the babes... Trust me, they get the good stuff in the end.

mh.jpg - A cute picture of Maxi and Hero. Figure it out. I love playing with Adobe!

maxswd.jpg - I'm not sure if this is an older version of Maxi or a younger version of her mom but it's nice to see her in a kimono in stands.

atblue.gif, atmaxi.gif - Angel Tifu's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

teenmegp.jpg - Pencil sketch of a 14 year old Maegan.

teenmegi.jpg - Inked drawing of teenmegp.jpg.

teenmegc.jpg - Colored version of teenmegi.jpg. I think she's modeling on stage or something. :)

bluedrool.jpg - Blue drools while taking advantage of a nice quiet afternoon nap. Too bad it's in class.

maxihero.jpg - One Saturday afternoon. Taking advantage of the blue cloudless sky and the cool gentle breeze running through their fur. Sitting under the shade of a purple leafed tree on a hill, Maxi and Hero enjoys the view of mountain Sinda in the distance.

kita.jpg - Kita was the head assasin of the liberation years ago during the FX war. He's also Fox's dad.

foxfan.jpg, draw2.jpg - Steve Sanky's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

kitamihug.jpg - A sketch of Meg and Kitami. It's hard to imagine that such a powerful creature was subdued by an innocent kid.

rexrace.jpg - Rex and his cold fussion powered go cart. Who'd knew.

kdlogo.gif - A drawing of Ixiah's guardians. I was planning to show them as a cartoon of their own but Ixiah needs them for his comedic side. He's not very cheerful.

moved.gif - My first inking of the new Fox appearance. I used this to announce the birth of FZ.

mf.gif - A computer generated image of the original Fox and Maegan hugging. Real cute. :)

strip01.gif - A Cartoon that I do for my school magazine.

FoxMoon.JPG, jerblue.gif - Jerome Noland's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

new.gif, old1.gif, fox.gif, maegan.gif, maxi.gif, hero.gif, blue.gif, rex.gif, ixiah.gif - Old images from my old website format

adam1.jpg, adam2.jpg, adam3.jpg, adam4.jpg, adam5.jpg, adam6.jpg - Adam's Fuzzy Things interpretations.

xcomic01.gif, xcomic02.gif, xcomic03.gif, xcomic04.gif, xcomic05.gif, xcomic06.gif, xcomic07.gif, xcomic08.gif, xcomic09.gif, xcomic10.gif, xcomic11.gif, xcomic12.gif, xcomic13.gif, xcomic14.gif, xcomic15.gif, xcomic16.gif, xcomic17.gif, xcomic18.gif, xcomic19.gif - Old FOX cartoon strip. Computer generated of course.

april00_2.gif - This is my version of Joda Thayer's webcomic Few And Far Between for the April Fools 2000 switch.