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Dec 24, 2018
"Its been a while. I've been meaning to put this here but never got around to it until now. If in case you're wondering, I post stuff here now. There. That deed is done."
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Oct 16, 2015:
* New Art:
Today is Fuzzy Things 15th birthday. Happy Birthday. There were supposed to be 4 characters but my eyes barely held out trying to draw these. My occupation has taken a toll on my health. They don't see as well as they used to anymore. And my hands aren't as enduring as they used to be. I wonder how much time I have left...

Jun 29, 2015:
* New Art:
Fox and Meg as Disney's Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. Mine's more blunt and malevolent than playful, though. Lol. I too am on this hype train. Just waited for it to slow down a bit so when I jumped in, I wouldn't hurt myself. It should speed up again as 2016 rolls closer. Will see it. Can't wait.

Apr 01, 2015:
* News:
Its a shmup rpg hybrid, You level up your stats, you craft spells from enemy drops and you hunt down mobs in a shoot em up style combat arena. I work on it whenever I have time. Its the same game since 2012. Its a real thing despite it being April 1. Just didn't have enough content to show the reworked version until now.

Jan 04, 2015:
* News:
Got the chance to work on something for a bit.
Fox Mage

Nov 03, 2014:
* News:
Was meant for Oct 16, 2014 as Fuzzy Things' anniversary. Didin't get the time to arrange this but better late than never. Gotta fix some of the old flash pages. Some are broken links due to outdated servers.
Ginga Kikoutai

Jul 15, 2014:
* News:
I haven't updated my comics lately. My life is just in a "stagnant" state right now via a perpetual cycle of emotional abuse. Its part of the day job description. My shooter game, my third game, I really want to work on it but I can't... Some day, I'll be free again.

Oct 16, 2013:
* News:
Today is Fuzzy Things' anniversary... Sadly, I still have no new content. I'm still working on getting the time to replace my scanner. Maybe this holiday but my day job's getting in the way. Also, I can't seem to find a regular scanner anymore. Its always those combo bulky things that come with printers. I don't need a printer. Maybe I can resume the comics around May 2014 once I complete my "promise." In the meantime, I'll leave you with the image below. If you don't recognize it, google Gokaigers. Its best Super Sentai.

Feb 16, 2012:
* News:
Hopefully I'll have enough freedom to continue the comics soon. Its like painting a wall. You can't paint a small section of it and then come back to it after a few weeks. It doesn't work that way. For now I show this...

The next flash game I'm working on is a shooter game. Its pretty simple. Instead of clicking the mouse repeatedly to shoot, you drag it around to "lock on" things and then when you release the mouse, you fire a bunch of homing spells. You choose between a bunch of 9 spells that are leveled up individually. I haven't worked on it in a while because of my day job but I'll complete it one day. Anyway, when I started it, I wanted to go with a magic theme. Maybe I'll re-skin it and go with a psychic theme instead.

Dec 17, 2012:
* News:
I haven't uploaded in a whil. Been really busy. I'll try to update at least once a month for now. Its annoying because there's this action game I really wanna make in flash where you use psi powers to fight things. Maybe I'll get around to it eventually.

Sep 03, 2012:
* News:
I'll try to squeeze a comic in every once in a while for now until I could get a better routine. Having a normal day schedule is very exhausting.

Aug 13, 2012:
* News:
Still looking for the chance to update. I'm having trouble finding the time to catch up.

Jul 30, 2012:
* News:
Updates are still irregular until things get regular...

* News:
I can't update this week. Its been a busy week. I'll try to creep an update next week but I'm not sure if I can make it.

Jun 11, 2012:
* News:
I'm skipping this week too. My two day offs per week keeps getting split.

May 14, 2012:
* News:
I'm skipping this week again. Stuff has been coming up a lot.

Apr 09, 2012:
* News:
I'm skipping this week and probably next week too. I have stuff to do.

Feb 20, 2012:
* New Link:
Fuzzy Things Glogster - Dramskur Claw made a Glogster for Fuzzy Things.

Feb 06, 2012:
* News:
I'm skipping this week to prepare the start of a new set. In the mean time, I've updated part of the character page.

Jan 23, 2012:
* New Art:
mfconcept1.jpg - Concept art I plan to use in my next Flash Game.

Jan 02, 2012:
* New Flash:
FvF FvF - A versus fighting game where the player can select between 8 characters and fight against the other remaining characters in a best 2 out of 3 round matches. The game won Daily 2nd on Newgrounds on 12/27/2011 and got featured on the front page on 12/29/2011.

Dec 19, 2011:
* News: I'm skipping this week. In the meantime, some art sent in by Dramskur Claw. dramskurclawfoxstreetstyle.jpg, dramskurclawmeagen.jpg Also, some video demo for my flash game on Youtube here.

Nov 07, 2011:
* News: I'm skipping this week. I had to do stuff like studied Playtomic's API for adding score board features in a flash game. Its pretty cool. You can create customized variables to contain all sorts of strings and integers that you can load into a flash game from anywhere on the internet other than scores. It gives me ideas for a variety of idle games. Be back next week for an update.

Oct 24, 2011:
* New Art: yohanbleetixiah.jpg - Art of Ix and Bleet sent in by Yohan. Ace and Mahr approve of this interpretation.

Oct 03, 2011:
* New Art: juanoteroix.jpg - Art of Ix sent in by Juan Otero. I haven't used him in a while but he and his buddies will be back on the next story arc.
* News: I might skip next week's update. I have to do stuff.

Sep 19, 2011:
* New Flash: F-Runner - Run at high speeds on randomly generated platforms while avoiding bombs and collecting food for score. The longer you survive, the higher your score. Its not my 2nd game yet but more like my 1.1st game.

Sep 05, 2011:
* New Art: herosolbadguy.jpg - Art of Hero sent in by Solbadguy. He's missing a tail and his shorts are tight. Also I think it was made a while back because the eyes are differently colored.

Aug 22, 2011:
* News: No update this week. Be back next week. I also made this. Fuzzy Things: F 3rd demo video - Third demo for my second game. Now with stage back ground.

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