Verne class Science Vessel
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Complement:  400 standard, 200 ultra-endurance configuration
Length:  503.48m
Mass:  142,264 tonnes
Propulsion:  4 Hamilton Industries NA1A-E main warp engines, 7 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT640 fusion impulse engines
Max speed:  Warp 7.9
Max Cruise Range:  4 years standard, 15 years ultra-endurance
Shuttles:  6 Magallanes or 8 Geelong

The latest and most capable science and exploration ships, the Verne class ships of Starfleet are also some of the largest in the fleet. Although shorter than Changi class, the Verne class actually has more mass due to the four cargo pods and associated radiation shield mounted on the central axis, requiring four of the latest Hamilton Industries warp engines to be fitted. While these ships have several design features that were later incorporated into the Changi class heavy cruisers, the Verne class ships are not warships, being primarily designed for a long endurace scientific and exploration role. Replacing the obsolete Leonov class and complementing the interim Bayern class science vessels, these massive exploration ships are intended to "seek out new worlds and new races" for decades to come.

Ships in class: