Changi class Heavy Cruiser
Drawing by Terry Knight

Changi Engineering Diagram

Complement:  850
Length:  602.45m
Mass:  107,169 tonnes
Propulsion:  3 Hamilton Industries NA1A main warp engines, 6 Rolls-Royce/Turmanskii RT640 fusion impulse engines
Max speed:  Warp 8.5
Max Cruise Range:  2.5 years
Shuttles:  4 Geelong

The pride of Starfleet, the Changi class Heavy Cruisers are possibly the most powerful ships that exist today in the Stellar Federation. These magnificent vessels were built in response to a requirement for a long-range heavily armed capital ship capable of acting in a semi-autonomous role to defend the Stellar Federation's expanding borders. The two examples of this class currently in service were built at the Syria Planum shipyards on Mars.

Ships in class: