Stellar Fedration Star Ship Registry

A description and listing of space vessels used in the Stellar Federation and the Chakat universe at large

Chief naval architect:  Mr. Terry P. Knight
Assistant architect:  Mr. Grant Preston
Engineering consultant:  Mr. John R. Plunkett

Heavy Vessels (Cruisers, Frigates, Science Vessels, Transports, Passenger liners)

  1. Changi class Heavy Cruiser
  2. Balmoral class Frigate
  3. Argus class Spaceborne Warning and Control Vessel
  4. Verne class Science Vessel
  5. Biscay class Light Cruiser
  6. Glenrowan class Frigate
  7. Bayern class Science Vessel (Glenrowan class conversion)
  8. Leonov class Science Vessel
  9. Boxhall class Interstellar Bulk Container Vessel
  10. Southwind class dual mode Interstellar Transport
  11. Type 57 Interstellar Passenger Transport
  12. Type 65 Interstellar Passenger Transport
  13. Type 68 Interstellar Passenger Transport

Light Vessels (Runabouts, Shuttles, Interceptors, Patrol craft)

  1. "Webber"-class Civilian Runabout
  2. "Geelong"-class Runabout
  3. "Windstorm"-class Intrasystem Patrol Craft
  4. "Magallanes"-class Container Shuttle
  5. "Bustler"-class Military Tug
  6. "Blackwell"-class Construction Support Ship