The Price
by John R. Plunkett

In the process of writing Star Dancer the character of Darkstar, daughter of Longstride and Penta, ended up requiring far more biographical development than I'd originally expected. (Due, I confess, mostly to my own lack of foresight and experience.) As such I spent a great deal of time composing the details of Darkstar's life. A lot of it actually ended up various stories, as anecdotes told either by hir or about hir by others.

One such was the tale of then Lieutenant Commander Darkstar, executive officer of the F.S.S. Illustrious, when shi is sent to neutralize a nest of pirates discovered on the remote colony world of Hadris Two. Darkstar hirself relates the tale in Chapter 4 of Star Dancer but even then I had the feeling that more was required. Ever since the tale has knocked around in the back of my mind. Every time I thought about it a few more details fell into place. All that remained was to write it down.

The time is only a few years after Darkstar lost hir entire family in the Quezon City accident. Because of that event Darkstar has pledged hirself, body and soul, to Starfleet. But for everything Starfleet has given hir there is a terrible price to be paid, as shi is about to discover...


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  2003 John R. Plunkett
The planet Chakona, its environs, and the Chakat race:  1999 Bernard Doove


Sex:  Not rated
Violence:  Graphic, extreme depictions of violence
Language:  Not rated

The Beginning