Super Collie Adventures
by John R. Plunkett & Terry Knight

SCA #01, Dark Designs (Compiled by Terry Knight):

  1. Title and Opening Credits
    "Touch the Fire" by Icehouse ("Great Southern Land")
  2. The Discovery
    "I Robot" by The Alan Parsons Project ("Definitive Collection")
  3. Farmers and Merchants Bank
    "Take the Money and Run" by Gerry Rafferty ("Baker Street")
  4. Esmerelda / Super Collie
    "I Feel Love" by Vanessa Mae ("Storm")
  5. Talisman of Ra
    "Sweet Dream" by Jethro Tull ("Original Masters")
  6. Sky Tower Stomp
    "The Fighting Machine" by Jeff Wayne ("Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds")
  7. In Zalika's Boudoir
    "House of Fun" by Madness ("The Heavy Heavy Hits")
  8. Brooklyn Turbine
    "Hocus Pocus" by Vanessa Mae ("Storm")
  9. Face Down and Zalika's Triumph
    "River Runs Red" by Midnight Oil ("Blue Sky Mining")
  10. Zalika on the Rampage
    "Song 2" by Blur ("The Best Of")
  11. Super Collie Confrontation and Redemption
    "Teela" ("Furry Fantasies")
  12. Confession
    "It Must Be Love" by Madness ("The Heavy Hits")
  13. Reconciliation
    "You Fly Me Up" by Vanessa Mae ("Storm")
  14. Home at Te Papa
    "Weather With You" by Crowded House ("Recurring Dreams")
  15. Closing Credits and End Title
    "World Where you Live" by Crowded House ("Recurring Dreams")
    "Touch the Fire" by Icehouse (reprise)