Rocket Man III: Revenge of the Spider Queen
by John R. Plunkett

This story fell out of writing SCA #03, On the Lamb. In that story a New Zealander porn star is kidnapped while working on a film in the United States. As such I needed to come up with at least a title, since it would be mentioned. The Kiwi porn star has a 46 centimeter penis so the title Rocket Man sprang immediately to mind. His character, of course, is named Commander Steven Ramrod. I needed some other characters to round things out so I just tossed a few out, based on principal characters in the story. Frederika "Blitz Knockers" Von Braun stars as Dr. Luna Von Stupp, Wanda Vickson is Weapon O, and ZigZag is Zada, the Spider Queen. That was all I needed for On the Lamb but, having planted the seeds, I found them germinating behind my back, as it were. I couldn't help imagining costumes. Commander Ramrod is a Buck Rogers-esque swashbuckling hero, in aviator pants and a shirt that leaves his chest partially bare. Luna wears a gray, form-fitting jump suit that shows her curves to best advantage. Zada's gown is black lace, cut high over the hips and very low in the front and back, accented with sequins and silver chains across the chest and belly. A starched crest standing up behind her head is patterned like a spider web. Her long nails are painted blood red, her eyes scintillating lavender. Then I found myself wondering what the story might be about. The Spider Queen is up to some nefarious plot the Commander must defeat, naturally. Since it's a porno movie this has to involve the commander and his crew getting into compromising positions. Almost before I knew it I'd scripted out a loose plot. The Terran Empire is old and powerful but decadent. The once mighty Fleet is a shadow of itself, impressive on paper but ill prepared in fact. Newer, leaner, and hungrier civilizations- among them the Spider Clan- pick at the Federation's flanks like hyenas after a lion. Naturally by the time I'd come up with all this there really wasn't any question but that I'd write the story. It might be said that this is the novelization of the movie. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and away we go.


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  2002 John R. Plunkett
ZigZag (Zada the Spider Queen):  1999 Malcolm Earle


Sex:  Nudity, coitus, fetishism
Violence:  Action movie combat
Language:  Not rated

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