Raquel's Trade
by John R. Plunkett & Dr. Mercurious

Some time back in 2003 I stumbled across the Multiple Breast Art Page (which, regrettably, no longer exists). One of the artists who contributed was a talented photomanipulator who called himself Doctor Mercurious Prospero. Later, I discovered that he had his own site, Conjoined Dreams. I remember thinking it would be really awesome if I could meet him.

Then, right out of the blue, he sends me an e-mail. It turns out that he'd read mine and Terry's Super Collie Adventures and liked them so much he was doing a crossover with his own story, Raquel's Trade! Is that awesome or what?

We corresponded by e-mail for quite some time, primarily discussing technical aspects of writing and the characterization of the SCA characters. Far and away most of the bandwidth was taken up with character discussions. Eventually, I suggested that it might be easier if we connected with a chat program and roleplayed the interactions. The Doc agreed and we gave it a try. Little did we know what we had begun. We worked our way through the crossover storyline, which is chapters 12, 13, and 14 of Raquel's Trade. And we kept right on going. It was just too fun to stop. I found myself contributing more and more ideas, mostly fleshing out things Doc had already put forward. Then I had another idea: turnabout is fair play, is it not? So I started a crossover story of my own: SCA #6, Black and White.

Perhaps I should have known it wouldn't stop there.


Mainsencabre:  2005 Doc Mercurious
Storyline and characters:  2005 John R. Plunkett


Sex:  Nudity, graphic depictions of coitus, fetishism
Violence:  Killing, action movie combat
Language:  All audiences

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