No Greater Love
by John R. Plunkett

Several years ago I read a story titled The Gambit Solution by Terry Knight and Grant Preston. One character in that story- a feline 'morph named Lindgold- came from the furry equivalent of the Empire, la Star Wars. Now I happen to be a big Star Wars fan as well as a Furry fan. I just had to write a fan fiction. I picked two characters I'd made for the Star Wars role-playing game (That's the West End Games version, not the d20 version). They even had a ready-made reason to go to Dreamstar Station in the form of the aforementioned Lindgold. In spite of everything the idea languished for a long time. I couldn't figure out the best way to introduce my characters.

Naturally I went to see "The Phantom Menace." Not only did it rekindle my interest in Star Wars, it gave me what I needed for my story. The Boonta Eve Classic was the coolest thing I'd seen on film in quite some time. So imagine that the theater lights have just gone down and those famous words appear on the otherwise darkened screen. As the main title bursts upon you like a crashing wave of sound the introduction scrolls away across a glittering starscape....


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  1999 John R. Plunkett
The planet Chakona, its environs, and the Chakat race:  1999 Bernard Doove
Mayfurr, Ranthe Narbalek, and the Fiora's Fury: 2000 Terry Knight
Snortenhiemer, Artania, and Dreamstar Station:  1997 Brett Tamahori
Star Wars things:  2000 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Lindgold:  2000 Grant Preston


Sex:  Nudity, depictions of coitus
Violence:  Graphic depictions of murder, torture, and warfare
Language:  Mild swearing, hate speech

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