Love and Livestock
by John R. Plunkett

I guess you could say this story started with three pictures. The first two are a pair of busty, full-figured, and physically imposing vixens drawn by Ken Sample. (Who is surely one of the gods of the Furry universe, artistically speaking.) One of the vixens is shown in a pair of overalls without a shirt. The third picture was created by Robert Kalin, an artist I respect immensely because I've done just enough 3D modeling to really appreciate how bloody difficult what he does really is. He did a picture of... an anthropomorphic milking machine. (Don't ask me to explain. Please don't ask me to explain.)

Three significant contributing factors need to be mentioned as well. First was my looking through one of Bernard Doove's Forest Tales stories. I don't remember which one it was now but something called a "BBV" is mentioned. We learn that BBV stands for "Big Breasted Vixen." That one thing, I think, planted the initial seed in my mind. Second factor was my discovery of a very interesting web site called the Multiple Breast Art Page (which, sadly, no longer exists). Third, a long time ago when I was but a wee tot, I remember reading a story titled The Wee Wee Manny and the Big, Big, Coo. I can't for the life of me remember anything about the story except that the "wee wee manny" was a Scot- and, of course, the title.

Stirring together all these things in the fertile cauldron of my imagination produced a story idea. At first the tale of Farmer MacGregor and his giant, four-breasted, anthropomorphic milk vixen was going to be a vignette appearing in another story of mine, Darkest Night. (It may still.) Like crystals growing in a super-saturated solution, though, the idea expanded beyond a simple skit. I found myself wondering how Farmer MacGregor would end up in a position where he'd get a milk vixen in the first place, among other things. This story is what emerged from those musings.


Basic story line and all characters unless otherwise noted:  2001 John R. Plunkett
Illustrations:  2001 Terry Knight


Sex:  Nudity, graphic coitus, extreme fetishism
Violence:  Assault, battery, murder
Language:  Swearing, hate speech

Genus Vulpes
Genus Mephitis
Genus Oryctolagus