Harry Potter and the Chakat's Gift
by John R. Plunkett

Hello everyone. My name is John, and I am a Harry Potter freak.

It started innocuously enough. Around 2000 or thereabouts my mom came home one day with a pile of books. One of her friends at aqua-aerobics had put her on to them. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire had recently come out and my mother's friend's family was all a-twitter about it. Mom decided to see what the buzz was about and laid hands on the entire series up to that point. I got to read them after Mom was finished. I confess that principally I was curious: what was in these so-called children's book that could compel the interest of an intelligent and erudite 60 year old woman?

I'll tell you: I found out. I started reading and I couldn't stop. I saw the movie when it came out. I saw the other movies when they came out. I waited eagerly for Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince. I re-read the earlier books to bone up on things I might have forgotten. (Which was an eye-opening experience. Suddenly I saw all the clues JK had put out, right in plain sight, which I'd not the wit to identify the first time around.)

I'm not sure exactly when the idea for Harry Potter and the Chakat's Gift came into being. I do know that right at the beginning I came up with the idea for a Harry Potter fanfic, but it wasn't anything related to my own work. At some point I had a vision of Aurora, with a wand, practicing spells. From there other scenes accreted onto it, like butter in a churn. I remember discussing with some online friends about what houses various Star Dancer characters would be in. (It was universally agreed that Dr. Stannus would be a Slytherin.) There was another discussion of Star vs. the Basilisk from Chamber of Secrets. (No contest, naturally. For one, Star has no eyes, so the Basilisk can't use its killing gaze on her. However, if she used her power beams she'd inflict grievous damage on the castle as she fired through the walls, so it was concluded that she'd use her feeding transporters instead.)

Years passed. The idea retreated to the back of my mind but never went away. The deciding event was when The Half-Blood Prince came out. I read it and suddenly my Pottermania returned full-force. That's when I decided that I couldn't put it off any more: I had to write my story. I hadn't had a title up to that point but when I thought seriously about it for three seconds the answer was stunningly obvious. As was the opening scene, wherein Aurora and hir family are introduced to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. All that remained was the writing, which I lay before you now.

Remember: sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  2005 John R. Plunkett
The planet Chakona, its environs, and the Chakat race:  1999 Bernard Doove
All things Potter:  1997 J. K. Rowling


Sex:  Family friendly
Violence:  TBD
Language:  TBD

The Beginning