Gulf of Shadows
by John R. Plunkett & Dr. Mercurious

In May of 2006 the Doc (That's Dr. Mercurious, author of Raquel's Trade) commented to me that he'd been thinking of a different way that Raquel, Cyndi, and friends might have ended up meeting Zalika. We talked about it, and I found the idea sufficiently appealing that I agreed to roleplay it and see what happened. Inevitably, I found it necessary to turn it into a story. This is the result.

This story may be considered a work of alternate history. It diverges from the "official" timeline just before Super Collie Adventures #6, Black and White, and just after Raquel's Trade #10, The Way Things Work. Before that, Gulf of Shadows cleaves to the "official" timeline.

Well, mostly, at any rate. Both the Doc and myself seized the opportunity to revise tweak things a little. Nothing major, but you might notice a name or a description change here and there.

That's all I have to say here. Let's get down to business.


Storyline and characters:  2005 John R. Plunkett, Doc Mercurious


Sex:  Nudity, graphic depictions of coitus, fetishism
Violence:  Killing, action movie combat
Language:  All audiences

Chapter 1