Focault's Diary
by John R. Plunkett

Focault Stane is a gentleman adventurer in the classic sense: the blood and education of a nobleman around the heart of a rogue. He's also the closest I've ever come to an online persona. Of all my characters I seem to empathize with him most strongly. He's been with me for a long time, mostly in traditional role-playing formats. I find it interesting that it never occurred to me before now to write about him. No matter; I shall proceed to rectify it.

The stories here are not necessarily in chronological order. They are merely slices of Focault's life, written down as they come to me.


Story and characters:  2001 John R. Plunkett


Sex:  Nudity, coitus, nonconsensual sex, fetishism
Violence:  Combat, killing of animals and people
Language:  Swearing, adult concepts

#01: Cormaar's Rod
#02: Womens' Work