The Dream Makers
by John R. Plunkett

This story occupies the same region of space-time as Love and Livestock but it is not, necessarily, a direct part of that reality. An alternate timeline perhaps, or a reality adjacent to, but not quite concurrent to, the other. I don't know. I say only that events in this story and events in Love and Livestock have no bearing upon one another, so don't expect it. And no whining about continuity violations! I cleared it with the Continuum Police! I have a statement of variance here somewhere...

Some of you are no doubt wondering exactly where this story came from. I confess I wonder that myself sometimes. The two most direct contributing factors are as follows: first, I rented a DVD of old cartoons from a local video store; one of the shorts was called "The Sunshine Makers," where happy gnomes who manufactured sunlight did battle with grim gnomes who made darkness. Second, I happened to watch "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" after spending 36 hours on the train, in Coach. Stir, add a pinch of salt, let simmer, and there you have it.


Basic story line and all characters unless otherwise noted:  ©2003 John R. Plunkett


Sex:  Mild PG
Violence:  Cartoony
Language:  PG

The Beginning