Change of Life
by John R. Plunkett

It could be said that Bernard Doove's work Transformations most directly sparked this work into being. Reading Transformations did focus my thoughts but the idea had been percolating for some time. In truth this is my response to all the fluffy, "feel-good" transformation stories I've seen on the Web. Transformation is a terrifying and stressful experience. Transformation is when you stop being who you are and become something else. There comes a moment when you're hanging between past and future without being part of either. At that moment you're nobody and nothing. You don't exist. Being able to move through that place is not a small thing. So I decided to write this story, addressing some of the more serious aspects of becoming someone else.


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  ©2002 John R. Plunkett
The planet Chakona, its environs, and the Chakat race:  ©1999 Bernard Doove


Sex:  Nudity, graphic depictions of coitus
Violence:  Roadway accidents, mild battery
Language:  Swearing, mature themes

The Beginning