Blue Water
by John R. Plunkett

Ever since coming up with the idea for Star I wanted to write a story with her as a principal character. I thought Star Dancer would be that story but it wasn't. It ended up being about what happened around her. A lot of the scenes I'd imagined involving Star ended up in Childish Things but even that wasn't entirely satisfactory. I wanted to write an adventure with Star in it. With Star Dancer done I needed a fix in the worst way... and in a blaze of inspiration it came to me. I dusted off an old idea I'd had for a Star Trek fanfic. Changing only the names and species of some of the characters it fit perfectly into the Chakat universe. I even saw how it flowed naturally from Star Dancer and Childish Things. Star Dancer is about Star's childhood. Childish Things is about her adolescence. Blue Water is the beginning of her adulthood.


Story and characters unless otherwise noted:  ©2000 John R. Plunkett
The planet Chakona, its environs, and the Chakat race:  ©1999 Bernard Doove
Kevin Dye and Renata Fayre based on characters that are:  ©1997 Thomas K. Dye
Swiftsure, Sundown, May, and Ranthe Narbalek:  ©1996 Terry Knight
The poem "High Flight:" ©1941 Pilot Officer John G. Magee, Jr.


Sex:  Not rated
Violence:  Torture, mutilation, graphic murder
Language:  Swearing, hate speech

Chapter 1
Chapter 2