Super Collie Adventures
Story Art Page 21

04/03/12 - 2004 Terry Knight

Finished, colored version.

03/09/20 - 2003 Terry Knight

A couple nude sketches of Esmerelda as herself and Super Collie, for Terry's "Women of Super Collie" series.

04/01/02 - 2004 Terry Knight


03/11/15 - 2003 Terry Knight


03/11/27 - 2003 Terry Knight

This is Super Collie at the Sheepdog monument, in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. The text is the first verse of "God Defend New Zealand," the national anthem, in Maori.

03/09/28 - 2003 Terry Knight

Terry saw this pose in a magazine and decided that it would be ideal for Frederika.

03/09/28 - 2003 Terry Knight

Before inking, Terry decided to remove the top.

04/01/02 - 2004 Terry Knight

Inked version. Terry decided to remove the bottom, too.

04/03/12 - 2004 Terry Knight

Colored, with background.

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

"Santa knows who's been naughty and who's been nice. What if I was in both categories?"
Who but Daughter Night is so good at being bad? From a Christmas card Terry sent me. Thank you, Terry!

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