Super Collie Adventures
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03/11/23 - 2001 Terry Knight

This version includes improved coloring.

03/11/23 - 2001 Terry Knight

Terry sent this as a proposed alternate pose for the above images.

03/11/23 - 2002 Terry Knight

While in the Bahams Terry dashed off a quick concept sketch of Kratinka Lovodos from SCA #03, On the Lamb. We talked about it while he visited Portland and he came up with this, a slightly revised and more finished version. In the original her tentacles weren't quite long enough; also, Terry convinced me to alter the design of her rippers, making them triangular in planform and serrated on the edge like shark's teeth. (He also came up with the idea of calling them rippers, a very appropriate name I felt.)

03/09/28 - 2003 Terry Knight

This is a preliminary sketch wherein the details, particularly on the tentacles, are still being worked out. This is actually pretty close to how I imagines the tentacles, except that there are supposed to be two rows of suckers with the rippers outside of them.

04/03/18 - 2004 Terry Knight

Terry used an actual photograph as a guide to drawing the figure for this picture of Alexsia. It worked very well, I thought.

04/03/18 - 2004 Terry Knight

Rather than inking, Terry decided to try an experimental shading technique. It turned out quite well, I thought, nicely emphasizing the volume of the figure.

04/03/18 - 2004 Terry Knight

Building on his shading technique, Terry created this really cool watercolor effect.

03/09/13 - 2003 Terry Knight

This one of Cymbeline was done using a photo of a nude as a guide for the figure and perspective.

03/09/19 - 2003 Terry Knight

With background.

04/01/02 - 2004 Terry Knight

Inked version.

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