Super Collie Adventures
Story Art Page 6

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

Finished version of Esmerelda at her desk. Terry changed the company logo behind her. Neither of us has the faintest idea what it means.

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

Color test version.

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

Finished version done with color pencils and brushed with water. I like how this technique softens the pencil marks.

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

When it comes right down to it Esmerelda is John's favorite subject. Especially when he can persuade her to pose like this.

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

Or better yet, this.

03/06/10 - 2004 Terry Knight

Esmerelda has a little oral fun with her gentleman friend. (Yes, it's John. who did you think it was, you naughty person you?)

03/11/23 - 2000 Terry Knight

A slightly naughty picture of Esmerelda painted by her boyfriend, John Palmer. He prepared her for this with a romantic dinner, dancing, and a generous quantity of chapagne. Afterward- well, lt's not go into that, shall we? I have enough trouble with my ratings as it is.

03/09/01 - 2004 Terry Knight

Color chart for drawing Esmerelda / Super Collie.

03/12/26 - 2003 Terry Knight

Everyone else is doing parodies of iPod ads, so why shouldn't we?

04/01/31 - 2004 Terry Knight

Touched up version.

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